How to celebrate Gurupurnima ?

The day of ‘Gurupurnima’ is an important day in Hindu culture and the day to offer gratitude to one’s Guru. Arjuna with the blessings of Sree Krushna, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with the blessings of Saint Tukaram and Samartha Ramdas Swami re-established and built righteous kingdom. This shows the significance of the tradition of Guru-Disciple (Guru-Shishya Paramparaa). It was a tradition in Hindu Dharma to go to ‘Gurukula (Guru’s Ashram)’ and seek his guidance for attaining various goals in life like moral values, knowledge of various subjects, ‘Dharmacharan’, war-maneuvers and God realization; but the Government adopted ‘Macaulay’s English education system discarding this tradition.

Video on significance, method of celebration, science of Guru purnima

Video on significance, method of celebration, science of Guru purnima

गुरुकृपा हि केवलं शिष्यपरममंङ्गलम् ।

Meaning: Only by the grace of the Guru can the disciple attain his ultimate benefaction, that is spiritual progress.

        Guru purnima is the pure full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of ashadh (usually coincides with July of the English calender). This day is celebrated every year to express gratitude unto the Guru Principle. The ArchGuru, Sage Vyas (founder of the Guru-disciple lineage), is worshipped on this day. This festival is the greatest festival in the life of a seeker. Of course, even this celebration in gratitude to the Guru is done for the seeker’s spiritual progress, since the Guru is a manifest form of The Lord Himself. The Guru Principle is a thousand times more active on this day than on any other through out the year. Under the pretext of this celebration, the festival provides an unmatchable opportunity to progress spiritually through service and sacrifice unto the Truth. That is why seekers and Disciple participate in this mission for the Truth with all their body, wealth and mind.

Ritualistic worship of the Guru

The Guru Lineage

        The Guru’s energy of initiation (anugraha) itself is the universal energy of the Guru principle. This energy is transmitted from the Guru to the disciple. This energy originates from the God principle, gets transmitted through the Guru-disciple lineage, and culminates in God-realization by the disciples in the lineage. To augment a disciple’s faith in his Guru, the Sadguru and Paratpar Guru of the Guru guide that disciple, using the Guru as the medium.

        It is the day that the Guru Principle or the Teaching Principle of God is thousand times more active than on any other day of the year.

  • A seeker, by definition, is one who makes daily efforts with the motivation of spiritual progress and with spiritual progress occurring, irrespective of his religion of birth and path of spiritual practice.

  • Participating in Guru purnima preparations and celebrations provides seekers unmatchable opportunities to serve the Guru Principle and thus, progress spiritually.

  • Thus, Guru purnima holds equal importance to every seeker, regardless of his religion or spiritual path.

Why is Guru purnima celebrated and what is its importance?

        The real disciple remembers his Guru every moment and strives to do spiritual practice regularly. Even so, this day is especially celebrated for the following reasons:

  • Seekers celebrate Guru purnima to express gratitude to the Guru.

  • On Guru purnima day, the grace, blessings and non-verbal (subtle) knowledge endowed by the Guru principle is a thousand times more than that on any other day.

Disciples & Devotees to obtain grace a 1000 times more !

1. Importance of Shri Guru : Shri Guru is an embodiment of God on earth. Just as a tiger never lets go of a prey in its jaws, whoever is graced by Shri Guru is never let go by Him unless he/she attains Moksha (Final Liberation). The Guru lets His grace flow towards His disciple through His eyes, words or touch. To derive complete benefit of the grace of the Guru, a disciple must strive consistently (to perform spiritual practice). – Sri Raman Maharshi

2. Objective in celebrating Guru purnima : To express gratitude unto Shri Guru.

3. Importance of Guru purnima :

  • Gurutattva (Guru or God Principle) is active a 1000 times more on Guru purnima day than on other days. Therefore, seva or tyag done for Guru purnima celebration also yield benefits 1000 times more; hence, it is an invaluable occasion for attaining God’s grace.
  • Guru-disciple tradition of Hindus is the Chaitanya charged culture spread over millions of years. However, with time, this great Guru-disciple tradition has been neglected because of influence of a Raja-Tama-predominant culture. On account of Guru purnima, we are able to worship Shri Guru and convey the importance of Guru-disciple tradition to the society. In short, we get a golden opportunity to preserve the Guru-disciple tradition.

4. Guru purnima from the perspective of Shri Guru : For Shri Guru, celebration of Guru purnima does not carry much importance; however, Shri Guru celebrates it for the pleasure of His disciples. At times, it is even at the cost of His own suffering. For example, when His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj (Source of Inspiration for Sanatan Sanstha) was offered special earrings, He not just got His ears pierced to be able to wear them, though unwell He even sat calmly for two hours at a stretch for puja, Rudrabhishek etc. that was offered unto Him.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy texts, ‘Gurukrupayoga’ and ‘The Disciple’.

Celebrate ‘Teachers’ Day’ on Guru purnima and preserve Hindu culture !

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