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Mangalore: United stand by Temple Trustees to safeguard Temples

December 29, 2010
Margashirsha Krushna Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

From Our Correspondent

Temple trustees present for the meeting; Mr. Mohan Gowda of HJS addressing
Temple trustees present for the meeting; Mr. Mohan Gowda of HJS addressing

Mangalore (Karnataka) : On 23rd December, 2010, HJS convened a meeting of Trustees hailing from different places of worship within Mangalore taluka, at the Srinivas Kalyan Mantap, V. T. Road. Adv. Ravindranath Kamath (Advocate, High Court – Bangalore and Supreme Court) and Mr. Mohan Gowda (HJS) spoke in the meeting, which was attended by around 75 devout Hindus.

The Supreme Court has not ordered the demolition of places of worship. This is a self motivated move by the State Government ! - Adv. Ravindranath Kamath, Advocate, High Court and Supreme Court

Adv. Ravindra Kamath addressing in the Temple trustees meet
Adv. Ravindra Kamath addressing in the Temple trustees meet

V S Ranganath, Chief Secretary to the Karnataka Government, seems to have issued the orders without fully understanding the Supreme Court’s ruling, or without consulting former Judges of the Supreme Court or General Advocate or Solicitor General or even the Government’s advocates. It looks like the decision was passed in a bid to please someone, and had the consultations been carried out this order to demolish structures would never have been issued. I have visited Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, and no orders to demolish places of worship have been issued in those states. Also, when I obtained copies of all the States’ rulings (in this matter) from the Supreme Court, I found that only the Karnataka Government has pledged to demolish the places of worship by 31st December, 2010; a pledge, which has not been made by any other State. This indicates some underlying hitherto unknown reason. Protests are the only way to condemn this decision of the State Government, which has been passed with the sole intent of pleasing someone or some group. The people who claim today that the temples are illegal structures, may tomorrow claim that your homes, you entire neighbourhoods are illegal or have to be vacated for aesthetic reasons.

Roads were built to provide access to the temples which had stood for thousands of years. It is ironical that the roads have been declared legal and the temples illegal. The only course is to fight the orders in the Supreme Court.

HJS members and Temple Trustees submitting memorandum to Dakshin Kannada District Collector
HJS members and Temple Trustees submitting memorandum to Dakshin Kannada District Collector

Mr.  Mohan Gowda (HJS), Mr.  Ram Bhat, Mr.  Ramesh Nayak and Mr.  Madhav Kamath (Trustee, Sri Venkatramana Temple) were present in the meeting. After the meeting the trustees handed over to the Dakshina Kannada DC Mr. Subodh Yadav, a protest letter containing signatures of devout Hindus, condemning the orders. They also discussed the situation with him and petitioned that the places of worship be declared legal.

Feedback by Trustees

HJS is like the spark in Abhimanyu, fighting a battle to protect and preserve the places of worship. We should all join hands with them to increase the magnitude of work being done ! - Trustee, Ayyappa Bhajan Mandir


All the trustees of various Temples and bhajan mandirs unanimously decided to come together by means of a Temple Protection Organization. It was decided that the inauguration of this organization would be held in the first week of January.

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