HJS Activity Reports

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HJS Activity Reports during March 2017

Sr. Date News concerning HJS Activities
1March 28, 2017Lecture by HJS activists at Jalgaon District Jail
2March 27, 2017Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Kolhapur
3March 27, 2017HJS activities in Odisha State creating extensive awareness among citizens
4March 26, 2017Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Tasgaon (Sangli)
5March 25, 2017Meeting of ‘Hindutvavadis’ held at Yeotmal in the background of ‘Gudi Padwa’
6March 25, 2017Homage paid to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhadev on ‘Balidan Divas’
7March 24, 2017Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Nipani for various demands
8March 24, 2017Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Bhandup (Mumbai)
9March 23, 2017Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held successfully at Bodhan (Telangana)
10March 23, 2017Report of Nepal visit of Pujya (Dr.) Pingale, national guide of HJS
11March 23, 2017Mumbai : Hindus sound clarion against NCERT and illegal loudspeakers
12March 22, 2017Perversion in society is due to lack of ‘Dharmashikshan’ : ‘Pujya’ Dr. Pingale
13March 22, 2017Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Nashik (Maharashtra)
14March 22, 2017Ranaragini submits representation to Goa Women’s Commission
15March 21, 2017Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Sangli
16March 20, 2017Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Yeotmal (Maharashtra)
17March 19, 2017Meetings held by HJS for protection of temples at Tuljapur and Pandharpur
18March 19, 2017Mumbai : HJS speakers ignite spark of ‘Hindutva’ on the occasion of Shivjayanti
19March 19, 2017Chopda : Hindus perform ‘abhihsek’ on the idol of Shivaji Maharaj with milk
20March 17, 2017First-aid workshop held at Panvel by HJS
21March 16, 2017Ranaragini Division of HJS undertakes a social drive on ‘Dhulivandan’ Day
22March 16, 2017Karnataka : HJS and Hindu activists oppose anti-superstitions Bill
23March 15, 2017HJS participation in guiding ‘Hindutvavaids’ and youth from Nepal
24March 14, 2017Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
25March 14, 2017‘’Save Khadakvasala water reservoir’ drive’s 15th successful year by HJS
26March 14, 2017Indore : Awareness created among Hindus through meetings
27March 14, 2017Ranaragini Division undertakes ‘Kanya Shaurya Abhiyan’ in a college
28March 14, 2017Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held successfully at Mangaluru
29March 14, 2017New Delhi : Drive by HJS and Sanatan Sanstha for prevention of misconduct during Holi
30March 12, 2017Impose ban on untoward things taking place during Holi festival : HJS
31March 12, 2017Avoid blindly following western culture and abide by own Dharma : Kum. Madhavi Chore
32March 11, 2017Vadodara : Representation submitted to DiC against misconduct during Holi
33March 11, 2017Maharashtra : HJS petitions police and administration to stop malpractices during Holi
34March 10, 2017HJS’ Ranaragini branch challenge Ram Gopal Varma to file counter complaint
35March 3, 2017HJS holds meeting of Hindu organizations on the occasion of death anniversary of Veer Savarkar 
36March 1, 2017Regional Hindu Adhiveshan held by HJS at Pune
37March 1, 2017Hindu Rashtra will be established if Hindus wake up ! – Shri. Rajasingh Thakur, MLA, BJP
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