So-called Satyapal Maharaj denigrates Hindu Deities

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So-called Maharaj, real enemy of Hindu Dharma

Jalgaon (Maharashtra): Many pro-Hindu activists had met the organizers before the program of so-called Satyapal Maharaj who denigrates Hindu Deities through his lectures and requested them that he should be given instructions that he should not ridicule Hindu Deities. Paying total disregard to such request, Satyapal Maharaj did denigrate Hindu Deities in his lecture. (Anti-Hindus get an opportunity to criticize Hindu Dharma because of such hypocrite Maharaj. Other religions do not have such hypocrite ‘Dharmagurus’ and even if they are there, they never denigrate their religion. Hindus, however, have no pride towards their Dharma; therefore, anyone and everyone is making mockery of Hindu Deities. This shows the importance of imparting ‘Dharmashikshan’ to Hindus ! – Editor SP) Large number of policemen were deployed at the venue; but they were there just as spectators. (What else is expected from anti-Hindu policemen? – Editor SP) In the end of the program, Maharaj (?) catching his ears said, “I speak truth; you people laugh and go away but I get the beating” and he rendered apology to people. (The scheming Maharaj’s policy seems to be first kick and then render apology ! – Editor SP)

Despicable statements made by so-called Satyapal Maharaj

  • During ‘Navaratri’ festival, there is manifestation of ‘Devi’ in some women when they give their name as ‘Sridevi’ and this ‘Sridevi’ likes Salman Khan.  
  • ’Jai Devi Jai Devi mazi bayko tuzya ghari pathavato, tuzi bayko mazya ghari pathav !’
  • Instead of ‘Harimukhe Mhana’, he says ‘Maay mule mhanaa, pityaachi gananaa Kon kari?’ Owing to Brahmin and Jain Marwari community, ‘Dalit’ population has remained backward and uneducated.
  • On criticizing Government’s project of constructing latrines, he said, ‘Women sit on the boundary of village to excrete, person entering the village says, ‘Tune muze bulaya sheravaaliye, mai aayaa tere dwaar sheravaaliye’
  • Jai Jai Ramkrushna Hari; maazyaa ghari  tuzi bayko pani bhari, Jai Jai Ramkrushna Hari !

(One cannot be a Hindu if his blood does not boil after reading the above. Such person calling himself as ‘Maharaj’, is the highest denigration of seats of worship of Hindus. How the Hindus listening to his talk never felt anything to hear such despicable statements made by him? Hindus should take such so-called Maharaj to task, in lawful manner, during his speech and should lodge a complaint with the police – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabha

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