Protest: Exhibition of M. F. Husain’s paintings at the V & A Museum, London

Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA) appeals devout Hindus to protest against an exhibition of the late M. F. Husain’s last works to be shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

M. F. Husain blatantly trampled upon the religious sensitivities of millions of Hindus by denigrating Hindus’ revered Deities through his many anti-Hindu paintings. Now, his last works are going to be displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Reference:

One alert supporter of Hinduism promptly wrote to V&A Museum, bringing to their attention the anti-Hindu nature of the paintings of the late Husain (Please see below the protest email sent to the organizers). However, there has been no response from V&A Museum.

In light of this, we appeal to you to register your peaceful, but educative and prompt protest against the exhibition of the late M. F. Husain’s paintings. Let us show our solidarity to the organizers by sending emails or calling them, asking them to remove the exhibition of the late M. F. Husain’s paintings.

Devout Hindus can also register their lawful protest directly to concerned authorities through Comments Section

V&A ‘s exhibition venue details

V&A South Kensington
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL
Tel. + 44 (0) 20 7942 2000

E-mail ID’s : [email protected], [email protected]

The protest letter written by a devout Hindu

From : Chaitanya Dev
Subject : Concerns about M. F. Husain¹s paintings to be displayed at V&A Museum, London
Sent : Friday, April 25, 2014 at 10:15 AM
To: [email protected]


Recently, I came to know about the Indian artist late M. F. Husain’s last works to be shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Reference :

M. F. Husain’s paintings are offensive to a vast majority of the 1 billion strong Hindu population, due to his very vulgar depiction of Hinduism’s concepts and Deities. You can learn more about the denigration in late Husain’s paintings at :

Actually, due to Husain’s deliberately hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and creating communal disharmony, several arrest warrants and court orders were issued for Mr. Husain by the Indian Courts. Please note that M. F. Husain had fled India to evade arrest. On the day he passed away there were approximately 1200 court cases against him. M F. Husain’s paintings/prints do not represent the Hindu, spiritual culture of India, but denigrate it, as is evident from the offense he has caused to the worldwide Hindu and spiritual community.

Hindus are very tolerant and have lived in harmony with other religious groups for millennia. We respect the freedom of artistic expression and encourage resolving conflicts through discussion. However, Hindus also expect that artists are cognizant of their social responsibility, and not denigrate the divine and create communal discord. Given Mr. Husain’s deliberate targeting of Hindu holy symbols for depicting in perverse ways, Hindus would strongly protest this exhibition glorifying his works. Hence, I urge you to reconsider displaying M. F. Husain’s works.

Looking forward to your understanding,

Yours Sincerely,
Chaitanya Dev,
A concerned Hindu.

Source : FHA

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