Love Jihad victim used by LeT in Kerala held by Police

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This is the slap on the face of pseudo-seculars who always deny existence of ‘Love Jihad’. This is the clear cut case of Love Jihad, in which a Christian girl is converted to Islam by some Jihadi terrorist and she was used to supply SIM cards for LeT terrorist. O Hindus, now let us unite against this demon of ‘Love Jihad’ to save our daughters and sisters !

Kerala : Kochi city police have arrested a woman on charge of supplying SIM cards to Thadiyantavide Nazir, alleged Laskar-e-Taiba operative, while he was in prison.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and intelligence agencies have already initiated probe into calls that came from abroad to the two SIM cards provided to Nazir. Deepa Cheriyan, 31, also known as Shahina, was arrested from SRM Road here on Wednesday by a police team led by Sunil Jacob, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ernakulam. Police sources said that the woman was living together with Noushad of Cheranallore, who was serving sentence in Ernakulam sub-jail where Nazir was also lodged. Noushad had been arrested with 3,000 ampoules of tranquilizers in his possession.

As per the instructions of Noushad, Shahina activated two mobile phone connections from a sales executive of Vodafone without providing any identification documents, sources said. Intelligence agencies initiated a probe after detecting calls from foreign countries to the SIM cards, and tracking them to the Ernakulam sub-jail. The police subsequently arrested the sales executive and soon Shahina went into hiding. It is learnt that Shahina and Noushad had stayed in Murshidabad in Bangladesh border for some time.The woman, originally named Deepa Cheriyan, had accepted the name Shahina after converting into Islam by Jihadis. Deepa is married to a person who is abroad. Deepa developed the affair with Naushad while he was working as a driver in a school at Aluva.

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