Method of casting off the evil-eye using salt and red chillies together


        Chillies possess the quality to rapidly attract Raja-Tama predominant waves, congregate them and emit them into the environment. Therefore, at that very instant in the atmosphere itself, Raja-Tama predominant waves are disintegrated by the heat of the fire; hence, the rule that a smouldering fire should be nearby when using chillies for casting off the evil-eye. The speed with which red chillies attract Raja-Tama predominant waves is greater than that of mustard seeds and therefore, they are mainly used for casting off the evil-eye on the gross body and the mental body. The touch of the humid field around the salt increases the speed of functioning of the chillies.

Removal of Raja-Tama predominant waves in the mental body assists in restricting the psychological process of raising doubts and the person is relieved of tensions. Especially those individuals who are tormented by ‘Anxiety Disorder (Excessive thinking)’ are best benefited by this method of casting off the evil-eye.

1. Method of casting off evil-eye


  • Mix salt and red chillies in odd numbers, with salt in a comparatively greater proportion. And take them in a fist.
  • Turn the closed fists downwards (facing the ground), cross the forearms and stand in front.
  • Then the individual casting off the evil-eye should wave his/her hands from down to upward direction and from inside to outwards in a circular manner.
  • After completion of the casting off process, the salt and red chillies are to be burnt on smouldering coal.

2. Importance of using red chillies for casting off the evil-eye

Picture depicting the subtle-process taking place during the casting off the evil-eye using red dry chillies



1. Distressing vibrations in the picture based on subtle-knowledge : 2%’

2. Proportion of vibrations in the picture based on subtle-knowledge: Mārak-shakti (Destroyer Energy) 2%, Energy of attraction 2.25%, Black energy 2% and Disintegration energy 2.25%

3. Other aspects

  • There are several food items rich in Tama component; however, though chillies possess Raja-Tama components, like a magnet their ability to attract Tama component from the atmosphere is higher.
  • Just as red chillies have the ability to attract Tama component, so also their ability to disintegrate the already attracted black energy when they are burnt after the evil-eye is cast off is higher.
  • Red dry chillies are also used in cooking. At that time, their Raja-Tama components remain intact; but their function is different, that is, to provide energy to the body.

4. Depending upon the severity of the distress,

the number of chillies to be used while casting off the evil-eye

Depending upon the severity of the distress, take odd number of dried red chillies.

The table ahead mentions symptoms of different types of distress on being afflicted by evil-eye and the number of chillies required while casting off the evil-eye.

Nature of distress Number of red chillies
1. Heaviness of the body, numbness of hands and feet, vomiting sensation 3
2. Rise in restlessness, sudden sweating, negative thoughts 5
3. Not having control over speech, blurring of vision, saliva dripping from the mouth, using abusive language, thoughts of committing suicide 7
4. Fainting, manifestation of negative energy, thoughts about killing someone 9

Note: If the above mentioned symptoms are not observed, then as per convenience, use chillies in odd numbers commencing from three.

5. How to identify the severity of distress of affliction by evil-eye?

After casting off the evil-eye when salt and red chillies used for the purpose are burnt in fire, depending on whether one gets a bout of cough or not, foul odour or not, we get a fair idea about the severity of distress.

A. Getting a bout of cough implies that the individual is not afflicted by evil-eye. While cooking too, when we fry chillies we get a bout of cough. Not getting a bout of cough can mean the individual is afflicted by evil-eye. The reason for not getting a bout of cough is because the pungent nature of the chillies is used in destroying the vibrations of black energy. Hence, greater the severity of distress lesser is the intensity of the bout of cough.

B. If there is no foul odour, the individual is not afflicted by evil-eye and in case there is foul odour, the individual is afflicted by evil-eye.

6. Salt, mustard seeds and red chillies taken together

The method of casting off the evil-eye using salt, mustard seeds and red chillies and the underlying science is the same as that performed with only salt and red chillies; in this case, mustard seeds are the only additional ingredient. Generally hold two tea spoons of salt, half tea spoon of mustard seeds and odd numbers of red chillies in the hand while casting off the evil-eye.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text on ‘Spiritual science underlying affliction by the evil-eye and its removal