Mumbai : Hindus sound clarion against NCERT and illegal loudspeakers

Mumbai : Goa, a small neighbouring State of Maharashtra, has changed the history from NCERT’s curriculum and included history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in detail by cutting down history of the Mughal invasions and thus paid tribute to Chhatrapati Shivaraya. Now, Maharashtra Government should include history of Chhatraparti Shivaji Maharaj, in detail, in NCERT’s text books before erecting the proposed huge memorial of Shivaraya and pay gratitude to him, demanded all pro-Hindu organizations during demonstrations staged on 22nd March at Azad Maidan.

Out of 154 pages of history book for 7th standard, NCERT has used most of the pages for publishing information on cruel Mughal kings invading Hindustan whereas history related to Chhatrapati Shivaraya has been given only in 6 lines; that too in distorted manner. Not a single picture of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has been published in this book though there is enough space. Millions of students are therefore, learning wrong history. State Governments have right to carry out changes in the curriculum of NCERT to the extent of 25%. As a result of agitations staged by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), the then Congress Government in Goa changed the whole text book; but nothing has been done despite follow up of 8 years with the Union and this State Government. It is so unfortunate for Maharashtra that Chhatrapati is being neglected in the land where he was born and he carried on his mission. The coalition Government of BJP – Shiv Sena referring to Chhatrapati as their ideal, in their canvassing for elections, should at least include history of bravery shown by Chhatrapati Shivaraya in text books, was the demand made by all ‘Hindutvavadis’.

Local administrations should take out loudspeakers from mosques before doing anything to Hindus’ temples ! 

The local administrations show promptness in branding many Hindus’ temples as unauthorized; followed with their demolitions as per Court’s orders; but despite Mumbai High Court’s orders, loudspeakers are not removed from mosques which are creating sound pollution. It is discrimination by the Government based on religion, double-standards and contempt of Court; therefore, the Home Ministry should first remove loudspeakers from mosques without falling prey to any pressurization tactics and later think about temples, was the warning given by ‘Hindutvavadis’.

Implement the ‘Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010’ for preventing extraction of excess money from patients !   

Huge amount of money is extracted from patients for carrying out various operations and medical examinations at exorbitant rates in medical field. The Union Government passed ‘Clinical Establishments (Registration & Regulation) Act, 2010 for stopping malpractices in the field; giving State Governments right to implement this Act. Accordingly, States like Karnataka, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Sikkim implemented this Act; but Maharashtra Government, which claims to be a progressive State, is overlooking this Act; so, this Act should be immediately implemented and patients should be spared with unreasonable payments. The above demand was also made during the demonstrations.

Participating organizations

Shri Shivapratishthan Hindustan, Shri Shivakarya Pratishthan, Swarajya Yuva Pratishthan, Shri Raigad Sanvardhan Pratishthan, Bharatiya Yuva Shakti, Hindu Rashtra Sena, Shri Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti, Shri Bajarang Seva Dal, Hindu Mahamandalam, Hindu Gou-vansh Raksha Samiti, Hindu Rashtra Janajagaran Samiti, Bajarang Dal, Shiv Sena, BJP, Sanatan Sanstha and HJS.

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