Decision to establish the Ramrajya in Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha at Gadag, Karnataka

Chaitra Shuddha Ekadashi

By Staff Reporter

Compared to the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s activities in Maharashtra, the activity in Karnataka has begun very recently on a very small scale. Yet, the Dharmajagruti Sabha in Gadag saw an attendance of more than five thousand in a place where greater than 30% of the two lakh population is non-Hindu. This is an indication that due to the blessings of saints, the Samiti’s work is gaining momentum very fast. It also shows that like the Hindus in Maharashtra, the Hindus of Karnataka have also developed a strong faith on the Samiti.

Gadag (Karnataka): On the auspicious occasion of Sriramanavami, devout Hindus here resolved to establish the Ramrajya, combating the attacks on Hindu dharma, during the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held on the grounds of the ‘Model High School’, located on the Rani Chennamma Road. Today, there is an increasing proportion of activities like religious conversion of the Hindus (in spite of them being the majority community), attacks on temples, desecration of idols of deities etc..; at the same time the, our rulers show an apathy to take action against the anti-Hindus who indulge in such activities.

Due to all these factors and the lethargy of the Hindu society, today, the Hindu dharma is under attack from all quarters. Hence, for the preservation of the Hindu dharma, and to ensure that people abide by Dharma, uniting the Hindus is the need of the hour. In this context, in order to bring about an awakening of Dharma in the Hindus, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti conducted the first public Dharmajagruti Sabha in Karnataka, which was attended by over five thousand devout Hindus.

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting samai

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting samai

The programme began with the recitation of the Vedamantras on the dais by a group from the Vedapathashala ‘Agadi Anand Van’, comprising of Shri. Manjunath Sharma, Shri. Girish Sharma, Shri. Yogesh Sharma and Shri. Vinayak Nadgeer. This was followed by a lighting of the lamp by Pujya Nirbhayananda Swamiji of the Sri Ramakrishna Math. Other members on the dais included Shri. Vinod Kamat of Sanatan Sanstha, Shri. Mohan Gowda of the Dharmashakti Sena and Shri. Shivanand Prabhu, Karnataka State spokesperson of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Following the felicitation of the dignitaries on the dais, the Gadag Kendra spokesperson of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Shri. Kallangowdar provided information to the audience regarding the activities carried out by the Samiti to bring about Dharmajagruti. The anchoring of the entire programme was done by Sau. Meera Kari and Shri. Swayamprakash Bankapur.

Speeches of Dignitaries

Free Bharatmata from bondage! – Pujya Sriman Niranjan Pranav Swaroopini Sri Dingaaleshwar Swamiji, Dingaaleshwar Math

The slogan ‘Bharatmata ki Jay’ has today become very superficial, it no longer emerges from deep within. Ours is the only country which considers the country as our mother; hence, not rushing to her rescue when she is in trouble, is like betraying our own mother. Today, no Bharatiya shows apathy regarding his duty to the nation. We come across many who roam around in ochre robes, but none who works like Ramdas Swami. Women no longer instill the right values in their children like Jeejau did with Shivaji. What exactly the tilak-sporting Hindutva activists do everyday for Dharma, is highly questionable. This situation has to change, Bharatmata has to be freed from bondage. The only periodical that inculcates the spirit of Hindutva, teaches Dharma and inspires society into action is Sanatan Prabhat.

Hindus, do not live like a goat – Pujya Nirbhayanand Swamiji, Sri Ramakrishna Math.

Look at Lord Rama as if looking into a mirror. Compare your qualities with His; this mirroring will make you introspect. Do not lead a goat’s life, or terrorism, poverty and inconsiderateness are going to increase. If a hundred devout Hindus unite, the entire world can change. The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti inspires confidence, how to unite Hindus can be learnt from them. This massive gathering here today is the result of their expertise in this field.

The revolutionaries who sacrifice everything become immortal! – Shri. Shivanand Prabhu

Since the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is not a political party, we neither comment about others, nor do we make false promises. Those who make promises actually entrap society in Maya. The Bhagavad Geeta says, ‘Praapanaat Sarva Bhogaanam, Parityaago Vishishyate’– that is, there is bliss in the sacrifice of material pleasures rather than in their enjoyment. It is the selflessly sacrificing revolutionaries and not selfish leaders whose names become immortal. We have before us the ideal of Subash Chandra Bose, who said, ‘Give me blood, I will give you freedom’. If we act accordingly, it will be a form of collective spiritual practice that will help in our spiritual progress and also benefit the Nation and Dharma. Today, the Hindu Dharma is in grave danger. In spite of the court order permitting Hindus to perform ritualistic worship at the Datta peetha in Chikamagalur, the government does not allow us to do so. The Hindus should now fight unitedly against all such attacks on the Hindu Dharma!

Hindus should give up their ‘frog in the well’ attitude! – Shri. Vinod Kamath, Sanatan Sanstha

Presently, there is no one with pride in the Hindu Dharma. Anyone can say anything about the Hindu Dharma, draw obscene, derogatory paintings of our Hindu deities and Bharatmata, exhibit and sell them all over the world, and yet, we keep silent like the eunuch. All Hindus have a ‘frog in the well’ attitude that ‘Even if Dharma is torn apart, I will think of and be engrossed in my own happiness. Hence, they do no retaliate in response to any attack on the Nation and Dharma. As a result, the damage to our Nation and Dharma is increasing everyday. To curb this, it is imperative that the Hindus should take to spiritual practice and abiding by Dharma. This will increase their spiritual power and help them perform the mighty task of Hindu Dharmarakshan.

Protection of the Nation and Dharma is goal of the Dharmashakti Sena! – Shri. Mohan Gowda

Presently, the Hindu Dharma is under attack by the traitors to the Nation and Dharma through activities like terrorism and religious conversion; due to degrading moral values, the proportion of crime has gone up. Due to a lack of strength, the common man who cannot combat this situation is falling prey to it. In this scenario, the Dharmashakti Sena was established on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padva with the goal of opposing injustice, becoming physically self sufficient and uniting like minded people to work for protecting the Nation and Dharma. Branches of the Dharmashakti Sena were commissioned at 16 places in the states of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka on this day. In order to make the Hindus strong and aggressive, the Dharmashakti Sena will provide training regarding topics like ‘How to act unitedly in disaster situations’, ‘How to protect oneself and society’, and also training in fire fighting and administration of first aid.

Highlights of Sabha

  • Devout Hindus coming for sabha from various locations were shouting slogans as ‘Har Har Mahadev‘ and ‘Bharatmata ki Jai‘.
  • Many devout Hindus themselves came to fix the posters of Dharmajagruti Sabha on their vehicles.

Visible participation of Rickshaw drivers in publicity of the Dharmajagruti Sabha

The posters advertising the Dharmajagruti Sabha had been fixed to 200 rickshaws of Gadag; a few of the rickshaw drivers themselves came to the Sanatan Seva Kendra to take the flag and poster of the Sabha. When questioned about this, they firmly said, ‘The Muslim rickshaw drivers put up the flags and posters of their events, hence, we too are doing this.’ (How many Hindus have a similar pride in Dharma? – Editor)

Co-operation for Sabha

Shri. Mrutyunjay Sankeshwar made arrangement of accommodation for members of HJS who came from outside the town for Sabha. He helped to arrange lunch for more than 400 members of HJS and also provided space for Computing works & Broadband Internet.

Other exhibitions and stalls at the venue

A first aid cell was set up by the Dharmashakti Sena.
The FACT photo-exhibition ‘The gory truth of terrorism’, showcasing the atrocities perpetrated on Hindus in Kashmir and Bangladesh, was also put up. An exhibition of holy texts on spirituality, Nation, Dharma, Ayurveda and knowledge of the subtle world was set up by Sanatan Sanstha, which also included the exhibition of the satvik products it manufactures.

Special counseling cell

  • A special cell was set up, providing information regarding the website engaged in spiritual research,
  • A ‘Mahaan Bharatiya Sanskruti’ and ‘Balsanskar’ cell was also set up, which had the child seekers of Sanatan Sanstha’s Balsanskar classes dressed in traditional attire, raising educative slogans regarding the importance of Dharmashikshan.

Spiritual significance of the town of Gadag

Gadag town is the birthplace of the great writer Shri. Kumar Vyas, who translated the Sanskrit ‘Mahabharata’ of Maharishi Vyasa into Kannada. Gadag was ruled by the emperors of Rashtrakoot, Chalukya and Vijaynagar. This town has been rendered holy by the presence of the ancient, magnificently huge and wealthy temples of ‘Veeranarayan’ and ‘Trikuteshwar’, which prospered during the rule of these emperors.

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