Regional Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan organized by HJS at Amravati

Dharmasatta and Rajasatta must cooperate for an ideal nation ! – Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkar, Vidarbha Rukmini Peeth, Kaundanyapur

(From left) Narendra Surve, Jagadguru Ramarajeshwar Mauli Sarkar, H.H. Ashok Patrikar

Amravati – ‘Sanghatan Shakti’ (the strength of unity) is the only solution to the many problems faced by the Hindus in the Kali Yuga. There are 4 lakh temples in the country. Through them, at least 4 lakh youth can be provided employment and hospitals, schools, Gurukuls can be built and maintained. For that, steps must be initiated to ensure temples are managed well. Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkar of Vidarbha Rukmini Pitha in Koundanyapur asserted that Dharmasatta (the seats of spiritual power) and Rajasatta (seats of political power) must come together to create an ideal nation. Jagadguru Mauli Sarkar provided His valuable guidance in the Regional Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan organized by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti here.

Hindus should unite against Islamic fundamentalism! – Gopalji Gupta, Vidarbha Prantpaalak of Hindu Jagran Manch

It is an eternal truth that India is a Hindu Rashtra; But Hindus need to wake up and abide by Dharma. There are many ideologies operating in India, like Communism, Casteism, Linguism, Maoism; but Islamic fundamentalism is the most dangerous one among them. For this, Hindus need to be awakened and organized to resist.

Hindu Rashtra will be established on the strength of Sadhana! – H.H. Ashok Patrikar, Sanatan Sanstha

Hindu Rashtra cannot be established on the strength of numbers, it requires Spiritual strength. God will surely come to our rescue, only if we become devotees. Hindu Rashtra will be established only on the strength of Sadhana.

It is necessary to awaken the Hindus who are influenced by the western culture! – H.H. Santosh Kumar Maharaj, Shivdhara Ashram, Amravati

Indian culture is under attack from various quarters. Hindus are being influenced by uncultured serials, films, advertisements on TV channels. Hindu temples are being taken over and their customs and traditions destroyed. Hindu children are being alienated from our own Dharma. The only solution to all these problems is Hindu Rashtra. So it is necessary to awaken the Hindus who are influenced by the western culture.

Integrating all sects is the first step of Hindu Rashtra! – Manav Buddhadev, Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti

There are many examples of how organized opposition can reverse the attacks on Dharma. Hindu Rashtra will be established on the foundation of Dharma and that alone will be the antidote to all the problems.

It is necessary to include ‘education on Dharma’ in the curriculum for Hindus! – Advocate Satish Upadhyay, Amravati

A graduate level course called ‘Islamic Studies’ is available for Muslims. There should be a similar course on Dharma for Hindus.

Dharma will be protected if spiritual prowess increase! – Prakash Sirwani, Sindhu Yuva Sabha

Sanatan Dharma is being divided. A concerted effort can prevent religious conversion. Along with spiritual practice, Hindus also have to pay attention to physical health.

Unification of Hindu organizations is necessary to make India a Vishwaguru! – Dr. Suresh Chikte, Vidarbha Prant Pramukh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Shri Krishna has given His word that God will rush to rescue His devotee; that is why God will definitely come to resolve the current crisis that Hinduism faces. You just need to unite. To bring together and awaken the Hindu society, the organizations devoted to serving Hinduism should work together.

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