Review meeting after Hindu Dharma Jagruti Sabha at Yavatmal

Jeshtha Shuddha Pratipada

By Staff Reporter


Review meeting after Hindu Dharma Jagruti Sabha at Yavatmal

Yavatmal (Maharashtra): Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) had organized a ‘Dharma Jagruti Sabha’ at Yeotmal on 25th May. After the sabha, a review meeting was held with the devout Hindus interested in doing something for the Nation and Dharma. In this meeting held at Sree Rama Mandir in Tiwari Chowk, it was resolved to come together and form an action plan against assaults on Hindu Dharma.  Many dignitaries attending the meeting were happy about the outcome. The meeting was attended by about 60 devout Hindus. Next meeting has been planned on 15th June.

In the beginning, Shri. Pisolkar, coordinator of HJS for Vidarbha explained the objective of the meeting. An action plan was prepared to stop denigration of deities occurring at various places in the town. In the first part, it was decided to boycott all such products that have pictures of deities on the cover and make other Hindus aware of the issue.

Dharmajagruti Sabha held successfully at Yavatmal, Maharashtra

May 28, 2008

Vaishakh Krushna Ashtami

Yavatmal (Maharashtra): Hindu Dharma is confronted with so many adversities like denigration of Hindu deities, conversion of Hindus to other religions, Jihadi terrorism, blind following of Western Culture, rampaging naxalites etc. Hindus have lost their identity owing to lack of knowledge about their Dharma. Power-hungry government is bent upon destruction of Hindus and Hindu Dharma by supporting Jihadi Muslims, by passing anti-Hindu laws. At such time of crisis, it is necessary to give rigorous fight with heretics for existence of Hindu Dharma and to generate so much of power by creating awareness among Hindus so that these heretics are scared to death.


Hindu unity is the need of the hour and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has accepted this challenge with the cooperation of other Hindu Organizations leading to a kind of new energy among devout Hindus. After holding 41 ‘Hindu Dharma-jagruti Sabhas’ successfully in different States like Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, 42nd meeting in this chain was held at Yeotmal. There was very encouraging response from people to the said meeting held on the grounds of Abhyankar Girls School. The meeting was attended by about 3500 devout Hindus. All of them made a resolve to teach lesson to heretics.


Speeches of Dignitaries

Everyone must have faith and loyalty towards one’s nation and religion – Shri. Sanjaybhau Rathod, a Shiv Sena MLA

”I work for my nation and Dharma. Hindus will wake up only when they are cudgeled. Terrorism is rampant in every district; they are fully prepared whereas one would not find even a cane in house of a Hindu. I appeal to all Hindus that every one of us should have faith and be loyal to our nation and Dharma.”

Hindus pretending to be sleeping should be shaken up – Haribhau Rathod, MP, BJP

“Time has come to wake up Hindus. People in the villages will tell their caste but will not tell their ‘Dharma’. It is unfortunate that Hindus have to be reminded that they are Hindus. On one hand, Hindu deities are denigrated, laws are being passed to take over management of Hindu temples and on the other hand, Islamic terrorism is taking the whole world for a ride. Christians are offering monetary help for converting Hindus. We have to therefore, first eradicate poverty and ignorance of Hindus.” Shri. Rathod said that he may be called anytime when anyone comes to know about incidents of conversion of Hindus.
Guidance by speakers

Society which is not fighting against injustice deserves to be destroyed – Vinay Panawalkar

In Muslim countries, Hindus are prohibited from celebrating their religious festivals so also to even keep pictures of deities. There is no place for Hindus available in Pakistan even for cremation. In Bangla Desh, Hindu men have to wear ‘lungis’ and women can not apply ‘kumkum’. In our country, condition of Hindus is no good. NDF, an organization promoted by Marxists have started killing of Hindus. Naxalites have taken over control of 256 districts in this country. Banned Muslim organization ‘SIMI’ is preparing for starting internal war. We all i.e. rulers, administration everyone is responsible for this condition. We Hindus do not even retaliate.

Hindus’ selfish mentality is responsible for deteriorating condition of nation and Dharma – Nandkumar Jadhav

No one  is proud to be a Hindu. Anyone can say anything about Dharma. Even if obscene and denigrating pictures of Hindu deities and ‘Bharatmata’ are sold in the country and abroad, we impotent Hindus keep quiet. “I will think of only my happiness, let anything happen to the country or Dharma” , such selfish mentality of Hindus is responsible for such sorry state of Hindus.”. Shri. Nandkumar Jadhav, the ‘Prasar-sevak’ of Sanatan Sanstha expressed the above views. Our ancestors who were religiously following our customs and traditions with so much of faith were much happier than that we are today.  We have to therefore, not only spread Hindu Dharma but also follow the path of righteousness and spiritual practice.

Wherever there is Righteousness, there is ‘Dharma’ – Ramesh Shinde

Shiv Sena won the election in Thane. BJP is victorious in Karnataka. Such incidents are definitely encouraging and positive. We organized 5 ‘Dharma-jagruti sabha’ with the permission of Election Commission in Karnataka even when elections were due. Even in Thane, ‘Djarma-jagruti Sabha’ was held before elections. Therefore, I can say that wherever there is righteousness/ Dharma, there is victory. The time is now right for creating awareness among Hindus towards their Dharma.

Today, distorted history is taught to us. It is the ploy of this secular Government that no revolutionary or person like Sambhaji is born. This is affecting our youth and their capabilities. When we say that poverty can not be a reason for conversions, tell me, how many poor Muslims or Christians are converting to other religions? We have no pride towards out Dharma sue to lack of proper training.

Resolutions passed in Hindu Dharma-jagruti Sabha

  1. Cancel the project ‘Setu-samudram’ set up for destruction of ‘Ram-setu’ and declare ‘Ram-setu’ as national heritage.
  2. Anti-Hindu painter M F Hussain be declared as offender and be arrested immediately.
  3. Terrorist Mohammad Afzal be executed as per the verdict passed by the Supreme Court.
  4. Refugees from Kashmir be rehabilitated with honour in Kashmir
  5. Recitation of ‘Vande Mataram’ be made compulsory in all schools.

Other than the above, 4 more resolutions were also passed.

Hussain has to be executed ! – H.B.P. Narayan Maharaj Shinde

Among the converts, 85% are Hindus. Our style of speaking, behaving, wearing clothes etc. is responsible for our conversions. We have to first discard our habits. This Government has stopped selling cow’s milk but allowed to open shops selling liquor and motivated people to have drinks. Persons giving sermons on ‘Karma-vaad’ are sitting quietly in mutts and temples. A Sikh prime minister supposed to be protector of Hindu Dharma ids dancing to the tune of a foreigner lady. Hussain has to be hanged. If you are incapable, give us powers and we will do it.

Meeting to remain active for protection of Dharma
HJS will be holding a meeting on 29th May 2008 at Sreeram Temple, Tiwari Chowk, Yeotmal at 7.00 p.m. for motivating devout Hindus to remain active towards protection of Dharma. An appeal has been made to all devout Hindus to attend the same I large numbers.


  • 25 Muslim youth were standing near the entrance gate of the meeting and left once the meeting was started.
  • Few Hindus were walking out when ‘Vande Mataram’ was sung to conclude the meeting when HBP Shinde Maharaj declared that one who is a Hindu will not leave. Nobody then moved from his place till ‘Vande Mataram’ was over.

Yavatmal: Meeting of Hindus for planning of Dharmasabha

May 20, 2008

Vaishakh Krushna Pratipada

Yavatmal (Maharashtra):
Hindu Janjagruti Samiti has organized ‘Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha’ on Ground of Abhyankar Girls’ School on 25th May 2008. Fourth meeting was held in Yavatmal as a part of preparation of forthcoming Dharmajagruti Sabha.

Shri. Shrikant Pisolkar, Nagpur District Co-ordinator, HJS explained the need of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha. Then Ha.Bha.Pa. Prabhudas Maharaj Shirbhate and Shri. Bansod, Gayatri Pariwar conducted further proceedings.

Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha is conducted to fight against the attacks on Hindu Dharma like proposed Anti-Faith Bill, Jihadi Terrorism, Conversions of Hindus. Many Hindus offered Financial help and manpower for the ‘prasar’ activities like printing posters, hordings and handbills for Sabha. It was also decided to approach Temples and other mediums for prasar of sabha.


  • Hindus present for meeting admired street play on ‘Hindus, stop denigartion of Hindu Deities’ by Child seekers of Sanatan Sanstha
  • Devout Hindus taken responsibility to distribute handbills and many of them also demanded posters for prasar.

Dignitaries present for meeting

Shri. Ramdas Khobragade, BJP; Shri. Gopal Ghodmare, BJP; Shri. Sagar Hite, MNS; Shri. Santosh Doijad, MNS; Shri. Manish Kate, MNS; Shri. Dilip Sagare, Shiv Sena; Shri. Rajesh Kohare, Shiv Sena; Shri. Vankar, Shri. Santosh Raut, Shri. Pravin Umasar, Shri. Charan Dani, Shri. Pravin Dani, Shri. Rajesh Gaurakhade, Shri. Gangadhar Gulhane, Shri. Prashant Dagawar, Shri. Santosh Harshe , Shri. Dilip Ajmire, Shri. Ghawade, Shri. Nagose, Shri. Bajait, Shri. Jawadekar, Shri. Zade, Mrs. Sudha Fede, Smt. Yerawar, Smt. Galagalikar

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