Devout Hindu acquitted from case filed by ‘Believers’ making false accusations

Pastor Dominic and Jiao D’souza

Mapusa : The wife of Pastor Dominic from ‘Believers’ Sect, had filed a false case against Shri. Ankit Salgaonkar, a devout Hindu from Kayasuv that he was harassing her by shadowing her. The First Class Magistrate has acquitted Shri. Ankit Salgaonkar in this case. (Action should be taken against ‘Believers’ for filing false case and mentally harassing Shri. Ankit Salgaonkar and defaming him ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) A devout Hindu and advocate Sarvadnya Patil pleaded Ankit’s case. Ankit was arrested by police after Jiao D’souza had lodged a complaint against Ankit Salgaonkar under clause 354 of Indian Penal Code about chasing and harassing her. Later, Ankit was released on bail. There was no proof against Ankit, therefore, he was being acquitted, stated the First Class Magistrate in his order. ‘Believers’ have lodged several false complaints against Ankit Salgaonkar to harass him. Earlier, complaint was lodged against Ankit for damaging ‘Believers’ bus. ‘Believers’ women followers had lodged complaint against Ankit accusing him of criticizing against ‘Believers’ on social website such as Facebook. Nikhil Shetye, a supporter of ‘Believers’ had even lodged a complaint with Election Commission that Ankit was propagating against ‘Believers’, for political reasons.

Movement against ‘Believers’ will be intensified irrespective of Believers’ harassment – Resolve by Ankit Salgaonkar

I am ready to face any kind of harassment for protection of Hindu Dharma. I have paid for legal charges out of my own pocket and got acquitted from the accusations. I have staged a movement in lawful manner against ‘Believers’ Sect. Believers need not be under illusion that I would stop the movement if they lodged complaints against me. Believers have lodged many complaints against me even earlier. Owing to such harassment, in fact, I have now resolved to take action against Believers. The above opinion was expressed by Shri. Ankit Salgaonkar.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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