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Attention : Hindu Temples on Sale !

Here is the translation of news from Eenadu,Hyderabad. It is noteworthy that no Hindu Acharya or Institution has been even sounded upon the decisions taken nor have a supervisory role anywhere……. It is just the usual high-handed stuff typical of ysr-sonia regime…..
Also please follow the links on news from the Hindu pertaining to purchase of TIAM HOUSE by Jesus Calls Ministries of Chennai for 100 crores a few days ago. Look who is the jackass here!! Read more »

The importance of Devanagri.

Why Hindi films never win any international awards

In the world of Audiovisual Media, let us not forget the noteworthy efforts of some great producers like the late Shri. B.R. Chopra (known for Mahabharat) and the late Shri. Ramanand Sagar ( known for Ramayan,Shri Krishna and other Hindu Puranas) in which True Bharatiya Sanskruti has been presented with the use of pure Devanagri. Read more »

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