#13YearsOfHJSWebsite : HJS celebrates 13th Anniversary of its website www.HinduJagruti.org

HinduJagruti.org – Educating, awakening and uniting Hindus across the world for the Hindu Rashtra!

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti was established with the noble goal of establishing the Hindu Rashtra and the Samiti’s website, HinduJagruti.org has been instrumental in educating, awakening and uniting Hindus across the world with regards to this goal. The website currently functions in Hindi, English and Marathi. Ashadh Purnima (Gurupurnima 2020) marks the 13th year of the website’s service to Hindu Dharma. On this occasion, we would like to humbly present a birds eye view of the site’s activities.

1. Number of visitors (readers) during the year : During the year (July 2019 to June 2020), the website has been visited by 2,497,000+ people from more than 50 countries.

2. Participation of thousands of devout Hindus from all over the world in HJS activities of ‘Dharmajagruti’ is the outcome of the website – HinduJagruti.org ! : We are witnessing an ever increasing number of Hindus who are inspired by the activities of the Samiti and actively pledging their support to the mission of Hindu unification and awakening of Dharma. On average we receive inquiries from over 500 devout Hindus across the world who wish to contribute their time and energy to the activities of the HJS. This translates into more than 7000 people who are being inspired by the activities of the Samiti which are showcased on the website.  Besides India, devout Hindus from  more than 35 countries like Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mauritius, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Kenya, New Zealand etc. have showed interest in taking part in HJS’ activities. It is a testimony to the Samiti’s goal of reaching out to every Hindu that these visitors comprise of doctors, engineers, IT experts, advocates, industrialists, journalists, accountants, professors, former army personal, technicians, students etc., many who have already started serving Dharma along with HJS.

3. Activities undertaken by website and via Social Media

A. Activities started during Lock-down period

  1. Organizing online discussions by learned panelists on various issues related to the Nation and Dharma like ‘why Hindu Temples are governed by Secular Government ?’, ‘Persecution of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh’, ‘Conspiracy behind stopping Puri Ratha Yatra’, ‘When will Kashmiri Hindus get Justice ?’, ‘National Security and Boycotting Chinese’, ‘Is the Constitution incapable of protecting the rights of Hindus’, ‘Pseudo-Secularism of India’, etc. These sessions streamed live over Facebook and YouTube garnered close to a 100,000 views..
  2. Utilizing the lock-down period to help people strengthen not only their faith through Daily Naamjap and Bhavsatsangs, but also educate them through Dharmasamwad (discourses as well as Q & A on Dharma). For the young Hindus we have also organized Balsanskar classes every day to acquaint them with our rich and glorious heritage. (You can view past recordings of these series by visiting our YouTube page)

B. Signature Campaigns over the last year

  • Amend the Indian Constitution to remove the word ‘Secular’ from preamble !
  • Appeal to set up a regulatory authority for Web Series !

More than 7000 Hindus and Nationalist signed and emailed the petition to the concerned authorities.

C. Awareness campaigns over the last year

Since the mainstream media largely ignores the plight of the Hindus, HinduJagruti.org is committed to highlight such issues and bring them to the forefront. More than 300 such awareness campaigns on the issues of Nation & Dharma were undertaken by the HJS website. Some are highlighted below

  • Atrocities on Hindus in Mewat, Haryana
  • Exposing the anti Army, anti India and anti Hindu agenda of web series like (Patal Lok, XXX 2, Sacred Games, Gandii Baat, Leila, etc)
  • Goa Inquisition – Untold atrocities by St. Xavier and Missionaries
  • Appeasement of minorities through Halal imposition and Halal economy
  • Loot of temple wealth by the Communist run Govt of Kerala
  • Loot of temples and appeasement of minorities by Tamil Nadu Govt
  • ASI’s continued glorification of mughals and their expensive tax funded plan to renovate Aurangzeb’s Sheesh Mahal
  • The rise in attacks on Hindu leaders (Hindus Sages and leaders are selectively being killed in Kerala, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra)
  • Justice for Kashmiri Hindus in exile for over 30 years
  • Ban the radical Popular Front of India (PFI)
  • Ban Sunburn Festival – which only promote drug culture and immorality in youth
  • Mockery of Lord Shiva, Sadhus and Saints in the movie Dabangg 3
  • Protest against Ganesha and OM toilet mat products sold by Amazon
  • Nirma mocking ‘Maratha warriors’ in Nirma ad
  • Amitabh Bachchan referring Aurangzeb as  ‘Samrat’ and Chhatrapati Shivaji as just ‘Shivaji’ in KBC show
  • Red Label advt. showing that Hindus are intolerant

The widespread awareness created by these campaigns were instrumental in uniting the Hindus who raised their voice unitedly and peacefully against the misrepresentation of Hindu Dharma, the mockery of our Gods and the disrespect shown to our Nation and heroes. As a result, many of the offending parties have tendered unconditional apologies for their transgressions while in certain cases Hindus have spontaneously filed cases against the more serious offences. In the latter, we are sure that Dharma will triumph!

A request to you !

As you may already be aware, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is run by volunteers who have come together due to their love and dedication for the Nation and Dharma. So also, the website HinduJagruti.org has been functioning for the last 13 years solely with the aim of serving the Nation and Dharma. If you wish to contribute to the activities of the website and help it grow, we request you to consider making a donation towards the site’s upkeep and maintenance. If you are unable to make monetary contributions, we request you to share the articles, social media posts with your family and friends and contribute to the awakening of Dharma among Hindus in India and across the world.

We pledge to continue serving Dharma in whatever capacity we have, and we hope the site’s activities will inspire you to do so too !

Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtra !

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