Pejawar Swami has made a mistake by holding ‘Iftar’ party in Mutt : Guruprasad, HJS

Issue regarding ‘Iftar’ party held in Shrikrushna Mutt, Udupi

From right : Shri. Guruprasad (HJS), Shri. Hyder

Udupi (Karnataka) : I am very sorry to say that ‘Dharmashikshan’ needs to be imparted to some of the Muthadhipatis’ and Swamis. We don’t want to say that they have not done anything for Dharma; but Shri. Vishweshteertha Swami (Pejawar Swami) of Shrikrushna Mutt has made a mistake by holding ‘Iftar’ party at the Mutt. We oppose to not only Swami but all those who do anything against Hindu ‘Dharma-shaastra’, stated Shri. Guruprasad, Coordinator of HJS for Karnataka State during a program held in Kannada on ‘Namma’ TV to discuss the issue of ‘Iftar’ party held at Shrikrushna Mutt. Hyder participated in the program representing Muslims.

1. Shri. Guruprasad said that Shri. Vishwashteertha Swami has hurt religious sentiments of Hindus by inviting beef-eaters, cow-slaughterers and allowing them to read ‘namaz’ at the ashram and HJS registers its protest.

2. Shri. Vishweshteertha Swami is invited to mosques; therefore, what is wrong if he called Muslims to mutt, was the question asked to Shri Guruprasad when he said, “Have you ever heard of celebration of Ganesh festival, Deepavali or Navaratri at mosques ? Organizing ‘Iftar’ for peace and harmony is not the solution. There are several other solutions. In fact, Hindus don’t need to be taught harmony. It needs to be taught to Muslims. Swamiji should render apology to Hindus for this incident. Mutt should be sanctified by sprinkling ‘gou-mutra’ since ‘namaz’ was read there.

3. Many pro-Hindu organizations have supported Swamiji’s actions, then why are you opposing was the question asked to Shri. Guruprasad. He said, “Those supporting Swamiji are doing it only for votes but we are principled people, therefore, we are opposing.”

4. Hyder said that Swamiji is an eminent personality but you are insulting him based on a small incident.

5. In reply Shri. Guruprasad said, “If any maulavi following Islam all his life, talks even once against Islam, will you spare him? You will not leave him, similarly, we oppose Swamiji.”

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