We have to work till Panun Kashmir and Hindu Rashtra is established : ‘Pujya’ Dr. Pingale

From left : Shri. Ramesh Shinde, Shri. Radhakrushnan, Shri. Tapan Ghosh, ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale, Shri. Pramod Mutalik, Adv. Chetana Sharma and Shri. Abhay Vartak

Faridabad (Haryana) : Bhagavan Shrikrushna asked Kauravas for 5 villages; but they refused and Mahabharata battle was fought. Similarly, we are demanding Panun Kashmir for Kashmiri Hindus (independent region in Kashmir for Hindus); but the Government is keeping mum. We do not yet consider it our defeat although Hindus were forced to run away from Kashmir. Working till establishment of Panun Kashmir and Hindu Rashtra is our responsibility, stated ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale, the national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) during a program held at Kashmir Bhavan, located in Sector 37, on behalf of ‘Youth for Panun Kashmir’ and ‘Kashmiri Pundits’ Welfare Association’. ‘Hindutvavadis’ and patriotic citizens coming from Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu attended the program. HJS held ‘FACT’, an exhibition, at the venue of the program which is based on the issue of displacement of Kashmiri Hindus. All dignitaries left for Jammu after the program where a meeting has been arranged under the movement called as ‘Ek Bharat Abhiyan’ for addressing problems faced by Kashmiri Hindus. Demands like creating ‘Panun Kashmir’, a region in Kashmir for rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus; bringing this region under purview of Indian Constitution; cancellation of article 370 and declaring 19th January as ‘Kashmiri Visthapan Din’ have been made through this movement.

Views expressed by dignitaries

1. Shri. Pramod Mutalik, Sriram Sena, Karnataka : It is not just a problem faced by Kashmiri Hindus but it is a problem faced by the country. Why were Hindus forced to leave Kashmir in 1999? Were they staging riots ? Or did they stock weapons in their homes ? They were forced to leave only because they were Hindus and this problem started all over the country. Movement like ‘Ek Bharat Abhiyan’ is required for the same.

2. Shri. Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Sanhati, Bengal : The population of Kashmir should be same as it was in 1947 and for that, if 15% Hindus need to shift to Kashmir, it has to be done. If fanatics are allowed to have one Kashmir in Kashmir, there will be many such Kashmirs created in this country.

3. Shri. Radhakrishnan, Shiv Sena, Tamil Nadu : Tamil Nadu is a spiritual region. Kanyakumari is the place of Bhagavati Devi. Similarly, Kashmir is the place of Saraswati Devi. We tried to create awareness in Tamil Nadu on issues related to Kashmiri Hindus because Bhagavati Devi and Saraswati Devi are the same which means we all Indians are one.

4. Advocate Chetana Sharma, Hindu Swabhiman, UP : Situation like Kashmir is now being created even in UP. Hindus have left Kairana. Such things are happening at places in other States also. In next ten years, Bharat will either be a Hindu Rashtra or a country without Hindus.

5. Shri. Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson, HJS : ‘Hindutvavadis’ from all over the country have united through the movement of ‘Ek Bharat Abhiyan’. This struggle will go on till the demand of Panun Kashmir is not fulfilled.

6. Shri. Abhay Vartak, national spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha : India’s Prime Minister is ‘Hindutvavadi’. We have expectations from him that he would create Panun Kashmir. A demand is going to be made with the Prime Minister for declaration of 19th January as ‘Black Day’. 19th January has already been declared as ‘Kashmiri Hindu Visthapana Din’ in Sanatan’s Panchang.

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