Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha at Udupi, Karnataka

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Magh Krushna Panchami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

From Our Correspondent

Devout Hindus present for the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha

Devout Hindus present for the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha
Inauguration of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting a Samai (an oil lamp)

Inauguration of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting a Samai (an oil lamp)
From Left : Mrs. Sangeeta Prabhu, Sanatan Sanstha; Mr. U C Holla, Trustee of 14 Temples; Mr. Kamat, HJS

Udupi (Karnataka): Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha was held in the premises of Sri Agastyeswar Temple in Kirimanjeshwar Village, Kundapur Taluka, Dist. Udupi, Karnataka on 20th February 2011. Mr. U. Chandrashekhar Holla was the chief guest of the ‘sabha’. He lighted the lamp in the beginning. Mr. Holla is a trustee of 14 temples in Kundapur District, he is the chief of 35 temple restoration committees. He has written a book titled ‘Kundnadu’ which gives information of 1000 temples from Kundapur taluka.

Recitation of Vedic mantras at the start of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha

Recitation of Vedic mantras at the start of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha

The priests of Sree Agastyeswar Temple recited ‘Vaeda-mantras’. Representative of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ explained to the members of audience about the pro-Hindu periodical. Mr. Holla released Sanatan’s book in Kannada titled ‘Agnihotra’.  

If the Nation has to be protected, there is no alternative to create a righteous Hindu Nation ! – Shri. U. Chandrashekhar Holla

We must learn about our ‘Sanatan Dharma’.  Today, the citizens are not taken care of due to secular and corrupt leaders. Problems like terrorism, naxalism, corruption, inflation are increasing. In such situation, if we want to protect the Nation, the only solution is to create a righteous Hindu Nation.  We have to work hard for creation of such Hindu Nation as visualized by us. Mrs. Sangita Prabhu of Sanatan Sanstha, Mr. Ravindra Kamat of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti also addressed the ‘sabha’.

Devout Hindus present for the after-Dharmasabha meeting

Devout Hindus present for the after-Dharmasabha meeting


1. Many devout Hindus expressed their opinion that such Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas should be held in every village.

2. One devout Hindu said the he would bear the cost of organizing one such ‘Dharma sabha’.

3. One devout Hindu was influenced by the arrangement of the ‘sabha’ and fetched 30 persons from his village.

4. Chiefs of other pro-Hindu organizations waited for discussion after the ‘sabha’ and took part in discussions freely. They also showed interest in joining the activities of HJS.  

5. The number of audience was more than expected; therefore, some people had to stand throughout the ‘sabha’; but they attended the ‘sabha’ till the end.

6. Some other program was to be held in the premises of Sree Agastyeswar Temple after the ‘sabha’ but the manager was so inspired with the ‘sabha’ and speeches that he made arrangements to hold the other program at different venue.  

7. Many devout Hindus requested for holding of such ‘sabha’ in nearby villages and assured of all the help needed for the same.

Other dignitaries attending the ‘sabha’

Mr. Chandra Maravante, the President of Sreeram Mandir, Mrs. Sumangala Karat, President Gram-panchayat, Mr. Umesh Shanbhag, chief manager Sree Agastyeswar Temple, Mr. Mahendra, a member of taluka-panchayat and Mr. Prakash Chandra.

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