Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Demand to have transparent election process to stop deterioration of democracy !

Devout Hindus staging demonstrations at Jantar-Mantar !

New Delhi : Demonstrations were staged under the aegis of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan (RHA)’ at Jantar Mantar on 11th March on behalf of various pro-Hindu organizations, demanding transparency in election process so as to prevent deterioration of democracy. Recently elections were held in 5 States for Legislative Assembly and for Municipal Corporations, Zilha Parishadas and Panchayat Samitis in Maharashtra when faulty electronic voting machines were found at some places; therefore, the above demand was made.

Incidents like names of 11 lakh voters getting deleted, voting in name of deceased persons, difference in voting and counting of votes, candidates getting zero votes although he and his family members casting their votes for him etc. have been exposed; therefore, people have lost faith in election process and immediate solution needed to be found was the demand made during demonstrations.

Take stringent action against Maulana Dehlavi for insulting Hindus’ Deities ! 

Maulana Dehlavi while participating in a discussion program held on ‘AajTak’ TV news-channel on Muslim voters, had insulted Prabhu Shriram and Mata Seeta while talking on the subject of ‘Talaq’. He had said, “Talaq is our internal matter. Such people are talking about talaq whose revered Rama had left Seeta.” Sajid Rashid had said, “Has Modi done justice to his wife ?” Thus, he insulted PM Modi. It was demanded during demonstrations that legal action should be taken against Rashid; case should be filed under article 295 A against Dehlavi for hurting religious sentiments and he should be arrested.

The other demand made was passing of law by Union Government imposing ban on luring and converting of Hindus; to stop conversions.


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