Session on the issue of religious conversion and solutions

Hindu Rashtra will be built on the foundation of spirituality and Ramrajya will be established ! – H.H. Mahant Shriramjnanidas ji Maharaj, Mahatyagi Seva Sansthan, Gondiya

The society is on a chaotic downward spiral. The vitality of the youth and the experience of the elders should be used to awaken Dharma. We may have progressed intellectually (in education) but our minds are still backward. So we need to inculcate devotion and increase spiritual prowess. H.H. Mahant Shriramjnanidas ji Maharaj said that the Hindu Rashtra will be built on the foundation of spirituality and Ramrajya will be established. Maharaj ji was speaking in the session on the issue of religious conversion and solutions held on 30th May.

H.H. Chandrakanth Maharaj Shukla (Bhagavat kathakar, Gujarat), Adv Rajiv Nath (Legal Head, Hindu Jagaran Manch, South Assam) and Shri. Satish Vaid (Agniveer, Delhi) also spoke during this session.

H.H. Mahant Shriramjnanidas ji Maharaj

H.H. Mahant Shriramjnanidas ji Maharaj further said that the ancient ‘rishi parampara’ is in peril. If Hindu dharma has to survive, then this parampara should survive. That is the only way that we can breath new life into Hindu dharma. Every village should be contacted and yajnas, Ramkathas should be conducted to awaken the people and unite them. ShriRam is Dharma personified. The footsteps of ShriRam should be followed and the ideals of Shriram should be awakened within every one.

Propagating Hindu Dharma is the need of the hour ! – H.H. Chandrakanth Maharaj Shukla, Bhagavat kathakar

H.H. Chandrakanth Maharaj Shukla

Foreigners influenced by the tenets of Hindu Dharma are coming here to accept Hindu Dharma; but it is disheartening to see that Hindus need to be awakened. Hindus are demeaning Hindu Dharma. Tribal areas are witnessing large scale religious conversions. It is imperative that Hindus awaken and propagate Sanatan Dharma, else the forthcoming time will be difficult.

Bhagwan ShriKrishna is performing the task of protecting Dharma through the medium of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti ! 

Sanatan Sanstha is awakening Hindus. This is the last chance, if Hindus don’t wake up now, then in future no one will come to awaken you! Bhagwan ShriKrishna is performing the task of protecting Dharma through the Saints and activists of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. I am certain that this will protect Dharma.

Pro-Hindu organizations must take the lead to stem the religious conversion of Hindus ! – Satish Vaid, Agniveer, Delhi

Satish Vaid

Numerous religious fanatics despite being non-Hindus assume Hindu names and enjoy sops. The scheduled castes have become soft targets for religious conversion; but they are the staunchest of Hindus. When Aurangzeb tried to convert them, they willingly accepted menial labour, but refused to convert. ProHindu organizations must take the lead to stem the religious conversion of Hindus and take steps to welcome the converts back into the Hindu fold.

Hindu Conventions are required every 3 months !

Only the idea behind this Hindu Rashtra convention can save the Hindu Rashtra in future. Only Sanatan Sanstha and the Saints can protect Hindu Dharma. A youth once asked me during a talk, ‘despite so many attacks on Hindu Dharma, why is it still around?’. If that youth had come to this convention and seen the heroes of Hindu Dharma gathered here, he woud have understood that it is due to the heroic efforts of all that Hindu Dharma has survived. Such conventions are required every 3 months for continued gharwapsi.

Love Jihad and conversions can be stopped using various tactics ! – Adv. Rajiv Nath

Adv. Rajiv Nath

Adv Rajiv Nath of the Hindu Jagaran Manch shared his experiences about the ‘Efforts in Silchar (Assam) to stop religious conversion’. He said that North East India is witnessing large scale love jihad. When we come to know about such instances, then we meet the victims and we make them aware about the facts about Hindu Dharma and Islam. After that we also tell them that there are other options like the boy accepting Hindu Dharma, or getting married according the Special Marriage Act (so that the girl cannot be given a verbal triple talaq later). Despite all this, if the love jihad does take place, then we file a legal complaint with the police. We have seen success in stopping incidents of love jihad after the girl has been made aware of the facts.

North East India is also reeling under conversion attempts by Christian missionaries. Gullible Hindus are lured and converted under various pretexts. They are taken to church prayers on Sunday. To put an end to this, we got the weekly day off changed from sunday to other days. We placed the demand that ‘since sunday is a holiday for all government offices, other employees need some other day off for their personal work’. Due to this, the number of Hindus who attend church on sundays has dropped.

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