Make this Ganeshotsav


Ganeshotsav is a festival celebrated with much pomp and zeal across the nation. People travel home from afar bearing gifts and sweets. Earlier homes would buzz with shopped goods brought in and various delicacies and sweetmeats prepared. Today, people prefer to buy packed sweets and other food items. And the problem with this is that many of these packed items are Halal certified. Over the last few years, various products like sugar, oil, chocolate, sweets, packaged food items and cosmetics have started getting Halal certified. This Halal certification is chipping away at Bharat’s economy. So we invite you to check each item that you buy for Halal certification and pledge to celebrate a Halal-free Ganeshotsav!

I Pledge to…

Not buy or gift Halal certified sweets, packed food, gifts and other products

Create awareness among my family & friends on the dangers of Halal certification

Ensure my money is utilised to sustain Hindu interests and not Halal certifying trusts

What can you do?


Send an email to the Govt.

Let the Union govt hear your voice demanding a ban on the religion-based Halal Certification


Make this your DP

Create awareness about the Halal certification issue by sharing this DP on social media.


Put up posters

Create awareness about the Halal certification issue by putting up these posters in your area



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Buy these books, sponsor them, gift them to others too.

Do your bit for the Nation !