Effect of Hindus being parted from Dharma

Condition of Hindus has become even more pathetic compared to followers of other religions in the world because under the influence of so-called intelligentsia, they have parted from Dharma, but Dharma is beyond intellect. – H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale (27.12.2014)

O Hindus, remain devoid of ego harmful for unification of Hindus !

Currently many hindus from different organisation come on one platform for the cause of protecting Dharma. At such times, it is expected that these Hindus should take decisions in compliance with each other. At times, when an activity is organized by particular organisation, some people make changes in planning on their own and despite being … Read more

Secret of Strength of Muslims !

Muslims can exert pressure all over the world due to their religion and language, whereas, Hindus have lost their value by relinquishing own Dharma and language not only in the world, but also in Bharat.

Kashmiri Hindus Exile day

Hindus solemnly observe 19th January as Kashmiri Hindus Exile Day. On 19th January 1990, Kashmiri Hindus were asked to leave their homes and hearth in their own country. Thousands of Hindus were killed, Hindu homes were looted, Hindu girls and women were subjected to horrifying atrocities. In 1990, thousands of Hindu houses and temples were … Read more