Forts Of India

Mahur Fort

Mahur village, also called Mahor, is 40 kms north-west of Kinwat town in Handed district in the Marathawada division of Maharashtra. Read more »

Visapur Fort and Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh fort is 7kms south of Malavali station on the Pune-Mumbai railway line. Situated on a side range of Sahyadri mountains, if divides the basins of Indrayani Read more »

Kulaba Alibag Fort

The Kulaba fort was Shivaji’s last construction and was completed almost on the eve of his death in April, 1680. It attained importance under the Angres . Read more »

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagarh fort, whose earlier name was Kondana or Kondhana, stands 20kms, south-west of Pune. Perched on an isolated cliff of the Bhuleswar range of the Sahyadri Mountains Read more »

Purandar Fort

Purandar is about 40kms south-east of Pune and some 10kms south-west of Sasawad. Preched on a gigantic mountain mass, its …. Read more »

Vijaydurg Fort

The fort was protected on three sides by the sea and on the east side by ditch, now filled up. After crossing the front gate Read more »

Ajinkyatara Fort

Samara hill fort, also known as Ajinkyatara, is very close to the south of the Samara city. Situated 994 metres above sea level, the fort has a Read more »

Suvarnadurg Fort

The fort was probably built by the Bijapur kings in the 17th century. Captured and strengthened by Shivaji, it became a Read more »

Vasai Fort

Vasai, also called Bassein, lies about 48 kms north of Mumbai just across the Ulhas River. The fort in the old city was the headquarter of the Read more »

Daulatabad Fort

Devagiri (Daultabad of the later period), 11kms north-west of Aurangabad, is a famous for its formidable hill fort. The fort is situated on an Read more »

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