HJS national spokesperson Ramesh Shinde’s guidance at Sangli

‘Secularism’ means a conspiracy to wipe out the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in Hindus’ mind ! – Ramesh Shinde, National spokesperson, HJS

Sangli : The concept of Hindu Rashtra comprises Dharma, Sanskruti, Holy texts on Vedas, traditions etc. Bharat was invaded many times by Muslims and Christians for centuries; but Hindus remained loyal to their traditions, Dharma, Sanskruti. Saint tradition (Sant parampara) was the cause. During that period, Sant Tulsidas, Samarth Ramdas swami, Sant Tukaram Maharaj kept the concept of Rashtra alive in Hindus’ mind. Bharat got its independence; but progressive in the country are trying to distort or suppress Hindu’s history in the name of ‘Secularism’. Hence Hindus feel ashamed of their Dharma and they feel blessed calling themselves as ‘Secular’. Western perversion is being supported. Hundreds of attackers could not succeed in wiping out the pride for their Dharma despite attacking Bharat but now efforts are being made to wipe of the concept of Hindu Rashtra in their mind. With a view to stop this all of us have to contribute through abiding by Dharma and taking education ourselves in Dharma, said HJS spokesperson Shri. Ramesh Shinde. He was addressing Hindus on 21st April in the Mangal Karyalay in Vishrambag.

He said further,

  1. According to the English calendar, presently 2018 year is going on; but if Hindus consider this as official then Hindus tradition of millions of years is forgotten.
  2. Bharat is a Rashtra-rajya. It is still persisting due to Sant parampara, Dharma parampara. Some are conspiring to attack this only. Wrong History is being taught to Hindus. Calling Dharmashastra as blind faith, Hindus are taken as fools. Perversion like ‘Live-in-relationship’ is being promoted. Hindus in majority are being cheated by calling Bharat as a secular nation.
  3. Bharat gained independence; but we still follow the systems laid down by the British of justice, education, finance, Sate-management and hence we are not free in the real sense. Still we are slaves of English.
  4. On one side calling the nation as secular but give all facilities to minorities, is the real state. The Hindus in majority are treated as subordinates. Therefore Hindu Rashtra is very essential for Hindus to live respectfully.
  5. As per the significance of time and many Saints have predicted that Hindu Rashtra is bound to come in 2023 year. Do not feel anxious because our population is less. When for one devotee like Prahlad, God incarnates then if we worship God then why would He not come ? According to the saying in Bhagvadgita, ‘यतो धर्म स्ततो जय:।’ (Where there is Dharma, victory is there) let us abide by Dharma instead of becoming secular. Be assured that, God will make Hindu Rashtra’ a reality.

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