Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held successfully at Khed, Ratnagiri

Vaishakh Krushna Trutiya

Khed (Maharashtra): Anti-Hindu and anti-national painter like M F Hussain does not get punished in this country even after drawing obscene and indecent pictures of Hindu deities and ‘Bharatmata’ only because majority of Hindus are lifeless and spineless; in secular Government run by Congress, Muslims are deliberately rioting on the days of Hindu festivals and killing them; they have become so insolent that they do not spare even Hindu women. In States like Bengal and Kerala, only Hindus are being picked up and killed. In such situation, it is essential for Hindus to come together, get trained in matters related to Dharma and be prepared for protection of Dharma. A Dharma-jagruti Sabha was therefore, organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) to make an appeal to Hindus to unite. The meeting was held at Khed, at 6.30 p.m. on the grounds of Bus depot and was attended by about 2000 devout Hindus.

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting Samai

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting Samai

Inauguration of Display banner of 'Dharmashakti Sena' by Ganapat Yesare Maharaj

Inauguration of Display banner of ‘Dharmashakti Sena’ by Ganapat Yesare Maharaj

Among the dignitaries invited as speakers for the meeting were HBP. Ganapat Yesare Maharaj, Dy. Secretary of Warakari Sampradaya, Khed Taluka, Shri. Shashikant Chavan, district- chief of Shiv Sena, Dr. Narendra Date, Sanatan Sanstha, Shri. Vinay Panawalkar, chief of Dharma-shakti Sena and Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS for Western India. The ‘sabha’ started with blowing of conch and singing of ‘Sree Ganesha-stavan’. HBP. Ganapat Yesare Maharaj lighted the lamp to inaugurate the ‘sabha’. He also released the display banners of Dharma-shakti Sena established for creating strong and staunch nationalists and Dharmaveer. Thereafter, Yesare Maharaj and other speakers were felicitated. Shri. Rajaram Chaugule, correspondent of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ representing Ratnagiri district was also felicitated for his incessant task related to protection of nation and ‘Dharma-jagruti’. Members of audience were explained about the activities by HJS and various successful campaigns undertaken by HJS.

Felicitation of Shri. Rajaram Chaugule, Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Felicitation of Shri. Rajaram Chaugule, Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Speeches of Dignitaries

Be righteous and bring others on the same path – Dr. Narendra Date

Hindus have become indifferent towards their Dharma due to influence of western culture. They are also engrossed in running after worldly happiness leading to deterioration of Hindu Dharma. We experience things like fear, depression, sorrow etc. due to drifting away from the path of righteousness. If we want to improve the condition of people and nation, we need to chant the name of deity in whom we believes and work towards removal of personality defects and ego. They should celebrate festivals as prescribed in science with sincerity and interest. Every Hindu must undertake spiritual practice and make their fellow-beings understand the importance of spiritual practice as for bringing positive changes in the condition of nation and Dharma, everyone needs to undertake spiritual practice.

Every moment is like fighting a war for Hindus – Vinay Panawalkar

Hindu Dharma is being attacked from all sides. There are pictures and plays denigrating Hindu deities. Every year, about 8 lac Hindus are converted to other religions but our secular Government is going ahead with passing anti-Hindu Acts. Members of SIMI are all set to fight an undeclared war against our country. In such grave situation also, unfortunately, there is no awareness among Hindus. There are efforts to create a new Pakistan in India. Today, therefore, every moment is like fighting a war for Hindus. We have to be prepared for sacrifice for protection of nation and Dharma. We need to be strong and powerful like our ancient righteous kings and revolutionaries. Hindus must join the training classes started by ‘Dharma-shakti Sena’.

Hindu Dharmabhimanis present for Dharmajagruti Sabha

Hindu Dharmabhimanis present for Dharmajagruti Sabha

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