HJS lawfully opposes drive taken against Astrology

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  • There is no change between the Anti-Superstitions Act 2005 and 2011 ! – Dr. Shyam Manav
  • Dr. Manav seething under notice issued by police !     

Kolhapur (Maharashtra): All India Committee for Eradication of Superstitions (ANS), which was inactive for the past 22 years, is being revived by Dr. Shyam Manav by starting a drive to oppose Astrology. (This, in fact, indicates that people have not supported ANiS.- Editor SP) Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has opposed such drive in lawful manner. Dr. Manav was, therefore, issued a notice by the police which has irritated him. He, however, clarified that the Bills presented in the year 2005 and 2011 are just two names of the same Bill and there is no difference in any of the clauses stipulated in the proposed Bills except the title. (Hindus must note that ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ and HJS have been stressing the same point since the new Bill was presented in the Legislative Assembly and Dr. Manav’s statement has confirmed the same. Hindus must realize that the new Bill is also equally dangerous and oppose it with all their might. – Editor SP) The drive was to be started at Rambhai Somani Hall on 1st November at 6.00 p.m. A lecture by Dr. Manav was arranged on the topic ‘Astrology: How true; how false?’ HJS had earlier submitted a representation on 31st October to Police Inspector (PI) Kurundkar at Rajarampuri Police Station. It was mentioned in the representation that ‘looking at the past experience of Dr. Manav’s lectures, there can be criticism on Hindu Deities and Saints. Astrology has been accepted by Mumbai High Court as a science. It is, therefore, not right to create confusion about the same and the said program should not be allowed to take place.’ (This shows that only HJS fights, in lawful manner, against attacks on Hindu Dharma. It is, therefore, natural that Hindus have developed faith in HJS. – Editor SP) PI Kurundkar issued a notice under section 149 to the organizers of the program which caused irritation to Dr. Manav and the organizers.

Dr. Manav’s falsehood !

Dr. Manav said, “I don’t feel bad about the notice; but what is enraging is that it says, the Court has accepted Astrology as a science. Cases are going on at Mumbai High Court and Supreme Court. Advocate of the petitioner claimed in Mumbai High Court that Astrology has importance even in Holy Scriptures; therefore, the Court had said that decision could not be given in such case since the judges were no expert in the subject’; but that did not mean that the Court has accepted it as science. (The Court has also not said that Astrology is not a science. When the High Court demands an expert to take a decision in astrology; Dr. Manav calls it quackery. Does it not show his hatred for the subject? – Editor SP) Astrology is not taught in any of the universities in the world. In Europe, Astronomy is taught and scholarship is given; but Astrology is not approved there.” (Dr. Manav is giving totally false information. In more than 25 institutes like Rajasthan University (Udaipur), Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Vaidik University (Jabalpur), Vikram University (Ujjain), Chaudhary Charan Singh University (Meerut) in India and Capler College of Astrological Arts and Science, Astrological Institute (Scottsdale), the American Federation of Astrologers from abroad has curriculum based on Astrology. Dr. Manav is misleading people by giving false information and cannot be trusted ! – Editor SP)

Dr. Manav accuses MLA Diwakar Raote of taking contract to cancel anti-Hindu anti-superstitions Bill   

Dr. Manav said, “All clauses of anti-superstition Bill presented in 2005 were prepared by me after thorough study; but ‘keertankars’ of Pandharpur created an atmosphere that the Act would impose ban on performance of ‘Satyanarayan Puja’ and undertaking of ‘pilgrimage’. It has been clearly mentioned in the draft Bill that ‘This Act will not be applicable to the customs and traditions which do not cause any physical or mental harm to any person.’ (During pilgrimage, the participants walk up long distance and their legs start paining; therefore, it can be banned under clause 13 of the said Act and that is what was propagated by ‘warakaris’ from Pandharpur; then what is wrong with it? In fact, Dr. Manav is caught on the wrong foot by accusing warakaris in this manner; but will he realize this? – Editor SP) Mr. Diwakar Raote opposed the Bill as if he had taken contract to eliminate the same in Legislative Council. (This shows low mentality of Dr. Manav for making such sort of allegations against devout Hindu MLA like Mr. Diwakar Raote. Mr. Raote opposed the Bill taking into account religious sentiments of millions of Hindus and not because he was given contract to quash the Bill; besides, he opposed the bill in Legislative Council in democratic manner and had support of not only members from Opposition parties but also from ruling parties. If Dr. Manav wants to get the Bill passed, he can give contract for the same to some MLA ! – Editor SP) There is no change in the Bill presented in 2005 and in this year.”      

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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