Shiva-pratishthan’s hunger strike for action against DSP

Falgun Shuddha Ashtami

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Pune (Maharashtra): Members of Shree Shiva-pratishthan and other Hindu Organizations observed a day’s token hunger strike demanding action against Shri. Krushnaprakash Yadav, the police superintendent of Sangali for brutally attacking Pujya Bhide Guruji. The members sat in front of the office of the district collector with their demand.


Sangali police had brutally beaten up Pujya Bhide Guruji, the founder of Shree Shiva-pratishthan and his followers for carrying out lawful and peaceful agitation protesting against anti-historic Hindi film ‘Jodha Akbar’. This incident caused furore among people in whole Maharashtra against Shri. Yadav and demand was made to take action against him. But the Home Minister, who only talks about trasperancy in governance, has not yet intiated any action. People therefore, are doubting credibility of the police department that whether they are there for protection of good people or for protection of evils. After the hunger strike, a representation was submitted to Shri. Chintamani Joshi, the district collector demanding action against Shri. Yadav. Shri. Sanjay Jathar of Shiva-pratishthan, Shri. Sham Deshpande president of standing committee, Shri. Nana Wadekar from Shiv Sena, Shri. Milind Ekbote from Samasta Hindu Aghadi, Shri. Girish Dhumal of HJS, Shri. Nandkishore Ekbote of VHP, Shri. Shivaji Chavan, president of Patit Pavan Sanghatana, Shri. Vilas Dixit of Hindu Mahasabha were the main members of delegation.
‘Shahir’ Yogesh also participated in today’s agitations besides members and office bearers of many Hindu Organizations.

Source: ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’

These photos are proof of intact Theaters…as Police & Media is claiming that Hindus pelted stones on theaters….There is no sign of any breakage ???? So can you trust them ?

Highlights of Sangali Issue

• 75 year old Pujya Sambhaji Bhide Guruji brutally beaten by police
• Instead of pacifying the crowd, police lathi charged the crowd 4-5 times
• Devout Hindus injured; among them 100 men and 10 women    
• Sangali police beat even journalists and workers of Human Rights Commission
• Star Plus channel broadcasts twisted the news


Police beating Pujya Guruji and a youth protecting him
Police beating Pujya Guruji and a youth protecting him
Gavbhag police station set on fire by angry mob
Gavbhag police station set on fire by angry mob
A tussle between Police and public.
A tussle between Police and public.


75 year Pujya Sambhaji Bhide Guruji being brutally beaten by police
75 year Pujya Sambhaji Bhide Guruji being brutally beaten by police
Angry mob enter in the office and lathicharge by Police
Angry mob enter in the office and lathicharge by Police
Peoples on street to protest the event
Peoples on street to protest the event
Police mercilessly beating women activist
Police mercilessly beating women activist
An activst showing wound of lathicharge by Police
An activst showing wound of lathicharge by Police

Pujya Sambhaji Bhide Guruji is the founder of Sree Shivpratishthan, an organization working towards protection of Hindu Dharma and culture. Pujya Guruji is one of the ardent Hindu Dharmabhimani from Sangali, He has helped HJS and many pro-Hindu organizations. In 2005, when 200 Muslims had attacked Sanatan Sanstha’s Miraj Ashram and also threatened to kill seekers, Pujya Bhide Guruji called his ‘Shurveer’ 100 youths from nearby villages and provided protection to seekers and Ashram for 2-3 days. Pujya Guruji also warned Muslim leaders of dire consequences in case they troubled Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers in future. – Editor

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No Ban on Jodha Akbar till further orders: SC

March 14, 2008

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today cleared the decks for uninterrupted screening of Ashutosh Gowarikar’s magnum opus ‘Jodha Akbar’ throughout the country when it extended the stay order already passed against banning of the film.

A bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justice R V Raveendran also issued notices to UTV Software Limited, producer of the controversial movie on the petition filed by Rajput Sabha seeking to intervene in the matter on the ground that historical facts have been distorted in the movie.

According to the Rajput Sabha, Jodha Bai, a Rajput Princess was not the wife of Mughal emperor Akbar but was his daughter-in-law.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh and several districts of Haryana and Uttarakhand had banned the release of ‘Jodha Akbar’ starring Aishwarya Rai and Hritik Roshan.

UTV had filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the ban contending that such a ban amounted to violation of the Fundamental Right of Freedom of Speech and Expression guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution.

Rajput organisations have been opposing an exhibition of the movie in several parts of the country including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Haryana.

According to the producers of the movie, such bans were causing huge financial losses to them as they have invested Rs 45 crore on the production and publicity of the movie and the main collection comes in the first few weeks of the release of the movie.

The apex court has not fixed any date of hearing and directed that the case shall be heard in due course.


Hunger strike unto death if DSP not transferred: Bhide Guruji

March 5, 2008

Sangali: “Sree Shiva-Pratishthan had staged agitations in a very lawful and peaceful manner against Hindi film ‘Jodha Akbar’ for hurting sentiments of Hindus. Even then, Shri. Krushna Prakash, district superintendent of police (DSP) brutally attacked members of Shiva-Pratishthan. This attack is not limited to me but it is an attack on entire Hinduism. Police officers like Krushna Prakash are a blot on Maharashtra. He should be transferred by 7th March, else, on that day, I, along with members of Shiva-Pratishthan, will go on hunger strike. In case the decision of his transfer is not taken till 10th March, I shall undertake hunger strike unto my death.” The above warning was given by Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji, the founder of Shiva-Pratishthan. He was addressing a press conference. (People pay tax so that administrative staff gets salary and in turn, they protect people. Rulers and administrators should take action against those doing injustice to people and perform their duty. It is shameful that one has to warn the Government of going on hunger strike. It is our experience that Government does take notice of agitations carried out in a lawful manner. The Govt. that has lost people’s faith should resign – Editor).
Pujya Guruji said that Krushna Prakash was solely responsible for demonstrations. On the day of the incident, he started abusing like ‘Haramkhor, Saalonko maar daalo’ and beating them up. Krushna Prakash reminded one of the ‘Jailanwal Baug massacre’. Some police were not beating the agitators but he abused them also and forced them to beat us.

Lawful protests by devout Hindus drive away ‘Jodha Akbar’  

Belgaum: A representation was given to Shri. Avinash Potdar, owner of theatre ‘Nartaki’ by devout Hindus for canceling the screening of Hindi movie ‘Jodha Akabr’ after explainting to him the background and historical facts related to Akbar. Shri. Potdar accepted the representation and assured that he wpuld cancel the shows of the controversial film from the same day.
A delegation comprising of Shri. Bhagojirao Patil, BJP, Shri. Hemant Haval and Shri. Swarup Kalkundrikar of VHP, Shri. Girish Kulkarni of HJS, Shri. Ajit Jadhav of Shiva-Pratishthan and Shri. Yallappa Patil of Sanatan Sanstha met Shri. Potdar. He was explained how the film was hurting sentiments of Hindus. Shri. Potdar said that he did not want to hurt sentiments of anyone and he was withdrawing the film although he would have to incur losses.

Hunger strike unto death if DSP not transferred: Bhide Guruji Hunger strike unto death if DSP not transferred: Bhide Guruji “Sree Shiva-Pratishthan had staged agitations in a very lawful and peaceful manner against Hindi film ‘Jodha Akbar’ for hurting sentiments of Hindus. Even then, Shri. Krushna Prakash, district superintendent of police (DSP) brutally attacked members of Shiva-Pratishthan. This attack is not limited to me but it is an attack on entire Hinduism. Police officers like Krushna Prakash are a blot on Maharashtra. He should be transferred by 7th March, else, on that day, I, along with members of Shiva-Pratishthan, will go on hunger strike. In case the decision of his transfer is not taken till 10th March, I shall undertake hunger strike unto my death.” The above warning was given by Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji, the founder of Shiva-Pratishthan. He was addressing a press conference.

Pujya Guruji said that Krushna Prakash was solely responsible for demonstrations. On the day of the incident, he started abusing like ‘Haramkhor, Saalonko maar daalo’ and beating them up. Krushna Prakash reminded one of the ‘Jailanwal Baug massacre’. Some police were not beating the agitators but he abused them also and forced them to beat us.

Hunger strike unto death if DSP not transferred: Bhide Guruji “Sree Shiva-Pratishthan had staged agitations in a very lawful and peaceful manner against Hindi film ‘Jodha Akbar’ for hurting sentiments of Hindus. Even then, Shri. Krushna Prakash, district superintendent of police (DSP) brutally attacked members of Shiva-Pratishthan. This attack is not limited to me but it is an attack on entire Hinduism. Police officers like Krushna Prakash are a blot on Maharashtra. He should be transferred by 7th March, else, on that day, I, along with members of Shiva-Pratishthan, will go on hunger strike. In case the decision of his transfer is not taken till 10th March, I shall undertake hunger strike unto my death.” The above warning was given by Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji, the founder of Shiva-Pratishthan. He was addressing a press conference.        

Pujya Guruji said that Krushna Prakash was solely responsible for demonstrations. On the day of the incident, he started abusing like ‘Haramkhor, Saalonko maar daalo’ and beating them up. Krushna Prakash reminded one of the ‘Jailanwal Baug massacre’. Some police were not beating the agitators but he abused them also and forced them to beat us.

Police’ attack was to disperse crowd or was it vengeance?

March 3, 2008

Sangali: On 27th February 2008, Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide, the founder of Shiva-Pratishthan (SP) and members of SP were brutally beaten up by Sangali police; after which, Shri. Anand Jakhotia, a reporter of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat (DSP)’, was compiling news in the premises of police station also received inhuman thrashing from the police. Although Shri. Lakhotia tried to show the police his pen and notebook as proof of his being reporter, they did not bother to check it and thrashed him 4-5 times. Shri. Jakhotia realized that the police were in no mood to listen so he ran to the police station. He was beaten up on his right hand knuckles, his arms, back, waist and even on his legs. Below are the pictures.

Police avoid medical check up of their victims

 Sangali: Shri. Anand Jakhotia was severely beaten up by the police on 27th February as he was collecting news about Sangali riots. He lodged a complaint in this connection on 29th February at 9.40 p.m. at city police station. After registering the complant, the police should have taken action for medical check up of the complainant as per the rules; but police tried to avoid doing so. At 7.00 p.m. on 29th February, Shri. Jakhotia went to city police station to lodge a complaint against the severe thrashing received by him from the police. He went along with Adv. Preeti Patil, Shri. Dattareya Retharekar, Sanatan’s seekers Shri. Patil and reporter of DSP Shri. Sachin Kaulkar. Shri. K. A. Mahadik, an inspector at the police station, tried by various means, to pursuade Shri. Lakhotia from lodging such complaint against the police. But  Shri. Jakhotia remained firm on his stand. He was sent to Shri. Satpute, a senior police inspector. Shri. Satput advised him to submit his complaint in writing; accordingly, he lodged a complaint in writing at 9.40 p.m. on the same day.
While lodging a complaint, Shri. Jakhotia had attached copies of few newspapers publishing photographs of the incident; but Shri. Babaso Shrimant Shinde, an assistant police inspector did not accept the same for the reason that it was not possible to preserve the proofs.
Shri. Shinde declined to give even an application for medical check up nor did he give in writing his inability to give such application form. Later, Shri. Jakhotia requested Shri. Mahadik, deputy police inspector to give the necessary form; but he sent him to Shri. Satpute, his senior. Shri. Satpute advised him to get the check up done in any government or private clinic. It is a rule that medical check up can not be done without the necessary form; but he said he had to go out urgently and left without giving the form.
Shri. Jakhotia, contacted Shri. Khatmode Patil, the Dy. Superintendent of Police (DSP) at 10.14 p.m. for the form; however, he too refused to give the form giving the excuse of law and order problem. (This is a new ploy by police to cover up for their mistakes – Editor). When he was requested to give it in writing, he said that he would advise the police station over phone. After 15 minutes it was checked with Shri. Khatmode Patil and he confirmed that he had informed the police station. Shri. Jakhotia, however, checked with the police station and he was told that no such call was received from DSP. He, therefore, tried to re-check with the DSP but it was noticed that DSP had switched off his cell phone.
Shri. Jakhotia had first approached city police station to obtain application for medical check up in a Government hospital/ clinic. He was told by Shri. Mahadik, a police inspector that the application would be given only after receiving the complaint in writing. After giving the complaint in writing, Shri. Mahadik said that his job was over and advised Shri. Jakhotia to meet ‘Amaldar’ or senior police officer for the application. (The only way to tackle such harassment is revolting against them – editor).
One police officer, who was sitting there in plain clothes, advised Shri. Jakhotia that it was mistake on the part of Jakhotia to go to the site of trouble. What he would have done in case the mob had pelted stones at him. He also advised that sometimes one has to see the situation. He informed Jakhotia that in Sarvopachar hospital, medical officers got the beating. (Instead of feeling sorry for the mistake, polce officials are advising the victim. One can imagine how such police must be behaving with ordinary people – Editor). 

UP Govt. bans screening of Jodhaa Akbar

Congratulations of UP Govt !

UP: Against the backdrop of Rajput community’s protests against the film, Uttar Pradesh government on Saturday banned the screening of Ashutosh Gowarikar’s controversial movie Jodhaa Akbar, based on the life of the Mughal Emperor.

A Home Department spokesman said in Lucknow that the decision to ban the screening of the film, starring Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan, had been taken to maintain law and order.

Rajput organisation Kshetriya Mahasabha had protested the screening of the film on the day it was released in local cinema halls alleging the filmmaker had distorted history, which has hurt their sentiments.


If everybody is equal in front of Law; then why cruel DSP Krushna Prakash is excused?

Sangali, Police refuse to register complaint against DSP

March 1, 2008

Sangali: A complaint was lodged with the city police station by Shri. Hanmantrao Pawar of Sree Shiva-Pratishthan that the brutal lathi charge on Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji and devotees of Shiva by the police, was pre-planned and the attack was made with an intention of injuring Guruji. The police have, however, refused to register a complaint against DSP Krushna Prakash.
(Policemen who are not ready to register a complaint against the DSP and are trying to cover up for him are equally to blame. People should unite and try to teach them a lesson – Editor). Shri. Pawar has, therefore, filed a case in District Court (Such are the policemen hailing from the district of Home Minister and they have been given ISO certification too. Wy should people care for such police force? – Editor)
In the complaint lodged by Shri. Pawar, it has been mentioned, “ 50-60 members of the organization protested against Hindi film “Jodha Akbar’ for hurting sentiments of Hindus. Manager of the theatre agreed to cancel the show of the film, besides, removing the banners of the film. Pujya Bhide Guruji was, in fact, trying to take care of the banners. (Secular police administration should note that such is the culture of Hindu leaders. Policemen, committing unpardonable crime of harassing such Hindu leaders and letting loose dangerous Muslim rioters, are most condemnable- Editor). All this while, policemen were there with me.After the peaceful agitations, police tried to put me in their vehicle when the members tried to stop the vehicle and asked them what the offence was for which they were trying to take me. Police lied that the members had caused damage to the theatre. (Wrong accusations by police are making Hindus turn to naxalist movement – Editor). Pujya Bhide Guruji called the owner of the theatre and requested him to tell police the facts. The manager told the police that no damage was caused to any property belonging to the theatre. Police had therefore, no choice but to release me. Thereafter, all members of Shiva Pratishthan gathered near Shiva memorial. After paying respect to Shiva, Pujya Bhide Guruji was giving instructions to the members. At this stage, police reached there in 2-3 vehicles. Shri. Ghodake, police inspector said that DSP Krushna Prakash wanted to talk to Pujya Guruji and called him in front.
Krushna Prakash kicked open the iron gate of the memorial with his shoes and entered the premises. Pujya Guruji greeted him with a ‘namaskar’ but Krushna Prakash hit him with his lathi and Guruji fell on the ground; still Krushna Prakash kept on beating him. (If your blood is not boiling after reading this, you can not be a Hindu – Editor). I went ahead and tried to protect Guruji; but I was also beaten up by the police with their lathis on my legs, hands, head and back.
Krushna Prakash said, “Maro Saalonko, Shivaji ke naam pe nautanki karate hain, boodheko maar daalo (kick these people who are just using the name of Shivaji and putting an act. Kill this old man)
(This incident and uncivilized behaviour of police reminds one of mughal raj. Police must remember that if there is people’s outburst, such mughal raj will be annihilated in no time – Editor) Shri. Krushna Prakash hit even Haridas Padalkar, Milind Tanawade, Anil Tanawade, Nitin Chougule, Avinash Sawant and Shahir Yadav and directly attacked us instead of arresting. (This is the insolent police force of irresponsible anti-Hindu Congress Government! Hindus must unite end Congress despotism – Editor). As the attack was made without any reason, it was pre-planned. I have written in my complaint to file a case against Krushna Prakash; but Shri. Ashok Satpute, police inspector attached to city police station refused and I am filing a case in this court of law.” 

Life comes back to normalcy after melee in Sangali

February 29, 2008

Sangali: A rally was to be taken out from Shiva-teertha by devout Hindus to protest against Shri. Krushna Prakash, District Superintendent of Police (DSP) for beating pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji, the founder of Sree Shiva Pratishthan. The police, however, prevented devout Hindus from taking out such rally as curfew was imposed in the area. This stance of police again started fight between members of Hindu organizations and police. (Would police stop Muslims from taking out rally if they had claimed that their sentiments were hurt? Hindus were, however, not allowed to take out a rally. Thus, police have exhibited their anti-Hindu and unlawful attitude – Editor). The situation has worsened and police is trying to bring it under control.
Thousands of followers of Guruji gathered at Shiva-teertha at 11.00 a.m. Shri. Ashok Dheevare, Director General of Police and Enquiry Officer informed them that curfew was imposed in the area and permission would not be granted to take out rally. Police prevention enraged the mob. Pujya Gurui appealed to them to remain calm but the workers were in no mood to listen.
(Muslim religious leaders issue ‘fatawa’ to kill the guilty whereas Hindu leaders appeal to observe law and order. Will the secular Government and Administrators understand the basic difference and learn to pay respect to Hindu leaders? Or should Hindus, to uphold respect for their leaders, start talking in the same language as that of Muslims? – Editor). In the evening, once again Pujya Bhide Guruji and Shri. Gopinath Mundhe, leader of BJP appealed people to remain calm when Sangali returned to normalcy.
Shri. Hemant Nikam, the Zonal Officer also made an appeal to Shiva devotees to go to Vishnu Ghat as per Pujya Bhide Guruji’s instructions and stop damaging public property.
(Hindus must stop damaging public property causing inconvenience to general public and instead, follow the example of naxalites against the police so that the Government realizes its mistake – Editor). Shri. Nikam also appealed to Shiva devotees not to pelt stones at the police and promised that police won’t charge at them with lathis. (Police should not have assaulted enraged people who were retaliating the lathi charge. Police should know the consequences of such public fury. Therefore, if police want peace in the area, they should render public apology – Editor). Despite such appeal, mob kept on pelting stones. Later, Shri. Mundhe and Bhide Guruji addressed the meeting and Sangali became peaceful.

Pujya Guruji demands proper enquiry by the Home Minister into the issue

He said, “Agitation has to be carried out in peaceful manner.  Students appearing for Board Exams should not be inconvenienced. The Home Minister should conduct proper enquiry.We have to be prudent and follow discipline as mothers and sisters (women folk) would be attending the meeting. Members should not become impatient.”

Police became violent with Hindus as if they were agents of theatre owners: Sambhajirao Pawar  

Sangali – “It was natural that the response received by ‘Jodha Akbar’ all over the country would also reverberate in Sangali. When members were praying in front of statue of Shivaji Maharaj, the atmosphere was peaceful and there was no need for the police to lathi charge them. Even then, police acted as if they were agents of theatre owners and assaulted the members. It is very unfortunate. It is even more disgraceful that Pujya Guruji was treated in this manner. DSP has spoilt the atmosphere of Sangali. Shri. Krushna Prakash and the State Government are responsible for this condition and I protest against them.”

Those, visiting Shiva-teertha without removing their shoes, should render apology to Shiva devotees:  Nitinraje Shinde

Shri. Nitinraje Shinde, former MLA of Shiv Sena said, “The offence committed by DSP is very infuriating and it has created tension. Police have insulted Shiva devotees by taking action at Shiva-teertha with their shoes on. (Did the policemen who did not take off their shoes at Shiva –teertha belong to India or Pakistan? – Editor). Shiva devotees will not rest till DSP renders apology.

Enraged Hindus seek unconditional public apology from Krushna Prakash

Sangali: Pujya Sambhaji Bhide Guruji, a strong nationalist, revered all over Maharashtra and along with his followers, was brutally attacked by Shri. Krushna Prakash, DSP and his subordinates. Infuriated devout Hindus have demanded through a representation that Shri. Krushna Prakash should render an unconditional public apology for the same. There were members of Hindu Organisations and members of Social Organisations among the signatories of the representation. The representation was submitted to Shri. Rajendra Chavan, the District Collector and Krushna Prakash, DSP. (Since the brutal attack on Guruji is an assault on identity and self-respect of Hindus, all Hindus must support and follow the example of their brethren from Sangali – Editor).
It has been mentioned in the representation, “Action taken by you and your colleagues have put to shame even British regime. The attack on Pujya Sambhaji Bhide known as Samartha Ramadas Swami of modern India was not just a lathi charge but it was a cowardly assault on the righteous ‘Sat-shakti’ in today’s society.

Pune: Demonstrations were held against insolent DSP Krushna Prakash alias the modern ‘General Diar’. Members of many Hindu Organisations like HJS, VHP and others participated in the demonstrations in large numbers. Representation was submitted to the Dy. District Collector demanding immediate suspension of Krushna Prakash. Jalagaon, Parbhani: Representations were also submitted to the respective District Collectors condemning police attack on Pujya Sambhaji Bhide Guruji demanding suspension of the concerned police officials.

HJS representation to CM and Home Minister

Mumbai: A representation was submitted on behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) to the State Chief Minister, Home Minister, Director General of Police and Mumbai District Collector protesting against the treatment meted out to elderly patriot Pujya Bhide Guruji during a meeting held by him.
A representation was also given by Rajput Sanghatana about 1-1/2 months back against the controversial film ‘Jodha Akbar’ to the Chief Minister; but no action has been taken on the same. HJS, Rajput Organisations, Shiva Partishthan and other Hindu Organisations have therefore, been using various means like staging demonstrations, enlightening people on true history, protest rallies etc. but to no avail and the film is still shown all over the State. Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide, the founder of Shiva Pratishthan was addressing a meeting near statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Sangali when Shri. Krushna Prakash, DSP surrounded the gathering and beat up 75 years old pujya Bhide Guruji so also Shri. Hanamantrao Pawar, his associate and a devout Hindu. HJS has, therefore, demanded that the Govt. should take action against the concerned anti-Hindu police officials for attacking unarmed innocent Hindus and immediately suspend these officials.
Smt. Kundan, Mumbai district collector, heard HJS members and assured them to forward the representation to Government for necessary action. She also appreciated activities undertaken by HJS. Since the CM was not available, a copy of the representation was handed over to his secretary who too promised to pass it on to the CM.

Police issues notice to HJS members

Mumbai: Shri. Padaval, a senior police inspector issued a ‘show cause’ notice to the members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for seeking permission to hold demonstrations outside ‘Shreyas’ theatre in Ghatkopar that is screening Hindi movie ‘Jodha Akbar’ (Police are against carrying out lawful agitations for protesting against distortion of history in a Hindi movie in a country where Hindus are supposed to be in majority. Their attitude is that of police from a Muslim dominated Pakistan – Editor). Members of HJS tried to explain true character of Akbar to Shri. Padaval, by presenting before him, writings by well known historians. Shri. Padaval advised them that they should talk to the Censor Board in the matter or get injunction from the Court. He also warned them if problems regarding law and order are created due to HJS members enlightening people or due to agitations held by them, they would be held responsible and issued a ‘show cause’ notice to them. (All agitations conducted by HJS so far have been lawful. Will the police threatening HJS in such manner, take the same course of action against Muslims? And in case, they do so, Muslims would set the police stations on fire – Editor). HJS members then visited the owner of Shreyas theatre and explained to him on the subject; but the owner said that it was his business and showed his inability to do anything in this regard. Later, HJS members once again approached Shri. Padaval and sought permission to stand near the railway station and tell the passers by about the issue; however, Shri. Padaval did not agree even to this. Finally, HJS members gave a letter that the demonstrations have been cancelled and returned the show cause notice. (Hindus are now banned to even narrate the true history in the regime of secular Congress-front Government. In future, the Govt. may put a ban on us to call ourselves as Hindus. Hindus should therefore, wake up in time and be ready to take part in Dharma- revolution – Editor).

Police object to HJS display of boards condemning lathi charge

Mumbai: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), writes on display boards, various matter related to nation and Dharma for creating awareness among people. These display boards are kept in different places. On one such board at Kala Chowki, there was a matter written about condemning brutal attack by police on pujya Bhide Guruji. But local police objected to it. (Instead of feeling bad about the disgraceful act of Sangli police, local police are taking objection and want to hide the offence committed by their counterparts in Sangali – Editor). In the morning around 11.00 a.m., a police in plain clothes visited Shri. Milind Poshe, a member of HJS at his residence and asked his family members whether permission was sought from municipality for display of the board. He also informed that people were going to the police station after reading the board and making unnecessary complaints. (How can the complaints made by citizens against police atrocities be unnecessary? If police are so tired of listening to people’s complaints, they should give up their job – Editor). The policeman took down the contact no. of Shri. Milind Poshe and left the house. (Instead of undertaking thorough enquiry against terrorists, police are after members of HJS who are working for welfare of nation and Dharma – Editor).
HJS has undertaken a drive against anti-historic movie ‘Jodha Akbar’ and as a part of the drive, awareness is created among people about this film all over the State. Pujya Sambhaji Bhide Guruji, an ardent Hindu carrying on peaceful agitation against the above film in Sangali, was brutally beaten up by Sangali police and matter related to this incident was written on the display board. The board was displayed near the building where Shri Poshe stays.

Enquiry to be made of police action – Chief Minister

February 28, 2008

Mumbai: Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh, the State Chief Minister informed reporter of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ over  phone that enquiry would be conducted of police action against Pujya Sambhaji Bhide, the President of Shiva-Pratishthan.

Police action based on prejudice

Sangali: Shiva-pratishthan has been organizing ‘Durgamata Race’ for the past 15 years. This year, Krushna Prakash was invited by the members. He had come in his uniform. While going into the temple, he was asked to remove his shoes; due to which he got angry. He did not remove his shoes instead threatened the members before leaving. The above information was given by Balasaheb Bedge of Shiva-pratishthan to the district collector alleging that the police action was prejudiced. 

Sangali burns for anti-historic ‘Jodha Akbar’: Police brutally beat Hindu leader

February 27, 2008

Sangali: ‘Shiva-pratishthan’ an organization idolizing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj intensified agitation against Hindi movie ‘Jodha Akbar’ for distorting history. After the lawful agitation, meeting of members of Hindu organizations was held at ‘Shivateertha’. During the meeting, police brutally lathi charged (caned) leaders like Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji, the founder president of ‘Shiva-pratishthan’, Shri. Hanamant Pawar along with other members belonging to various Hindu organizations. Pujya Guruji has been injured and hospitalized. Police kept on attacking 75 year old Guruji and members of Hindu organizations who went to meet him calling the agitation as illegal. There were about 50 lady members of the ‘pratishthan’; out of which 10 ladies have been seriously injured. (Police have behaved in such rowdy manner with Hindus even after lawful agitations carried out by them; but have they ever behaved in such manner with Muslim rioters? This indicates that they do not care for law-abiding Hindus. Hindus should now unite to teach a lesson to the police, descendents of Mughals, for misusing their powers and attacking a revered person like Pujya Bhide Guruji who has devoted whole of his life for protection of Dharma.It is also very disgraceful that in the district from where the Home Minister of this State hails, revered person like Pujya Sambhaji Guruji and women workers get such treatment from the police. – Editor) 

District Police Chief Krushnaprakash follows the footsteps of British General Dyer

Members of ‘Shiva-pratishthan’ called on the owners of ‘Multiplex’ and ‘Trimurti’ theatres in the morning when the owners readily offered to cancel the screening of Hindi film ‘Jodha Akbar’. Later all members gathered on ‘Shiva-teertha’. Pujya Guruji was guiding the members when Shri. Krushna Prakash, the district police chief reached there. He saw Pujya Guruji and lost his temper. He shouted that ‘Is Sambhaji Bhide ka bahut chal raha hai’ and signed policemen to cane the gathering. Police too immediately attacked and paying no heed to his age, they brutally lathi- charged Pujya Guruji on his back and elbows. As the other members saw that police are showing no respect to Guruji, they tried to intervene and shelter Guruji; but the police pushed the members and severely beat up Pujya Guruji along with other members who came in their way.

Sangali burning, police vehicles damaged

Members dispersed as they did not expect police to attack them for no reason. Members who were outside attacked the police van. The news of heinous police attack spread like fire and there was tension in the city. Whole of Sangali is burning. People are enraged and have taken to roads to protest against the inhuman police attack, damaging transport buses. Repercussions of police attack are felt even in other districts like Belgaum and Kolhapur along with Sangali and the whole of Western Maharashtra. Members of Shiva-pratishthan have called for a ‘Bandh’ in Sangali. Police repression is being condemned by all strata of society.

Photographers of newspapers, members of Human Rights Commission and patients beaten up

In the meanwhile, Pujya Guruji was hospitalized along with other injured members in the Government hospital where members of Human Rights Commission and Shiva-pratishthan tried to meet Guruji. Here, once again, police attacked everyone including a few patients. Police did not spare even journalists, news-photographers and members of Human Rights Commission, besides, a few patients thus showing their inhuman approach. Shri. Krushna Prakash told reporters that his people had to retaliate as they were attacked by members of the ‘pratishthan’.

District police chief, a descendent of Mughals has to go

Shri. Hanamantrao Pawar of BJP and a close associate of Pujya Guruji also got hurt in police attack in the meeting. He said that he would not keep quiet till the district chief of police (DCP) is driven out of this country as the DCP behaved like a descendent of Mughals. ‘Shiva-pratishthan’ had staged agitation to protest against ‘Jodha Akbar’ for undue glorification of Akbar and to get the screening of this film cancelled.

Distorted news broadcast by anti-Hindu Star Plus channel

Anti-Hindu Star Plus channel showed this news with the heading as ‘Hooliganism of members of Shiva-pratishthan’. Although the agitation was staged in a lawful manner, Star News was, time and again, showing it as violent agitation; besides, the newsreader was giving misinformation as members of Shiva-pratishthan beat up the journalists when police had beaten them up.

Enquiry to be made of police action: Chief Minister

Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh, the State Chief Minister informed reporter of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ over phone that enquiry would be conducted of police action against Pujya Sambhaji Bhide, the President of Shiva-Pratishthan


Police officers attacking Hindu leader Pujya Sambhaji Bhide Guruji should be immediately suspended – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti(HJS)

Mumbai: Police brutally beat up many devout Hindus, along with Shri. Hanamantrao Pawar of Shri Shiva Pratishthan, for protesting against Hindi movie ‘Jodha Akbar’. It was a repetition of ‘Jalianwala Baug massacre’ where British ‘General Diar’ killed hundreds of unarmed Sikhs. Here, our own police surrounded innocent unarmed devout Hindus and attacked them. HJS and other Hindu Organizations have, therefore, asked the Government to suspend the concerned police officials. In a circular published by HJS, Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS said that Shri. R. R. Patil, the Home Minister should immediately suspend the police officers involved in beating aged Pujya Bhide Guruji and other devout Hindus; else, the Government would be responsible for the dire consequences.‘Jodha Akbar’, a Hindi movie glorifies cruel, lustful Akbar. Rajput Organizations gave a representation against this movie about a month and a half ago; but the Government seems to have thrown it into dustbin as no action has yet been taken against the film. The Government’s policy has always shown total disregard towards sentiments of Hindus and despite protests and agitations by HJS, Rajput Organisations, Shri Shiva-pratishthan and other Hindu organizations, the movie is still being shown in the theatres. Beating up and injuring Hindus instead of banning the movie ‘Jodha Akbar’, besides, holding injured citizens in police custody and admitting them to hospital after 1 hour are the signs of Mughal regime maintained by Congress. Police, the so-called protectors of people seem to be running ‘Bihar Raj’ in Sangali.

Repetition of Jalianwala Baug massacre by police: Balasaheb Bedge, President (Sangali), Shiva Partishthan

Police have repeated Jalianwala Baug incident of massacre by attacking innocent people. Police brutally beat up not only innocent members but also citizens and patients. The workers tried to protect Pujya Bhide Guruji by creating a shield around him; but police broke the shield and hit him. Police took him to the police station although 75 years Pujya Bhide was bleeding and after 1 hour, he was taken to hospital. This indicates inhumane attitude of police.

Shameful Hindus who throng to watch Jodhaa-Akbar, a film which glorifies Hindu hater Cruel Akbar, are worthy of getting killed by Terrorists!

HJS’s protest drive against ‘Jodhaa Akbar’

The movie Jodhaa Akbar is a vile, vicious, and covert attempt by a mischievous producer/director to make quick bucks by denigrating and vilifying the Hindus. It is a deliberate distortion and pure fabrication of Indian history to glorify Akbar the (so-called) Great in dignified and noble terms. In reality, Akbar, in order to become a Ghazi (a slayer of kaffir – infidel) had cut into pieces his Guru Raja Hemchandra Vikramditya who had taught him how to wield the sword. It is a well-known fact of Indian History that 17,000 Hindu girls, in order to avoid molestation at the hands of Muslim marauders, had committed Jauhar – self-immolation.

Special Research Story by HJS:
Truth of “Jodhaa-Akbar”: Wound on Hindu’s heart !

Read carefully the crew of movie:

Director Ashutosh Gowariker
Producer Ashutosh Gowariker, Ronnie Screwvala
Cast Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai
Story Haidar Ali
Screen Play Haidar Ali and Ashutosh Gowarikar
Religious and Culture Advisor Omar Khayyam Saharanpuri
Music A. R. Rahman
Lyrics Javed Akhtar

Ref: Official Website of movie ‘Jodhaa Akbar’

Sonia’s (Antonia Maino) Congress government promtly banned ‘Da Vinci Code’ movie after Christians’ protest, but this Secular (?) government is so insensitive about Hindus protest about ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’ !

Appeal by NRI Hindu Protest Group

We believe that the artists, director and the producers have all shamelessly chosen financial gains over the Nation’s history, culture and civilization, and worst of all, the honor of the women of India and thousands of innocent men, women and children who perished under Akbar’s command.

We hope you will join us – please call your friends and relatives and ask them to boycott “Jodhaa Akbar”.

Supporters of “Boycott Jodhaa Akbar Campaign”.

Bhoiwada police refuse permission to HJS for demonstrations outside theatre

February 27, 2008

Mumbai: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) was to stage demonstrations outside ‘Chitra’ theatre screening Hindi movie ‘Jodha Akbar’ in which there is distortion of history and instead of showing as he was i.e. lecherous and anti-Hindu, Akbar has been glorified. The film is spreading wrong message among people. The demonstrations were to be staged outside ‘Chitra’ theatre in Dadar; but Shri. Abadas Gadade, a senior police inspector at Bhoiwada police station refused the permission under clause 149 related to maintenance of law and order in the area. He also ordered that the members of HJS would be taken to custody even if they are seen in the area near the theatre. (So many criminals are roaming freely in this country. The terrorists attacking Parliament House is not yet executed; but members of HJS trying to put forth true history before people are threatened by the police – Editor); police force comprising of 50 policemen along with 2 police vans were deployed near the theatre and it was lookimg like a camp. During the day, Dr. Uday Dhuri of HJS was constantly called up by police to find out about HJS plan of action. (Police should carry out in-depth enquiry of terrorists; instead they are making enquiry about members of HJS who are working for protection of nation and Dharma – Editor).
Members of HJS had called on the manager of the thetare before starting agitations for submitting a representation. Hindus are enraged for having denied permission to protest in lawful manner.

Parbhani: ‘Jodha Akbar’ a Hindi movie depicts cruel and immoral Akbar as a secular lover striving hard to unite Hindus and Muslims when historical facts show that he was anti-Hindu and lustful. Thus, the movie distorts history and has hurt feelings of Hindus and Rajput community, therefore, the Government should impose a ban on this movie. A representation to the above effect was submitted to the Chief Minister through additional District Collector. It has also been warned that Government inaction can result in Hindu outrage. Leaders of Rajput Kshatriya Samaj like Shri. Balusinh Thakur, the district president, Adv. Ankush Kachhave, vice president, Mrs. Rekha Chauhan, president of women’s wing and other members, Shri. Rajesh Dayma of Yoga Vedanta Samiti and members of HJS and Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers were present on the occasion.    

Theatre owners assure to withdraw screening of ‘Jodha Akbar’

Miraj: A representation demanding ban on screening of anti-historic ‘Jodha Akbar’ was submitted to Mrs. Vaishali Chavan, tehsildar and owners of theatres since the movie has hurt religious sentiments of all Hindus. It was informed by the theatre owners that decision about withdrawing the movie would be taken by Wednesday morning.
Cruel, lecherous and anti-Hindu Akbar has been glorified in the movie as a lover working hard towards Hindu Muslim unity which is complete distortion of facts and history and is sending a wrong message to people of this country; as such, the movie should be banned. The above demand has been made in the representation. Shri. Makarand Deshpande of BJP explained the contents of the representation to the Tehsildar Mrs. Chavan; she assured that she would immediately apprise the Government on the issue. HJS members called on the owners of theatres in person or called them up over phone who have promised to take a decision in the matter by Wednesday. 

Shows of ‘Jodha-Akbar’ cancelled in Nanded & Jalgaon

Nanded: A huge rally was taken out by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and 3 Rajput organizations as a mark of protest against distortion of history in the Hindi film ‘Jodha Akbar’; for Hindus, glorification of Akbar is like rubbing salt over their wounds. The march started from Sree Renukamata temple, Gadipura was concluded outside the office of the district collector. The members of Rajput organizations had earlier talked to the owner of ‘Sham’ theatre and he agreed to cancel the shows of the said movie by displaying a notice outside theatre to that effect. The organizations also condemned the owner for showing the movie despite him belonging to Rajput community.

HJS-members-demonstrating-in Nanded
HJS-members-demonstrating-in Nanded
HJS member Guiding the morcha in Nanded
HJS member Guiding the morcha in Nanded

After the rally, a representation was submitted to the district collector. About 300 participants joined the rally including members of Rajput organizations like ‘Kshatriya Rajput Sanghatana’, ‘Akhil Bharatiya Rajput Sanghatana (ABRS)’ and ‘Rajput Sanghatana Badhimadhi (RSB)’. The organizations warned that the agitations would be intensified in case ban is not imposed on the movie. Shri. Dilipsinh Hazari of ABRS said that a representation was given to the Chief Minister about one and a half months ago. Had he taken action on time, there was no need to take out such marches now.
(This once again shows utter disregard of Maharashtra Government to all religions except Muslims – Editor). Adv. Dilipsinh Thakur, former municipal councilor of Shiv Sena said that we are told wrong history as presented by the British and Muslim historians. Why would Rajput women sacrifice their lives had they loved Akbar? All facts are misrepresented in the movie. Shri. Dipak Ravat, a Municipal Councilor of Shiv Sena said that this rally shows our tolerance which is momentary. If the Government does not listen to us, Rajput community would become violent. Shri. Surajsinh Mala of RSB said that it is a ploy to show wrong history through movies. He warned the Government that all Rajputs would take to the roads to fight against those playing with their religious sentiments. Miss Rageshree Deshpande of HJS said that even today, Hindu girls are lured by Muslim boys. Such untrue love stories are sending wrong message to the youth.

‘Jodha Akbar’ shows cancelled in many theatres in Jalgaon

Jalgaon: Few members of Shiv Sena and Chhava tore the posters displayed at two theatres in the city and forced thetare managers to cancel shows of the controversial film. The police arrested some of the agitators after this incident and later released them. A representation was submitted by HJS to the district collector against the movie. Its repercussions are felt all over the city and even in taluka place.

Display Board of 'Jodhaa-Akbar show stoped' in Nanded
Display Board of ‘Jodhaa-Akbar show stoped’ in Nanded

A complaint was lodged against the movie at Bhusawal police station by Rajput Yuva Manch. The police, later, arranged for a meeting of the Manch with the theatre owners and the owners agreed to cancel the shows. At Erandol in Jalgaon district too, the film was cancelled.
Shri. Kishorsinh Thakur of Rajput Organization told Miss Rageshree Deshpande of HJS that the activities undertaken by HJS were excellent and he extended support to HJS.

HJS intensifies agitation against ‘Jodha Akbar’

Mumbai: Recently released Hindi movie ‘Jodha Akbar’ directed by Shri. Ashutosh Gowarikar glorifies lustful Akbar who was also anti-Hindus. Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for the State of Maharahtra informed through a circular that the Samiti has staged State-wide agitation against the film for distorting history. It has been mentioned in the circular that watching love story glorifying wicked and immoral Akbar is an insult to Rajput Hindu women who sacrificed their lives to protect their chastity from lecherous Akbar. The agitation will be intensified through various media like staging demonstrations outside theatres showing the movie, drives to enlighten people about the history and protest marches. Shri. Gowarikar has admitted that only 30% of the movie is based on real facts of history; but the part he claims to be based on history is also controversial.

There are ample incidents referred in history about the wickedness and unrighteousness of Jalaluddin Mohammad alias Akbar. He had beheaded unconscious Hindu king Hemchandra Vikramaditya in a battle of Panipat when Akbar was just 13 and took on the title of ‘Gazi’; he kept many Hindu women in his harem against their wish and was treacherous. How can he be called ‘great’? Shri. Shinde has presented many examples of wickedness, lust and anti-Hindu attitude of Akbar. It is said that film industry in Mumbai, known as ‘Bollywood’ is run on the money provided by the Muslim kingpin Dawood; as a result, Hindu saints are always shown as cheats and Muslim ‘fakirs’ as very affectionate and generous. The producers whose only aim is to fill their coffers never make films on the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj or Maharana Pratap who disowned Mughal Rule, fought with them despite a small army and tried to protect identity of Hindus. A number of problems are faced in making films on freedom-fighters like Vasudev Balawant Phadake and Swatantryveer Sawarkar; but colossal money like Rs. 60 crores are spent on Akbar. It is necessary to find out the reasons behind all such things, says the circular.

Satara: HJS Protest against Jodhaa-Akabar in front of City pride Multiplex, Satara Road. Below are the Protest photo published in various Newspaper.

Shows of ‘Jodha Akbar’ cancelled in Chinchwad, Pune

February 24, 2008

Pimpri (Pune): Manager of ‘Adlabs Theatre’ had to cancel 2 evening shows of ‘Jodha Akbar’ at Chinchwad owing to agitations staged by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Rajput organizations. (Hindus should get ready to bring a ban on this movie all over India – Editor). A notice to that effect was also put up at the booking office of the theatre.

HJS-members-demonstrating-in front of Adlabs in Pune
HJS-members-demonstrating-in front of Adlabs in Pune
Show-cancelled board at Adlabs ticket counter in Pune
Show-cancelled board at Adlabs ticket counter in Pune

Members of HJS, Rajput organizations and other Hindu organizations staged agitations outside ‘Adlabs’ theatre at 4.00 p.m. with a demand to stop the shows of the movie as there was distortion of history. Devout Hindus raised slogans against the movie. Many agitators were carrying placards in their hands with notings from history and were distributing handbills describing true facts from history about Akbar. After the demonstrations, a delegation of HJS gave a representation to the manager of the theatre regarding distortion of history in the movie hurting religions sentiments of Hindus and Rajputs and appealed to the manager to cancel the shows of this movie. The manager agreed and put up a board canceling two evening shows at the reservation counter. Reading the notice, people went back. The film has, anyway, not received favourable response from people. Police also extended cooperation to the agitatiors.

Leaders of Women’s Rajput organization like Mrs. Neeta Pardeshi, Shri. Kailas Singh Chauhar and Shri. Hemnat singh Chauhar, Mrs. Sushama Babar of Dharmaveer Sambhaji Smruti Pratishthan, Shri. Vilas Dikshit of Hindu Mahasabha, Shri. Kailas Barane of Hindu Swabhiman Pratishthan and members of Sanatan Sanstha and HJS participated in the demonstrations.

Jodhaa-Akbar banned in Sonepat (UP)

February 25, 2008

Pune: The pounding against Jodha Akbar reaches Sonepat today as the Hrithik Roshan – Aishwarya Rai starrer was taken down in Sonepat district of Haryana on Saturday after Hindu demonstrations outside the district theaters threatened to lead to violent disorder. The district administration has stopped allowing of Jodha Akbar screenings as the historically distortive film is posing threat to maintenance of peace there, the Deputy Commissioner D P S Nagal said in his order removing the film from across Sonepat. He said the SSP will review the situation in a few days. The Hindu groups there have declared however they will not allow the managements of the cinema houses to screen Jodhaa Akbar in the future either. 2 prints of Jodha Akbar are lying in the cans in the neighboring Ambala also as the film was taken off there a day ago.


Pune: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s Member protesting against ‘Jodha -Akbar’ in front of ‘Mangla’ theater.

February 24, 2008

(Sonia’s (Antonia Maino) Congress government promtly banned ‘Da Vinci Code’ movie after Christians’ protest, then why this Secular (?) government is so insensitive about Hindus protest about ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’ ! – Editor)

Protest against 'Jodhaa Akbar' at Jalgoan, Maharashtra
Protest against ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ at Jalgoan, Maharashtra

Jodhaa-Akbar banned in Ambala

February 24, 2008

Ambala: The district administration imposed a ban on the screening of Jodhaa-Akbar here, following protests by members of the Rajput community who alleged that historical facts had been distorted in the film.Members of the community led by Congress leader Chetan Chauhan went on a protest march here today demanding a ban on the screening of the film.

They submitted a memorandum to DC Ambala in which they said the film had hurt the sentiments of their community stating that Jodha Bai was Akbar’s daughter-in-law and not his wife, as is portrayed in the film.Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shyin imposed the ban with immediate effect on the film which had released on February 15.The film is being screened in two cinema halls here.The protestors had also alleged that cinema halls had removed the posters of the film but were still screening it.

Source: PTI

Only 30% ‘Jodha-Akbar’ based on history: Director Gowarikar

February 23, 2008

Mumbai (Maharashtra): “Only 30% part of ‘Jodha Akbar’ is based on true history and 70 % is my idea and imagination. Only 30% part is taken from the history book,” admitted Gowarikar, the director of the said film. (How can director Gowarikar think of such ideas hurting sentiments of Hindus? This is possible because Hindus are impotent. Had it involved hurting feelings of those following other religions, Gowarikar would not be alive to make such statement. – Editor).

Shri. Gowarikar was interviewed in the background of the increasing opposition from people for distortion of history. Shri. Gowarikar said that everyone should once watch the movie and then form one’s own opinion; his movie is very entertaining. (Playing with sentiments of Hindus is a medium of entertainment as per Gowarikar. Lack of pride towards their Dharma is the reason that anyone plays with feelings of Hindus – Editor).

According to Gowarikar, the movie shows how one can overcome obstacles in love by maintaining one’s self-respect and dignity. (Akbar was a lecherous, cruel and anti-Hindu king; but in ‘Jodha Akbar’, Akbar has been depicted as a lover who strives for Hindu Mislim unity which is distortion of history. There are enough topics to glorify true love- Editor);

he said that he has gone through books and carried out research for this movie. (All rulers have believed in distortion of history and therefore, true history has never been told. Gowarikar should have studied books written by famous historian P. N. Oak – Editor)

He further stated that he had even taken permission from the descendents of Jodhabai from Jodhpur. As per his research, Jodha, the daughter of King Bharamall was also called by the names of Harikbai, Jiyarani, Sahibai and Manmati by historians. He went through the books like ‘Mediveal India’ by K. L. Kharna, ‘Akbar’ by Munilala, ‘Princely Terrance’ by Shikhajai, ‘Gulbadan’ by Rumen Goden and ‘A Prince’s Diary’ by Subadra Sengupta. History is re-written every 50 years and now historians are writing books using their imagination keeping the main essence as it is. (This is the condition of Indian history – Editor). When he was asked whether Jodha was a daughter-in-law of Akbar, he said that he was not such a fool to make a movie on the love between father-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Source: ‘Daily Sanatan prabhat’

MP Govt. bans Jodha Akbar!

February 23, 2008

Madhya Pradesh: A week after the film was released and when protesters had abandoned their demand of banning it, the Madhya Pradesh Government on Friday banned Ashutosh Gowariker’s Jodhaa Akbar, claiming that it wanted to avoid a major law and order problem. “The decision has been taken on law and order ground,” Gaur said, adding, “it’s not politically motivated.” (Congratulation of MP Govt. for banning the Anti-Hindu Movie! – Editor)

The decision has shocked the distributors, especially because MP has seen the least trouble from the Rajput community. The Central Cine Circuit Association has given 24 hours to the Government to revoke its decision. The treasurer of the association, Jitendra Jain, was furious. “How can they stop a movie that has been cleared by the Censor Board, and that too, a week after it has been running successfully in theatres? If the Government fails to lift the ban, theatre owners will observe an indefinite strike,” Jain said.

“The Home Department has said that the film’s screening could lead to a major flare-up. The Chief Minister has himself taken the decision and all collectors have been asked to put the ban into immediate effect,” an officer of the Commercial Taxes Department said.

The film was released in 30 theatres across the state, which shares its north-western boundary with Rajasthan, where the film has not been released so far. Except in Gwalior, the film has had a relatively smooth going in MP. In fact, in the northern district, the screening resumed on Friday only to be banned by the state Government.

Jyoti Cineplex, one of the best theatres in Bhopal, was lucky to complete its morning show on Friday when it was told to stop the screening. “There was only a minor disturbance on Sunday, but since then it has been peaceful,” said its manager Rakesh Narula, while wondering why the state Government had imposed a ban on the film.

The Congress reacted cautiously. “The film should be allowed to be screened after removing the parts Rajputs find objectionable,” Congress spokesman Manak Agrawal said, describing the ban as a “political stunt of the BJP”.


Explosion in Maharashtra theater showing Jodha Akbar

February 21, 2008

Panvel: A bomb exploded inside Panvel’s Cineraj theater in Maharashtra showing the film Jodha Akbar today. The blast happened at 1430 hours nearMumbai in the afternoon show when the occupancy was relatively low. Bomb experts reaching the site found traces of ammonium nitrate from the explosion. No one was killed in the explosion as the relatively controlled intensity of blast was seen as a warning sign for ahead. Speculation was rife whether current or former Indian army personnel may be involved.

Most likely the exploders, likely Hindus themselves, did not want people to die as result of the blast yet. But they seem to be warning of bloodshed for the enablers of the film, as this elevates the nationwide response from across the country, which has made Jodha Akbar arguably the most negated film of the decade in India. Non-violent and now violent agitations have been held in practically every major state of India north of Andhra Pradsh, with Rajasthan having point blankedly evicted Jodha Akbar from its borders.

The film has been billed as political and communal propoganda with its distortive depictions of medieval Hindu culture, resistance and factually incorrect depiction of Muslim-rule secularism; hiding the reality of specific events like beheading of Hemu; and general non-depictions of mass slaughters and forced conversions in the unsuccessful attempt to Islamicize Hindustan, that took place during this era. Even congress’ government and its censor board chief has been called out and come in the line of fire for having cleared the film.

A lawsuit had been filed in Chandigarh earlier in the week and screening shutdowns observed in Patna, Gurgaon, Indore earlier. However the blast now throws a more dangerous alert onto the Jodha Akbar crowd. Following the blast on Jodha Akbar, security nationwide has been put on alert, particularly for the cast and crew. Jodha Akbar stars Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai, and is directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. It has been funded by Ronnie Screwvala of UTV.


How “Great” was emperor “Akbar the great ?

February 17, 2008

by Narain Kataria, Indian American Intellectuals Forum

The movie Jodhaa Akbar is a vile, vicious, and covert attempt by a mischievous producer/director from Bollywood (Mumbai) to make quick bucks by denigrating and vilifying the Hindu (Rajput) people.

It is a deliberate distortion and pure fabrication of Indian history to glorify Akbar the (so-called) Great in dignified and noble terms. In reality, Akbar, in order to become a Ghazi (a slayer of kaffir – infidel) had cut into pieces his Guru Raja Hemchandra Vikramditya who had taught him how to wield the sword.

In barbarity and brutality, Akbar was so vindictive and merciless that he captured Raja Hemchandra’s aged father; and on refusing to accept Islam executed him!

Akbar’s grandfather Babar founded the Mughal dynasty. Babar was a direct descendent of Timur Lane from his father Barlas Turk’s side and of Chengiz Khan the Mongol from his mother’s side.

Akbar was no less tyrant than Timur Lane and Nader Shah. Akbar had a victory tower erected with the heads of the captured/surrendered army of Raja Hemchandra Vikramaditiya after the second battle of Panipat.

Akbar had ordered massacre of 30,000 plus unarmed captive Hindu peasants after the fall of Chitod on Feb. 24, 1568.

Akbar was the most ungrateful person on Earth. He is alleged to have killed Bairam Khan, his guide and mentor – a Muslim

Despite nearly five centuries of Muslim occupation of India, Rajasthan in 1567 CE was still almost entirely Hindu. Akbar infiltrated the area by marrying into Rajasthan’s ruling houses and by steadily capturing various forts on the eastern fringe of Rajputana. But the senior house of Rajasthan, Rana of Mewar proudly refused any alliance with Mughals. Akbar’s army started a campaign for Chitod in 1567. When Raja Jai Mal was killed by Muslim army, thousands of Hindu (Rajput) women performed Jauhar (self-immolation). We hold Akbar guilty of murdering thousands of Hindu women. This was the THIRD JAUHAR IN THE HISTORY OF CHITOD.

It is also an affront to a secular but largely Hindu nation to show an alien Muslim king romancing with a Hindu girl. Akbar was in reality an opportunist, sadist, and immoral person. Officially, Akbar had 300 wives and he is also alleged to have 5000 concubines in his harem. How can such a libertine be considered to have loved his wife?

Hindu Rajputs are a very proud and chivalrous people. Their sacrifices are unparalleled in the annals of Indian history. This movie is a surreptitious attempt to depict Muslim rulers who were followers of a culture alien to the Indians, in a favorable role and demean their native Hindus subjects. This trend to depict Muslim rulers in a magnificent manner was set by K. Asif’s movie Mughul-e-Azam. We feel that even after 60 years after Independence, Director Ashutosh Gowarikar of Jodhaa Akbar is still suffering from the Stockholm syndrome.

It will be worthwhile if some investigative journalists go deep and find out the background and credentials of producer of this movie Ronnie Screwvala and Writer Haidar Ali, the involvement of Muslim underworld in financing this movie and complicity of Censor Board. Indian people should be more vigilant. The campaign of vilification carried on by some anti-Indian groups from Mumbai motivated by a malicious design to malign Hindu people should be stopped forthwith.

Hindus will never be able to forget the atrocities committed on Hindus by alien Muslim rulers. The Islamic period of the Indian History was the most suffocating and genocidal period as far as Hindus are concerned. It is a well-known fact of Indian History that 17,000 Hindu girls, in order to avoid molestation at the hands of Muslim marauders, had committed Jauhar – self-immolation.

It is a matter of disgrace that Indian school books under the successive Congress governments have been hiding the truth and distorting the Indian History.

Medieval India’s History was written first by Muslims and then by the British. Both tried their best to falsify India’s History by portraying Hindus in a bad light. However, a more objective history of India is slowly being written today which documents the depredations and genocide by Muslim rulers – often based on facts given by Muslim chroniclers of these rulers.

Hindus are waking up from deep slumber slowly but surely. The angry demonstrations in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Lucknow and Patna against the movie Jodhaa Akbar are an indication of the things to follow on all India level. The Hindus of today are determined that a more objective history be available which portrays their life, culture and contributions in an appropriate and factual manner. They are determined to restore the dignity to Hindu Dharma at any cost.

Narain Kataria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum
41-67 Judge Street (5P)
Elmhurst, New York 11373
Tel: (718) 478-5735 / (718) 271-0453
[email protected]

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