Goa Blast : NIA Chargesheet clears that there is no involvement of Sanatan Sanstha

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‘Sanatan is not involved, clear from the chargesheet filed by NIA !’

Declared 5 accused as absconding out of 11; clause of ‘Waging war against the Nation’ omitted

Margao (Goa): The National Investigating Agency (NIA) filed a chargesheet against 11 accused in the Sessions Court in conncetion with the bomb blast that had taken place near ‘J and N Butic’ shop, Reliance Trade Centre on the eve of Deepavali Festival and the explosives found in a vehicle at Sankwal. It may be mentioned here that there has been no reference of Sanatan Sanstha’s involvement anywhere in the chargesheet although the media has been blowing bugle against Sanatan Sanstha nor is there any mention about the issue as if it was inter-State level problem.

In this chargesheet, there are names of Malgonda Patil and Yogesh Naik who died in the blast; other than names of Vinay Talekar, Vinayak Patil, Dhananjay Ashtekar and Dilip Mangaonkar who are already in judicial custody; besides Jaiprakash alias Anna from Mangaluru, Rudra Patil from Sangli, Sarang Akolkar from Pune and Prashant Ashtekar and Prashant Juvekar have been included as accused. Out of the 11 chargesheeted persons, Jaiprakash, Rudra Patil, Sarang Akolkar, Prashant Ashtekar and Prashant Juvekar have been declared as absconding.

The Government pleader S. B. Faria associated with this case informed the media that none of the suspects in the custody has confessed to the crime. In the 30-page chargesheet against the accused under the clauses 120 (b), 121 (a) of Indian Penal Code, clauses 16, 18 and 23 under MP Act and under clauses 3,4 and 5 of ‘Explosive Substances Act’, various charges like carrying explosives, hatching plot and its implementation etc. have been levelled against the accused. There has been no mention of the charge of ‘Waging war against the Nation’ in the chargesheet. It has been mentioned in the chargesheet that Malgonda Patil and Yogesh Naik so also suspects Vinay Talekar, Vinayak Patil, Dhananjay Ashtekar and Dilip Mangaonkar were the seekers of Sanatan Sanstha. Late Malgonda Patil was a managing trustee of Sanatan Sanstha’s ‘Dharmaprasar Sabhas’. The motive behind the blast at Margao and holding explosives at Sankwal was to oppose the ‘Narakasur Pratima Competitions’ and to create fear among the citizens in this connection but there was no intention of creating communal disharmony.

On 24th and 25th August 2009, test of explosives was carried out behind the house of Lakshmikant Naik, the brother of Yogesh Naik at Talavali. In this test, except accused Prashant Juvekar, all other accused had taken part. Accused Dhananjay Ashtikar was at Sanatan’s printing press at Nesai for 10 days during June 2009. In this period, once he went to Ramnathi Ashram to meet Malgonda Patil. It has been mentioned in the chargesheet that the investigations are still going on and the information gathered in future will also be included in the chargesheet. 4000 ‘supportive documents’ have been annexed to the chargesheet. There are testimonies of 250 witnesses registered in the case. The case will be heard in the Sessions Court before Judge U. V. Bakre till a special court is set up in this case.

The accused Dilip Mangaonkar has applied for bail in the First Class Court at Vasco which will come up for hearing on 18th May.

NIA not mentioning about involvement of Sanatan in the chargesheet, is a slap on the face of all Sanatan–haters ! – Mr. Veerendra Marathe, Management Trustee, Sanatan Sanstha

We have been saying from the first day that we are nowhere involved in the Margao blast case. The Central Investigating Agency has now certified our position. Goa police confiscated many things including computer hard discs etc. from the ashram when they carried out search in Sanatan’s Ashram continuously for 3 days after the blast without giving any receipt for taking away the things. Shri. Pruthviraj Hazare as Editor of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ and I as management trustee along with 2 seekers were continuously interrogated for 5 days. Even the SIT (State Investigation Team) and NIA carried out inquiries and searches in the Sanatan Ashram for two days respectively. They not only checked data in the computers from different departments, papers related to the Trust and accounts of the Sanstha through their experts but also confiscated many things from the ashram. Inquiry was conducted of all seekers from the ashram and seekers doing ‘prasar-seva’ in various States. We have extended full cooperation to all the investigating agencies. After all these investigation, NIA has now reached to the conclusion that Sanatan Sanstha was in no way involved in the blast.The Congress leaders, media, Sanatan-haters, Bandoda Janajagruti Manch, ANS and other so-called progressive organizations and persons have directly got an answer through the chargesheet.

There was a ploy to involve Sanatan’s name right from the first day of the blast. It is now clear that it was a political ploy against Sanatan conniving with the police machinery and media. Such scheming politicians had created doubts among the common citizens from Goa towards a devout nationalist organization like Sanatan Sanstha engaged in spreading spirituality. Today’s events will clear even those doubts. Politicians like Shantaram Naik, who is so much possessed with Sanatan hatred, should now equally loudly shout and tell in the Upper House of the Parliament and in the society about the non-involvement of Sanatan in the case. In all these issues, people’s faith in Sanatan has, in fact, grown whereas all the scheming opponents have now no face to show. This was possible only because of the grace of Saints and God on us !   

The politicians constantly insulted Sanatan affecting adversely its virtuous mission of spreading spirituality. The statements made by the politicians showed their irresponsible behavior and deliberate defamation of Sanatan Sanstha. Now these politicians should own its responsibility and make good the losses. In this period of adverse 7 months, many hands were extended from Goa as also from other parts of the country to help Sanatan. We received the support from our well-wishers and devout and nationalist citizens which encouraged us to carry on our task. Sanatan Sanstha will always be grateful to all of them.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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