Mumbai Police try to show that a converted Christian Laxman Johnson is a Hindu

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Let us offer gratitude at the holy feet of Shri Shiva for this success ! This is the outcome of Hindu Unity. We Hindus can stop every attack on Nation and Dharma with our united efforts. As Shri Krushna has said  “संघे शक्ति कलौयुगे ” (i.e. in Kaliyug strength lies in Unity) .


Mumbai Police try to show that the Christian youth desecrating ‘Shiva-pindi’ is a Hindu

21st August, 2012

Adhik Bhadrapad Shukla 4, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

Hindus should note that Hindus’ sentiments have no value as the Govt. is secular !

Mumbai : Lakshman Johnson and his brother had posted picture on ‘facebook’ in which Lakshman Johnson was standing near ‘Shiva-pindi’ with his foot on the ‘Pindi’. Lakshman Johnson, who follows Christianity, did it purposely to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus during the holy month of Shravan. But police officers at Shahunagar Police Station from Dharavi, who are investigating the matter, are trying to show that the culprit was actually a Hindu and there is no proof of his being a Christian. (If such incident had taken place in case of seats of worship of Muslims, a ‘futwa’ would have been issued to kill that person. In such case, Congress Govt. also takes action promptly; whereas it tries to cover up those who desecrate objects of worship of Hindus. Hindus should oust such anti-Hindu Congress and establish Hindu Nation for severely punishing those who desecrate their seats of worship ! – Editor)

1. Munikumar Munivasalu Tirupati and Lakshminarayan Munivasalu Tirupati (alias Lakshman Johnson) are two brothers who have posted many photographs on ‘Facebook’ in the pose of praying to Jesus, wearing ‘Cross’, pictures of Jesus and Cross put up on the walls in their house, praying in church, sayings from Bible and propagating Bible with missionaries etc.

2. Anyone can go to ‘facebook’ and type Laxman Johnson; he will get proof of the brothers following Christianity.

3. On the website of HJS, drive was undertaken to protest against desecration of ‘Shiva-pindi’ creating awareness amongst Hindus from all over the world, towards the incident.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Success of Hindu Unity : Laxman Johnson insulting Shivlinga arrested

The police here have arrested the youth and registered a case who posted a photo of him standing on a Shiv lingam, on Facebook recently. Laxman Johnson stepped on lord Shiva Linga, the holy Hindu god and then compounded his mistake by uploading the controversial picture on the social networking site.

Hindus all over the nation outraged by this incident and strongly condemned the insult of Lord Shiva and filed complaints against Laxman in several states.Some organizations marched to the SSP office on Jul 25 and submitted a petition, demanding immediate action against the criminal.

According to Crime Branch Deputy SP Jitendra Singh, Laxman Johnson has been booked under IPC Section 295 a (Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings or any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) and also under the relevant provision of the IT Act. He said that the Cyber Cell has been asked to conduct further investigation. Police suspect that the Facebook profile used to commit the crime could be a fake one.

Laxman was a converted Christian who apparently works as a Central Railway parcel lease contractor claims himself to be the “son of Jesus Christ“. He is from Tirupati, the holy place of Sri Venkateshwara Swamy in Andhra Pradesh. Laxman currently lives at Mumbai. As per the reports, his home was burnt down by protesters.

Source : 24by7news

Appeal to devout Hindus for lawful action

The above outrageous photo was posted by some converted Christian, named ‘Laxman Johnson’ on Facebook by him, as reported in Asansol News WordPress blog. This is nothing but the grave insult of Shri Shiva, which is the one of the highest revered deity of billions of Hindus. Now it is time for Hindus to act lawfully against such insult of Hindu Dharma. We appeal all devout Hindus and patriots to file complaint in nearby Cyber Crime Cell, Police stations and Courts against this anti-Hindu person insulting Shri Shiva, along with written application, insulting photo, his other photographs and print of his facebook profile.

It should be noted that united Hindus also filed more than 1250 complaints against perverted anti-Hindu painter M F Husain, who drawn nude paintings of Bharat Mata and Hindu Deities. Also 8 criminal cases were going on against Husain in different courts and as a result of this, Husain had to flee from this country and died in exile. Also HJS has become successful in cancellation of numerous art exhibitions featuring Husain’s paintings using lawful ways. So again this time, with our united efforts, we can take appropriate action against this culprit using lawful ways.

Facebook link of Laxman Johnson :

HJS Effect : Issue of Converted Christian Laxman Johnson insulting Shivlinga raised in Assembly

Take action against the Christian for denigrating ‘Shiva-pindi’ ! – Ramesh Patil, MNS MLA

Mumbai : A photograph of a Christian named Lakshman Johnson has been posted on ‘Facebook’ standing with his foot on ‘Shiva-pindi’. Today, Mr. Ramesh Patil, MLA of MNS raised this issue in the Legislative Assembly session. He showed the photograph and demanded that action should be taken against the Christian youth as he has hurt religious sentiments of Hindus. (Congratulations to Mr. Ramesh Patil for raising voice during the Assembly session on the issue of religious sentiments of Hindus getting hurt ! – Editor SP)

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s activists gave relevant papers as they met many MLAs of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council to demand stringent action against Johnson.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Huge rally at Lasalgaon (Dist. Nashik) against a Christian youth for standing on ‘Shivalinga’ : ‘Lasalgaon Bandh’ today


Hindus submitting memorandum to Police

Hindus submitting memorandum to Police

Lasalgaon (Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra) : One converted Christian youth from Mumbai named Lakshman Johnson had climbed on a ‘Shiva-pindi’ with his shoes and taken a photograph of self in that position which he posted on ‘Facebook’. This act has hurt religious sentiments of Hindus and devout Hindus from Lasalgaon took out a huge march to protest against the incident, declaring to observe ‘Bandh’ on Thursday. (Congratulations to devout Hindus from Lasalgaon who took lawful action against Hindu-haters ! Hindus must show such sensitivity against denigration of their every place of worship ! – Editor)

During ‘Shravan’, the holy month of Hindus, news of Johnson hurting religious sentiments of Hindus was published by ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’. Hindus were enraged on reading the said news. They gathered at the bus stop at 10.00 a.m. and took out a protest march to the police station. Representation was also submitted to the officer at police station and zonal officer. It has been mentioned in the representation that the culprit should be nabbed within ten days; else intense agitation would be staged. Members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Shiv Sena, MNS, BJP, Amarnath Mitra Mandal, Shiva-bhakta Mitra Mandal, Munjaba Mitra Mandal and hundreds of devout Hindus took part in the march.

Mumbai – Information of Shiv sainiks catching hold of Johnson, giving him a good beating and his family members running away from home has been given on one ‘post’ on ‘Facebook.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

HJS files FIR against Converted Christian Laxman Johnson for insulting Hindu Dharma

Mumbai : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has also filed FIR at Cyber Crime Cell, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. Dr. Uday Dhuri of HJS filed this FIR against Laxman Johnson, who has insulted Hindu Dharma. As per the information given by Laxman Johnson in his facebook profile, he works in Central Railway’s Parcel Dept. Also his cell number is 09769227531, but when devout Hindus tried to call on that number, it was found to be Switched Off.

Complaints lodged at Akola and Hoshangabad against Hindu-hater Lakshman Johnson

Mumbai : A Christian youth named Lakshman Johnson from Mumbai had climbed on the ‘Shiva-pindi’ and posted his picture in that position on ‘facebook’. Enraged Hindus are registering protests and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has lodged a complaint against him. Similar complaints have been lodged even at Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh and Akola and Pandharpur in Maharashtra.

Detailed report on Asansol News WordPress Blog

Remember a year back when the honorable Supreme Court agreed on the fact that the Christians use illegal methods and indecent propaganda against Hinduism? It was our own media houses who raised deep concern over the verdict, funded by the missionaries. The missionary hypocrisy has been exposed by a Laxman Johnson.

A young man claiming himself to be a parcel lease contractor attached to central railways has provoked Hindus by stepping on the deity of Lord Shiva in a temple. He entered a temple of Lord Shiva and kicked on the deities of him to show a message to his Hindu friends that when in the monsoon they worship Him, he kicks Him. Johnson claims himself to be “The son of Jesus”. However Hindus are calling him to be a son of the bitch, for his acts. Now who is equalizing Jesus to dog through his deeds and works? Can anyone logically blame Hindus when they call it by words?

The Christian conversion is nothing but a hate ideology towards the Hindus. For becoming a Christian you need not practice good social habits, you can be a Christian even being antisocial the only condition is you have to hate the idolatry, hate the deities of Hindu Gods.

In every Christian conversion campaign this is the same process, the deities are al the source of the human agony. For one moment with a blind mind you will be forced to think that there is no grief in Italy, practically the restroom of the Christianity affiliated God. If that God is so generous to Indians why doesn’t he take care of the Europe first, which is debt ridden? Why the hell he needs so much publicity through hate theories?

Now if Hindus will retaliate, then the media will blame the Hindus now and then after their retaliatory attacks on the Christian fanatics. Hindus and Hinduists are oxymoron as the media calls to detach Hindutva from Hinduism. But just think, if Hindus are bad, who makes them bad? Before banning the RSS and BD and SRS, ban these Christian missionaries first who provoke the extremist present in every human kind.

The politicians and media must not believe in their own bullshit that everyone can easily get away after insulting Hinduism. The Hindus are demanding stern punishment to this guy, charge him with communal provocation.

Here are some of his pictures so that he can be identified even after deleting his profile.

He has removed the pictures from his profile after counter attack from his Hindu friends. We, as a lawful and peaceful Hindus, request the cyber cell of the Indian Police to track who is using this profile and bring him to justice.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat , Asansol News

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