removed denigrated image of Krishna

Paush Krushna Dashami

By Staff Reporter


Success : Denigrated Image of Lord Krishna removed from News & Video on

By the grace of Lord Krishna & strong protest by Hindus worldwide, has completely removed the news & video which contained Denigrated Image of Lord Krishna.

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Denigartion of Lord Krishna by & IBN7

Jaunary 20, 2008

Face of Amir Khan embedded on the face of Lord Krishna

Face of Amir Khan embedded on the face of Lord Krishna

Hindus should protest against denigration of Lord Krishna by & IBN7. Hindus must force them to apologise to Hindus for denigrating Lord Krishna.

Contact Details of Protest:

Address: Web 18 Software Services Ltd.,
New Era House, Mughal Lane,
Matunga (West), Mumbai – 400016

Phone No. : +91 22 66184400

Network 18 owned website has denigrated Lord Krishna by embedding face of Amir Khan on the face of Lord Krishna in its news, at link shown below:


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