Resolutions passed by the Hindus in ‘Hindu Adhiveshan’

Jyeshtha Krushna 11, Kaliyug Varsha 5114





Resolutions passed related to India and other countries 1. India and Nepal should be declared as 'Hindu Rashtra' !
2. Pakistan should be declared as 'Enemy State' !
3. India is giving aid to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan in the form of Money, Food grains, Electricity, Fuel etc. It should be stopped immediately !
4. Five crore Bangladeshi infiltrators living in India should be ousted from the country immediately !
5. The Union Government should immediately exert political pressure on the Nations in which Hindus have been victims of injustice and force that Government to punish the culprits !


Resolutions passed related to Nationality

1. Government should declare Sanskrut to be the national language. and it should be made compulsory in all schools and colleges !
2. Holiday on 1st January as 'Start of the Year' should be cancelled !
3. Singing of ‘Vande mataram’ should be made compulsory on National days, National programmes, in the Parliament, State Legislative Assemblies and all Government programmes !



Resolutions passed related to non-Hindus

1. Sachar Committee Report should be abolished immediately !
2. All the sectarian reservations that should be abolished !
3. The special social, cultural and economical rights given to religious minorities should be excluded from the Constitution !
4. The individual that brings about religious conversions should be sentenced to life imprisonment and if the individual who has fallen prey to the conversion is a minor than the sentence should be death !
5. It the religious sentiments of Hindus are hurt the punishment should be same as that which is given when the religious sentiments of other sects are hurt !
6. Those Hindus who have been victims of the riots against them in the past five years should be adequately compensated !
7. Missionary schools impart education related to Christianity and Madrassas impart education related to Islam. On the same lines, Hindu students should be given education related to Hindu Dharma in all schools !



Resolutions passed related to Laws


1. 'Common Civil Code' should be immediately implemented !
2. 'Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act' should be imposed throughout the country !
3. Days like 'Valentine's Day', 'Rose Day' promoting harmful western culture should be banned by law !
4. Without taking Hindu Society in confidence, no laws pertaining to Dharma (such as Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, Temple Take over Bill etc.) should be passed !

Resolutions passed related to religious sentiments of Hindus

1. Ram Setu should be declared as a National Monument and it should be preserved !
2. There should be special law to take stringent action on those, who are indulged in polluting Ganga river and adjoining areas. Such law should be immediately imposed !
3. Mockery and defamation of Hindu Holy texts, Deities, Saints, great personalities, religious traditions and culture should be treated as cognizable and non-bailable offences !
4. The names of Gandhi-Nehru given to the Government schemes and Government premises should be replaced by the names of Saints and Sages, great National heroes and revolutionaries !
5. Ancient history of Hindus should be preserved. Distortion of history should be considered a grievous offence and special provisions for punishment should be made for this !

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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