Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Virar (Dist. Palghar)

Govt. should tell people benefits of holding Sunburn festival in Maharashtra ! – Diptesh Patil, ‘Hindu Gou-vansh Raksha Samiti’

Virar (Palghar) : Sunburn festival was driven out of Goa by that Government for spoiling life of youth; taking life of two young men; for encouraging drug addiction and for evading tax. Now, this Government should tell people benefits of holding ‘Sunburn’ in Maharashtra, was the bold appeal made by Shri. Diptesh Patil during demonstrations staged under aegis of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan (RHA)’ at Manavel Pada, Virar (East). Demonstrations were staged by Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and other like-minded organizations for various demands such as imposition of ban on Sanatan Sanstha and HJS; release of devotees taken into custody in Sabarimala issue and demanding ban on Sunburn festival; besides demanding ban on bursting crackers during 25th to 31st December. Representation was submitted to the Government on the occasion which was spontaneously signed by all the participants supporting the above demands. Members of Sanatan Sanstha, HJS, Hindu Gou-vansh Raksha Samiti, Rashtriya Bajarang Dal, and Parashuram Sena were present on the occasion.

Shri. Diptesh Patil said that sentiments of millions of devotees were paid no heed in Sabarimala case; but petitioners belonging to other religion and who were not devotees were considered by the Court. Is this justice ? Demanding ban on Sanatan Sanstha and HJS for finding so-called explosives at Nala Sopara is a conspiracy. Nobody pays attention to Hindus who demand justice in lawful manner; but those, who create law and order problems, are paid attention on priority basis. Hindu Rashtra is therefore, necessary for bringing change in this situation.

Decision in case of Sabarimala is injustice to devotees ! – Kumar Pillai, a devout Hindu activist

Government ruled by Communist party in Kerala is atheist; therefore, without studying traditions followed at Sabarimala Temple and without considering sentiments of devotees of Swami Ayyappa, decision was taken against them. Devotees, who were protesting against such decision in lawful manner, were arrested by the Government. It is injustice. If Hindus want that attention should be paid to them, they need to unite now in such manner that the Government would certainly pay attention to them.

Will people only erecting statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, put his thoughts into action ? – Dr. Sujit Yadav, a devout Hindu activist 

People have been divided into language, region and caste-creed by the present-day elected representatives for preserving their seats. They are trying to gain power in the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and by erecting his statue; however, they are not at all trying to establish ‘Hindavi Swarajya’ as dreamt by Maharaj. Hindus should therefore, unite for setting up ‘Hindavi Swarajya’, as expected by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Shrewd ploy hatched for demanding ban on Sanatan Sanstha and HJS ! – Pundit Chavan, HJS

Sanatan Sanstha has been spreading spirituality for many years and hundreds of people have been benefited by practising spirituality. The Government did not stop persons who have been spitting venom against Dharma and Deities; but Sanatan Sanstha which has been fighting against them only at thought level, is unnecessarily implicated in their murder cases. Investigating agencies have many times changed the names of accused, dates and other points in investigations; therefore, their procedure seems to be doubtful.


1. Slogans were raised spontaneously by even onlookers along with demonstrators.

2. Shri. Baban Jha, a local resident said, “Your activities are good.”

3. Passersby stopped on their way to listen to the speeches given during demonstrations.

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