“Produce 4 kids to protect Hinduism” – Sakshi Maharaj

HJS’ perspective on Sakshi Maharaj’s statement

hjs_logo320-2401. India has the power to provide the basic necessities (food, clothing and shelter) to only 35 – 40 crore people; but presently the population is almost 3 fold. Therefore there is a possibility of experiencing scarcity of basic amenities due to increase in the population.This being the case, how can an increase in the population be a remedy to protect Hindu Dharma ?

2. Despite an increase in the population, if there is no pride for Dharma in it, then anti-Hindu incidents like cow-slaughter, conversion, blind imitation of foreigners etc. will continue, that means the very purpose of ‘Protecting Hindu Dharma’ will not be achieved.

3. The real remedy to all the problems of Hindus, is to enhance pride for Dharma in them, by imparting education on Dharma for protecting Hindu Dharma.

4. One lion can rule 100 sheep. The present condition of 80 Crore Hindus is like the sheep. Instead of increasing the number of sheep by increasing the population, it will be beneficial if each Hindu becomes a lion !


Sakshi Maharaj’s news follows :

The BJP MP from Unnao, Sakshi Maharaj while addressing a gathering of saints on Tuesday, said every Hindu woman must produce at least 4 children to “protect” the religion.

He also advocated death sentence for those indulging in conversion and cow slaughter and said the government will pass a law in this regard.

The BJP MP sought to justify his theory of four children as :

Without naming the minority community, he said: “The concept of four wives and forty children just won’t work in India but it is high time that every Hindu woman must produce at least four children to protect the Hindu religion“.

The BJP MP sought to differentiate between conversion and ‘ghar vapsi’, the process of converting minority communities to Hinduism aggressively pursued by RSS affiliates.

“Those who engage in conversion and cow slaughter should be punished with death penalty. But I must add here Ghar vapsi is no conversion but just a process to guide these people to the fair where they actually belong,” maintained the controversial MP.

“Just wait for some time. The government will bring a law which will guarantee death penalty to those responsible for conversion and death penalty,” added Sakshi Maharaj.

When asked about Ram Mandir, the issue which is pending in the Supreme Court, the BJP MP said building of the mandir is “inevitable”.

“No power in this world can stop construction of Ram Mandir in the holy land of Ayodhya. The mandir will be build come what may,” he predicated.

Source : The Hindu

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