Evil eye Symptoms which indicate that an individual is afflicted


1. Evil eye symptoms pertaining to gross body, mental body and subtle-body

        In this process of getting afflicted by evil eye, an environment of RajaTama-predominant desirous vibrations is generated around the person that is afflicted by evil-eye. This environment is charged with RajaTama-predominant sound waves and hence, its contact can adversely affect the gross body, mental body and subtle-body of that person.

1 A. Gross body : When the gross body is charged with RajaTama-predominant desire waves, the person suffers from various physical ailments. Some of these physical ailments are – severe headache, earache, pain in the eyes, blackouts, numbness of limbs, palpitations, reduction in body heat and experiencing weakness. On observing such symptoms, if the evil-eye is cast off immediately, it reduces the associated distress.

1 B. Mental body : When the energy of RajaTama-predominant desire waves increases and it begins to function in a swift manner, they start affecting the manodeha (Mental body) of the person and begin to show their effect there.

        RajaTama predominant nature of the manodeha results in unnecessary thoughts and doubts about others. These often lead to squabbles in the household, and functioning under the influence of these thoughts the squabbles culminate into fights, leaving the house impulsively, meeting with an accident due to rash driving, etc.

1 C. Subtle-body : After a while, as the subtle-body also begins to get influenced by these waves, it can even lead to the death of the individual.

2. Some problem related evil eye symptoms

  • Physical problems : Addiction, repeated illnesses, recurrent skin diseases

  • Mental problems : Constant tension and depression, excessive fright

  • Educational problems : Failing in examinations despite hard work, forgetfulness despite good intellect

  • Financial problems : Not getting employed, failure in business, recurring financial losses or getting swindled

  • Problems in marital and family life : Not getting married, marital discord, infertility, abortions, premature birth, birth of a mentally or physically retarded child, children dying at a young age

If such problems are observed for long period, then those can be considered as evil eye symptoms and spiritual remedies should be taken accordingly.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text on ‘Spiritual science underlying affliction by the evil-eye and its removal