Modus Operandi of the Jihadi Romoes and Women Jihadis

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By K.N. Jinesh
The moment a young girl gets an easy recharge from a recharge shop in the city, her number is added to the list of the targets for Love Jihadis. Sources say that there are hundreds of recharge shops in the main cities in Kerala that help in collecting the mobile numbers of young girls for Love Jihad. There are several such recharge shops that are active in the Kozhikode Palayam area and Malappuram Edappal area.
Once the number reaches a Jihadi Romeo, he will either send an SMS or make a call at night on that number. Then this becomes a routine. Although the girl may try to avoid in the initial stages, the romeo will persist till the girl reaches a stage where she starts expecting his call and waiting for it. He is fully trained in this matter on how to make the girl reach this stage. The romeo will then start intimate, sometimes vulgar talk and the girl starts falling into the trap. School/college going girls, working women, and IT professionals are the main targets.         
There is another group of Love Jihadis in the school/college campuses. They are divided into two groups, one that makes the list of Hindu-Christian girls in colleges who could be easily trapped and the other a group of good-looking guys who take on the responsibility of actually making them fall in their trap. Young muslim boys are coming forward in large numbers to become romeos because they are given a lot of money to lead a lavish lifestyle and they also get a chance to become promiscuous. These romeos are provided trendy dresses, flashy mobiles, and expensive bikes and cars to attract young girls. They are also given SIM cards with unlimited phone call facility to help them attain their goals. Those girls who are from a financially weak background are provided study materials, exam fees, mobile phones, gifts, etc., to impress them.
In a recent case, a youth hailing from Pattanamthitta had helped the college going girls by providing them photocopies required for their project work, and asked the girls to convert in exchange for it. This was revealed in their statement to the High Court Justice R. Basanth. Shajahan and Riyas, two young men, laid their trap for young girls through Sira Computers which is also an Akshaya Study Center in Pattanamthitta. They would teach chatting and provide opportunity to view porn sites to the girls studying computers there and subsequently pave way for sexual abuse of those girls; another one of the ways in which Love Jihadis operate.
Many of the massage parlours operating in the Malabar region are conversion centers. Intimate actions of couples visiting ice cream parlours and net cafes are photographed with the help of hidden cameras and then they are blackmailed into converting. The Jihadis are successfully attaining their goals by exploiting the weaknesses of women, i.e., new and trendy dresses, cinema, icecream, sightseeing trips, etc. These Love Jihadis operate in Kerala under the guidance of trained experts in this field with clear foresight and extensive preparation.
The Jihadi activities in Kozhikode, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram centers are monitored by Abdul Shukur, Anwar Saadat, and Hazibul Rehman who have been trained by the Lashkar-e-Taiba. They have Love Zone Chairman and various committtees working on a district basis to coordinate the activities of the Jihadi Romeos. They have legal cells for dealing with the legal aspects of conversion. The activities of the legal cell in Wayanad is monitored by Ayub, an active member of NDF, a muslim extremist organization in Kerala. The girls who are brought by the romeos who had promised to marry them are first converted and then they are sent to a "Religious Study Center" for "religious studies". The conversion takes place in conversion centers in Ponnani and Kozhikode Muhdar. The "Religious Study Centers" operate in Kottayam, Kasargode, and Karunagappally.   
Campus Front, Muslims Youth Forum, Tasreen Millayat, Shaheed Force, Islam Association, etc., are some of the organizations that are providing support to Love Jihad as has surfaced in several of the investigations. Tasraan Valiyat and Shaheen Force are two of the many "Women" Jihadi organizations conducting their operations secretly in Kerala. These women jihadis help the Jihadi Romeos in all ways possible for Love Jihad. Each unit is given an initial expenditure amount of about Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 80,000. There are several funding agencies that collect money in the name of Islamic scholarship. Like the inception of Love Jihad, the fund for it also comes from foreign agencies. It is said that the "Indian Fraternity Forum" based in Damam is the agency that collects finances from the Gulf countries for this purpose.

Source: Janmabhumi Online (Translated)

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