Govt to shut down unauthorized slaughter-house Ms. Sonankur Export Pvt Ltd.

Historical victory of the fight given by HJS, pro-Hindu and animal-loving organizations and pro-environment citizens !

Govt. taking decision to close down unauthorized slaughter-house only after ‘Hindutvaavdis’ demand, is expected to take such decision on its own ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

From left – Shri. Ketan Shah, Shri. Manoj Khadye, Shri. Vilas Shah, Shri. Mahesh Bhandari, Shri. Appasaheb Patil

Solapur : Ms. Sonankur Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a slaughter-house at Mulegaon in the district which is dangerous for environment and has been operated in unauthorized manner since last ten years, violating all rules and regulations. Despite repeated complaints against the slaughter-house, no action was taken by earlier Congress Government. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), therefore, staged a movement against the slaughter house and staged demonstrations during State Legislative Assembly session held in December 2016 at Nagpur. Later, HJS consistently followed up the matter with the Government. Local residents and animal-caring institutions also demanded action against the slaughter house. As a result, it has been now decided by the Government on 12th May 2017, to close down this slaughter-house which has been causing harm to the environment. In a press conference held by HJS on 19th May, information about Government’s decision was given to all.

It is a historical victory of HJS, other pro-Hindu organizations, animal-caring organizations and citizens caring for preservation of environment, stated Shri. Manoj Khadye, the Coordinator of HJS for western Maharashtra during the press conference jointly held by HJS and ‘People for Animal care’. It was attended by Shri. Vilas Shah ‘Honorary animal welfare officer’, Shri. Mahesh Bhandari, the President of ‘People for Animal Welfare’, its Secretary Pt. Mahavir Shastri, Shri. Appa Patil, Sarpanch of Mulegaon Gram-Panchayat, Shri. Ketan Shah, national Vice President of ‘Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana’ and Shri. Manoj Khadye the Coordinator of HJS for western Maharashtra etc.

Shri. Khadye said while informing reporters that as per the order, electricity and water supply should be disconnectedwithin 72 hours from issue of this order and it would be checked by actually going to the place where slaughter-house is located and they would meet the concerned officers. This slaughter-house has endangered health of thousands of people from Mulegaon and created many problems like severe stink due to killing of animals contaminating air, water of wells was also polluted; even sanctity of local places of pilgrimage was put in danger. People were unable to live here. Shri. Vilas Shah, the honorary animal welfare officer, local residents of Mulegaon and other organizations have been fighting against the slaughter-house since the year 2007. Many agitations were staged but with power of money and with the blessings of few politicians, the matter was not paid attention for last ten years.

Slaughter-house has misled the Government right from the beginning as follows

1. Fake permission from Mulegaon Gram-Panchayat obtained for construction of the building.

2. Permission was not obtained from many Government departments.

3. Causing air and water pollution violating Pollution Act

Solapur District Health laboratory has given a report that water in this place is not potable. Fadanvis Government should also find out why earlier Government didn’t take action against Sonankur slaughter-house and who has given protection to it for all these years.

On 12th May, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board issued an order for closing down Sonankur slaughter-house. It has been stated in the order that

1. There is no machinery in this slaughter-house for disposal of organic trash; fuel-system was also changed without permission; there is no NOC from Central Groundwater Authority, water effluents from ETP project are more harmful than the permissible level; many complaints have been received from local residents about pollution and many such reasons led the slaughter house becoming a health hazard; therefore, orders have been issued to close down the same.

2. Similarly, orders have been issued to the concerned Government machineries to disconnect electricity and water supply within 72 hours.

Serious issues observed related to this slaughter-house

1. Court had imposed fine of Rs. 25,000/- since an employee had died while on duty.

2. Recently 2 Bangladeshi infiltrators were found in the slaughter-house and Solapur police have arrested them. If such infiltrators create some problem in the State, who would take the responsibility ?

Demands made during the press conference

1. It is a very serious matter and in-depth inquiry needs to be conducted. All such unauthorized slaughter-houses run in the State without having necessary permissions and involved in illegal acts should be immediately closed down by the Government.

2. Cases should be filed against those who are running unauthorized slaughter-houses and stringent legal action should be taken against them.

3. Special squads should be appointed to put curb over slaughter-houses and searches should be conducted.

4. Action should be taken against the then Govt. officers for not taking immediate action against the slaughter house.

Questions asked during press conference and answers given by Shri. Manoj Khadye

Q : What is going to be your future course of action ?

A : Intensify movement against all such unauthorized slaughter-houses in the State for their closure and will demand taking of action against the concerned and politicians who are protecting such slaughter-houses.

Q : It was heard that Sonankur slaughter house was authorized then how can you call it as unauthorized ? 

A : It has been found after investigations that it was operated for the last 10 years by violating all rules and regulations. Report of Pollution Control Board has also been submitted proving falsehood of people running this slaughter-house.

Q : Do you have information on unauthorized slaughter-houses in Maharashtra ?  

A : In an affidavit filed by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board in 2009 in Supreme Court, it has been stated that there were 143 unauthorized slaughter-houses in the State.

Q : On issuing order of closure, against whom do you think action needs to be taken ?

A : Those, who run the slaughter-house; those, who support them despite bringing to their notice that it was unauthorized; those, who have financial and political association with them, should be stringently punished by Fadanvis Government.

Cooperation by HJS helped in success of this movement ! – Vilas Shah, Honorary Animal Welfare Officer’s reaction after the success

I have been fighting against the issue; along with many organizations since last ten years. Gave legal fight, met elected representatives, met Government officers thus tried continuously; but when this issue was taken up during Hindu Janajagruti Sabha held by HJS in Solapur, HJs staged a movement giving priority to it; therefore, it was successful. There is divine power behind this success and I am convinced that it is only of ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale.

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