HJS demands stringent law to curb denigration of Hindu deities and Dharma

Stringent law should be passed to prevent denigration of Hindu Dharma, Holy Scriptures, Deities, Saints and great national leaders occurring through plays, films, advertisements and different art forms !

Shiv Sena MLA Sunil Raut, Ajay Chaudhari, Sadanand Chavan and BJP MLA Narendra Pawar make similar demand through letter to CM, in support of HJS demand !

Mumbai : Denigration and desecration of Hindu Dharma, Holy Scriptures, Deities, Saints and great national leaders is openly taking place through various mediums like advertisements, plays, films, exhibition of paintings, books, social media, You-tube, newspapers etc. The provisions made under clauses 295 and 295(A) under Indian Penal Code are inadequate to take necessary action against these offences; therefore, stringent laws should be passed. The above demand has been made by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) through representation submitted to the State Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis. This demand has been extended total support by Shiv Sena MLAs Shri. Sunil Raut, Shri. Ajay Chaudhari, Shri. Sadanand Chavan and BJP-MLA Shri. Narendra Pawar. A letter was given to the Chief Minister on 31st July by these elected representatives, in support of HJS demand for promptly passing of new law so that denigration of Deities would be avoided. Similar letter on the same subject was earlier given to the Chief Minister by Shiv Sena MLAs Shri. Bharatsheth Gogavale, Shri. Balaji Kinikar, Shri. Dnyanraj Chougule, Shri. Suresh Gore, Shri. Shashikant Khedekar, Shri. Rupesh Mhatre, Shri. Manoharsheth Bhoir, Shri. Rajesh Kshirsagar etc. (Will the Government take note of demand made by these elected representatives ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

It has been stated by these elected representatives in their letter that

1. Every citizen has freedom under Indian Constitution to follow his/her own religion, customs and traditions. It is the Constitutional duty of the Government to protect such freedom.

2. Indians are religious and revere their Goddesses, Deities and other objects of worship, with lot of devotion. They are religious and sentimental towards such issues; but few cheap, racists, anti-nationals and so-called progressive people have been purposely hurting religious sentiments under the guise of freedom of expression, using different art forms, their ideologies, through their extreme behavior and debauchery; leading to law and order problems. It also culminates in violence, killings, riots etc spoiling the whole atmosphere.

3. Earlier, most objectionable pictures and photos of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, revered ‘Hindu-Rhuday-Samrat’ Balasaheb Thackeray so also of Prabhu Shriram and Shri Hanuman were uploaded on Face book and conspiracy was hatched to incite Hindus’ sentiments.

4. Tiles with Deities’ pictures are fitted on walls everywhere to stop people from spitting, throwing litter and peeing at such places.

5. It is therefore, necessary for the Government to pass a stringent and competent Act at the earliest. In fact, it should be passed within 3 months.

6. Police Department tries to stop such incidents by issuing circulars at their level; but it is not enough. Till the new competent Act is passed in this regard, you are requested to issue permanent general guiding circular, applicable in whole State.

Prevailing laws are inadequate to take action against insult of objects of faith : HJS

HJS has submitted representations to Government on number of occasions for preventing denigration of Deities and seats of worship; staged agitations and have been making such demand for several years with State Legislative Assembly; but the Government has not yet passed such Act. So many elected representatives have made similar demand; but will the Government pass such law at least now, was the doubt raised by HJS.

It has been stated in the representation submitted by HJS to the CM that

1. Permission of the State Government is required under prevailing law for taking legal action against guilty. Action is taken against the guilty only if the Government feels that religious sentiments were hurt or law and order problem was created; thus emboldening the guilty in such cases. It is creating lot of limitations in stopping denigration of Deities and we have been experiencing this problem in many cases for past several years.

2. Professor Durga Malati, from Kerala, a follower of leftist ideology has drawn and uploaded pictures drawn by her of seats of worship of billions of Hindus like Bhagavan Shiva, His Trident and other things in the form of male phallus. After films like ‘O My God’, ‘PK’, ‘Behan Hogi Teri’, ‘Padmavat’ etc, another film titled ‘3 Dev Undercover Bhagavan’ has been made with modern actors enacting roles of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Many agitations were staged at various places; several complaints were lodged; but no action has been taken so far.

3. The Government should, therefore, immediately pass a stringent law to stop denigration of Hindu Dharma, Holy Scriptures, Deities, Saints and great national leaders happening through use of different media.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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