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HJS Activity Reports during September 2022

Sr. Date News concerning HJS Activities
1September 24, 2022Strike at the root of the ‘Wakf Board Act’ which is grabbing the land of Hindus – Advocate Vishnu Jain, Supreme Court
2September 24, 2022Karnataka must ban madrassa education that spreads religious fanaticism !
3September 24, 2022Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Andolan at Hupari (Kolhapur District) to demand that MLA T. Raja Singh be released!
4September 22, 2022No entry to Muslims in Garba festival to curb ‘Love jihad’
5September 21, 2022Release MLA T Raja Singh from jail – Mangesh Khandel, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
6September 21, 2022Implement Anti-jihad and Anti-conversion laws – Demand by devout Hindus
7September 21, 2022Halal Economy is being imposed upon Indians – Ramesh Shinde, National spokesperson, HJS
8September 20, 2022Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Andolan in Kolhapur demanding the release of MLA T Raja Singh
9September 19, 2022Oath of Hindu Rashtra with Shri Ambamata as witness in Pune
10September 19, 2022Hindu Rashtra Sankalp campaign in Kolhapur and Sangli
11September 17, 2022Protest by Ranaragini Wing demanding anti-conversion and anti-Love jihad laws
12September 16, 2022Success : ‘Sex-Tantra Camp’ organized during Navratri cancelled after protest by devout Hindus
13September 16, 2022‘Hindu Rashtra’ Campaign commences after oath taking at the feet of Shri Tekdicha Ganapati at Nagpur
14September 16, 2022Kolhapur Municipal Corporation immersing Shri Ganesh Idols using a conveyor belt hurt religious sentiments of Hindu
15September 16, 2022Oath for Hindu Rashtra in Shri Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain
16September 15, 2022What is Congress trying to achieve by ‘Bharat Jodo’ tour with those who insult Bharatmata ? – Mr Narendra Surve, HJS
17September 15, 2022Immediately implement anti-love jihad law, law banning conversion in Maharashtra
18September 15, 2022Let us utilise ‘Jnanshakti’ to effectively unite Hindus – Ramesh Shinde, National spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
19September 15, 2022Hindu Sadhus beaten up in Sangli, a repetition of the Palghar incident !
20September 14, 2022Essential to unitedly fight Halal jihad – Sadguru Neelesh Singbal, HJS
21September 13, 2022Awakening on Dharmashikshan, Hindu Unity, and First Aid in Mumbai and Palghar Districts
22September 13, 2022Halal economy is being imposed upon us – Adv Vishnu Shankar Jain, Supreme Court, Central Government
23September 12, 2022Delhi : Guidance on ‘Human Rights’ by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
24September 12, 2022Kolhapur Municipal Corporation withdraws conveyor belt for immersing Shri Ganesh idols
25September 12, 2022Kolhapur : Dharmaprasar by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) through discourses, collective chanting in Ganeshotsav Mandals 
26September 11, 2022Shri Ganesh Idol immersion as per the Shastras in Nipani due to efforts of HJS and other Hindu organisations
27September 10, 2022Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Andolan and memorandum to District Collector Jalgaon by HJS
28September 10, 2022HJS lecture at ‘Datta India Company Ganapati Madap’
29September 9, 2022Business community should unite to curb this ‘Halal jihad’ crisis – Mr Ramesh Shinde, HJS
30September 9, 2022Provide armed security cover to MLA T. Rajasingh; Petition to District Administration by HJS and Hindu organisations
31September 9, 2022‘Shauryajagruti’ lecture by HJS for Ganesha devotees on behalf of Shri Tanaji Ganesh Mandal at Latur
32September 9, 2022Pune : Discourse at Ganeshotsav Mandal
33September 8, 2022Severely punish those jihadis who killed Ankita Singh, and raped a minor – Hindu organisations
34September 8, 2022Oath of establishing Hindu Rashtra in the temple of Shri Ambamata, Kulaswamini of Vidarbha
35September 8, 2022Solapur : Devotees in Hingulambika temple administered an oath of establishing Hindu Rashtra
36September 7, 2022‘What is the need for Hindus to seek permission from Muslims’ for celebrating their festivals in a ‘secular’ country ?’ – Gayathri N
37September 6, 2022Hindu organisations of Pataliputra to unite to make Bharat a Hindu Rashtra – Hindu Front 
38September 5, 2022The Kolhapur Municipality has no moral right to claim that Shri Ganesh murtis cause pollution – Kiran Duse, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
39September 5, 2022Akola : Devout Hindus in Shri Rajrajeshwar Temple take the oath of ‘Establishing Hindu Rashtra’
40September 4, 2022Anti Halal action committees to oppose Halal imposition – Sunil Ghanvat, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh Spokesperson, HJS
41September 3, 2022Stress-free life is possible only by practicing spirituality ! – Dharmapracharak Sadguru Neelesh Singbal, HJS
42September 3, 2022‘Hindu Rashtra Sankalp Abhiyan’ on completion of Twenty Years of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
43September 2, 2022Immediately arrest criminals with jihadi mentality for killing Hindus
44September 2, 2022Discourse by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on the occasion of Ganeshotsav in Chikhali (Buldhana)
45September 1, 2022Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) submits petitions to Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad administration to curb denigration of Ganesh idols
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