NCERT doesn’t care a damn about Hindus’ religious sentiments : Munishwar Sagar

Shri. Munishwar Sagar, author of the book titled ‘Brainwash Public’ had given fight against National Council for Education, Research and Training (NCERT) for its distortion of history through text books, said, “False propaganda is made through NCERT by writing distorted matters, spreading hatred towards Sanskrut language, present separatist theories about Arya-Anarya, not giving information on our great national leaders, glorification of invaders, to distort Hindu Dharma by spreading that Hindu Dharma was responsible for women’s abuse etc. We therefore, filed a petition consisting of 1100 pages against NCERT with Punjab and Haryana High Court.  High Court issued order to NCERT to give their reply; but after one year, NCERT has asked for corrections and changes from us which means NCERT doesn’t care for religious sentiments of Hindus.


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