Sanatan Dharma is facing unprecedented attacks. Elected officials like Udhayanidhi Stalin are comparing Sanatan Dharma to dengue, malaria, and HIV. While naxals (both forest dwelling and the urban variety) and religious extremists have been talking of eradicating Sanatan Dharma, but it is appalling to hear a minister speak the same language.

Sanatan Dharma is recognised for teaching tolerance, brotherhood, and welfare of all. Urban Naxals and their coterie want the world to believe otherwise. Print, TV, Internet, are replete with material denouncing and denigrating Sanatan Dharma.

The Supreme Court of India observed that the Government must take suo moto cognisance of incidents where religious sentiments are hurt. However, there has been no legal action against Minister Stalin or those who issued statements in his favour.

Do adherents of Sanatan Dharma have no rights under the Constitution?

Remember the adage – Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah|

We must protect our Dharma, there is no alternative! HJS is running a ‘Me Sanatan Dharmarakshak’ (I Am a Protector of Sanatan Dharma) to safeguard Sanatan Dharma against the Urban Naxal propaganda machine. Join the campaign, be a Dharmarakshak!

Hate Speeches by Dharmadrohis

the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) raised slogans about dividing this country. Later, conferences were organised under ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ to eradicate ‘Hindutva’. When there was opposition to such conferences, the organisers claimed that they were not against Hindu Dharma but against political ‘Hindutva’. Now, speeches are given for the eradication of ‘Sanatan Dharma’. What is the difference between Owaisi talking about the elimination of 100 crore Hindus and such hate speeches ? In the affidavit filed by the Maharashtra Director-General of Police, it is reported that 30 cases have been filed in connection with hate speeches. Most of the cases are, however, filed against the pro-Hindu leaders for their speeches given during ‘Hindu Jana-Akrosh Morcha’. These cases are filed at the behest of an organisation called ‘Citizens for Justice and Peace’ led by the leftist activist Teesta Setalvad, associated with urban Naxals. The same organisation has not, however, filed any case against either Stalin, Priyank Kharge, Nikhil Wagle, or Awhad for their hate speeches. It, therefore, shows the conspiracy of the urban Naxals, with their leftist ideology, to eliminate Sanatan Dharma. HJS has demanded an inquiry into these people by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), besides the demand of filing cases against them.

Participate in the Campaign !

Make this your DP

Create awareness about the Sanatan Dharma by sharing ‘मी सनातन धर्मरक्षक’ (Me Sanatan Dharmarakshak) DP on social media.


File Complaint

File cases/complaint against people giving hate speeches


Create Awareness

Organise lectures elucidating the importance of Sanatan Dharma to create awareness amongst followers of Sanatan Dharma


Submit Memorandum

Call upon your local MLA/MP and urge Govt. to file an FIR against people giving hate speeches

For protecting Sanatan Dharma be a

‘Sanatan Dharmarakshak’

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