Need to rehabilitate status to Ayurveda

Present Status of Ayurveda

For the first time in Independent India, our visionary Prime Minister Shri. Narendra ModiJi has rightly initiated process of rehabilitating status of Ayurveda. H’ble Prime Minister has created a different Ministry to look after issues related to Ayurveda and allied medical sciences under the name of Ministry of AYUSH and has deputed a capable Minister – H’ble Shripad Naik as Minister of AYUSH.

Ayurveda is a major part of our rich Hindu Heritage. Like all other Vedas, Ayurveda is also a part of our strong beliefs because it is time-tested and evidence based medical science. Ayurveda has already passed a very stringent test of “TIME” and hence since last 5000 years, it is a medical science of choice for Hindu Communities.

During last centuries, British Government propagated and tried to popularize modern/western medical science in India. After Independence, no any concrete steps were taken to rehabilitate Ayurveda and other allied medical sciences and on the contrary all efforts were taken to throw Ayurveda and other allied medical sciences on the backbenches and as a result, in Global Herbal Markets, Indian products have negligible to nil sales volume.

Beauty of Ayurvedic Therapy

“Ayurveda” – This word is formed from two words – “Ayu” means – Life and “Veda” means – Science and thus, Ayurveda is Science of Life. Alike modern/western medical sciences, Ayurveda concentrates on Obtaining and Maintaining best physical, psychological and mental health and for this Ayurveda has suggested so many beautiful things such as “Dinacharya” (Daily Routine), “Rutucharya” (Seasonal Routine), and “Pathya-Apathya” (Do’s and Don’t’s). With these principles anyone can achieve Good Health.

In the treatment part, Ayurveda rests on many strong pillars such as “Nadi-Pariksha”, “Prakriti Chikitsa”, “Tridosha Theory” (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), Panchmahabhoota concept [Aap-(Ether,Akash), Tej-(Fire), Prithvi-(Earth), Vayu-(Wind), and Jal-(Water)] and finally Dravya-Guna Vichar (Biophysical, Physico-chemica and Pharmacological Aspect) of the medicines to be prescribed. Dravya-Guna Vichar comprises of Rasa- (Taste), Guna-(Attributes such as Heavy, Unctous, Keen, Sharp, dry and Light), Veerya-(Potency), Vipaka-(What body does to drug-Drug Metabolism) and Prabhava-(dominating influence or active force of drug). So, by this way a pharmacological basis of Ayurvedic Therapeutics rest on five basic factors and Physiopathology of Tridosha Theory entitles viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They are indeed pentavalent in action through involving attributes of Rasa, Guna, Veerya, Vipaka and Prabava. These attributes are intrinsical singly or severally to all matter or “Dravyas” that constitute Drug or Diet.

Ayurvedic Pharmacology

As per Ayurvedic Pharmacology, health is a state of body wherein there is perfect equilibrium of all the Tridoshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. And all the diseases and disorders are caused due to imbalances of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In fact, Tridosha Theory was a great discovery by fore-fathers of Ayurveda, but it was much misundertaken by western scholars rendering Vata, Pitta and Kapha as simply Wind, Bile and Phlegm. In fact, Vata, Pitta and Kapha are very much broad concepts than this. A clear comprehension of the term Tridoshas is necessary to assimilate concept of Ayurveda. In simple terms, Vata can be termed as “Driving Force” in the body, Pitta can be termed as “Fire in the body” and Kapha can be termed as element which offers and decides static nature and all structure and lubrication of body.

Now, after knowing that Ayurveda is perfect medical science, anyone including me always gets surprised why and who has thrown this beautiful medical science on the backbenches by considering this medical science as Complimentary or Alternative Medical Science? On thoroughly considering factors affecting and/or modifying Status of Ayurveda, it can be firmly concluded that, there are some internal and some external factors responsible for present secondary status of Ayurveda.

What we can do?

In the forthcoming articles, we will discuss about these factors and also that how these factors have devaluated Ayurveda. We will also discuss present scenario of World Herbal Markets and position of Ayurveda in this World Market. Once we know that there are some internal factors responsible for devaluation of Ayurveda, we will have to discuss on how we can overcome them by self corrective mechanism and introspection. As we know, Ayurveda is far behind in Research, Documentation and Preparation of Databases, we will have to find our present scenario of Ayurveda Research and need of formation of accurate policies and strategies for research to uplift Status of Ayurveda.

We must not forget a very bare fact that, we can become World Leader in Herbal Market. Ayurveda always have this market potential. But for this, we will have to move further with a planned strategy and accurate policy. To globalize popularity of Ayurveda, we will have to adopt multidisciplinary approach because Ayurvedic Community will always be benefited by the help of professionals from other branches of Science and Medicine.

With a hope that, this New Government will always support this activity of upliftment of Status of Ayurveda and globally popularizing Ayurveda as perfect, research oriented, evidence-based medical science and will bring Acchhe Din (good days) to Ayurveda.