Foil the attempts of Bangladeshi infiltrators to capture Assam

Bangladeshi infiltrators – What happened ?

In Assam state’s Kokrajhar district, a bloody riot broke out 5-6 days back. 58 people have died, thousands are injured, over 4 lakh have fled homes to save lives, nearly two dozen trains were stopped or attacked and thousands of passengers were stranded and more than 500 villages have seen burning or vandalizing of homes. As with any riot, more damage might get uncovered as things become more clear. This is an extremely serious situation and still no signs of things coming under control.

Bangladeshi infiltrators – Why it happened ?

To understand why it happened, we need to touch a bit of history here. Everything can be traced back to the large illegal migration of Bangladesh people into India, in search of employment and other economic benefits. Since Bangladesh is a primarily Islamic nation, there is no way they are fleeing their nation fearing any persecution.

Unlike the repeatedly failed (west) Pakistanis, Bangladeshis have captured Indian land for 15-20% of their population without firing a single bullet !

Bangladeshi infiltrators – What can be done ?

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is saying, “Bangladesh is not involved in this.” Mr. Tarun Gogoi, the Chief Minister of Assam has, however, said that the infiltrators have modern weapons. Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators are trying to drive away Hindus and capture Assam in the same manner in which Hindus were displaced from Kashmir. 4.5 lakh Hindus from Kashmir have still not been rehabilitated even after 20 years; therefore, the Central Government should take care that Hindus from Assam do not meet the same fate.

Main demands of HJS

  1. Bangladeshi infiltrators should be immediately driven out.
  2. High level Inquiry Committee should be set up headed by a retired Judge and military officer to inquire  into the riots and the Committee should submit its report within one month.
  3. Bodo Hindus should be rehabilitated in their original place and be given due compensation.
  4. Security on the border of Assam with Bangladesh should be enhanced by erecting fence and constructing wall for protection.

Appeal to devout Hindus and Instructions for HJS activists

Hindus are being severely oppressed in Assam. ‘Danik Sanatan Prabhjat’ and website of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) have published news about the same. Much publicity was given and protests made from all over the world over Gujarat riots; but when Hindus are facing oppression, it is not seen that another Hindu is coming forward to help. Hindus must realize that such thing can happen even with them in future and become active. Srikrushna has given us this ‘seva’ towards Dharma to fight for giving justice to riot-affected Hindus; therefore, offer gratitude and take part in agitation staged in lawful manner, in your district depending upon the circumstances,  against injustice being done to Hindus from Assam and draw attention  of the Govt. and media. Agitation can be undertaken in the following manner.

1. Local pro-Hindu organizations or Hindu brethren can come together and give a letter requesting the local MPs for protection of Hindus in Assam. If MPs are not available in their constituency, their office can be visited and a copy of request letter can be faxed or e-mailed to wherever they are.

2. Meet MPs from ruling parties and Central Minister from the area and demand to protect Hindus from rioters in Assam.

3. Send fax or call up Prime Minister and Central Home Minister and make a demand for doing justice to Hindus in Assam.

4. Signature drive, demonstrations can be undertaken to pressurize the Government.

5. Awareness can be created among local Hindus about atrocities meted out to Hindus in Assam by explaining to them the facts.

6. Atrocities on Hindus can be brought forward through media (e-mail, sms, Facebook, twitter etc.)

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has informed that Mr. Shivaji Vatkar, the district coordinator can be contacted on 9322533595 for more details.

Request to devout Hindus who are
working for protection of Hindus’ interests in Assam !

Bangladeshi infiltrators and anti-nationals are grabbing lands of Hindus, the original inhabitants of Assam and are also rioting. This is resulting in displacement of Hindus. Devout and patriotic Hindus from all over the country are helping and staging agitations for protection and getting justice for those Hindus. Those, who are taking part in these agitations, can make the following prayers as many times as possible.
1. O Srikrushna, let the society realize the importance of strength of Dharma and give people necessary thoughts to fight against Bangla Deshi infiltrators !

2. O Srikrushna, let the covering created by negative energies on the mind and intellect of those Hindus who are opposing the riots be removed. Let your grace be constantly bestowed upon us, is the prayer at Your Holy feet.

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