Fact Exhibition held at Gadag (Karnataka)

By Staff Reporter

Gadag (Karnataka):  On 26th, 27th & 28th of January HJS organised ‘FACT’ exhibition in Sree Jagadguru Panchacharya Mangalya Mandir in the city. Pujyaneeya Sharane Neelamma Tai inauguarated the function by lightining the lamp. Rashrtiya Hindu Sena President and also Sree Rama Sena President Shri. Pramod Mutalik inaugurated the chart exhibition. Chairman of Merchant’s Liberal Co-operative Bank also BJP activist Shri. S. B. Sankannavar inauguarated the CD exhibition. Shri. Basappa Malladad, president of Sree Jagadguru Panchacharya Mangalya Mandir and Shri. Vinod. Kamath, HJS spokesperson were also present. All the 3 days exhibition was open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm. Atleast 2000 people visited the exhibition.

Shri S. B. Sankannavar during his speech said “ Such exhibitions are very much required to change the present condition of Hindus. Same situation will be faced by Hindus if we don’t unite and act now’’.

 Shri. Basappa Malladad said, “ Such activities of HJS are commendable. I have been giving my hall for them to do such activities. Its importnt for such awakenning activies to take place in current situation”.

Shri. Pramod Mutalik while explaining about atrocities going on Hindus and Hindu dharma said “ Selfish politicians are responsible for current situation. Our country is split because of their deeds. There is no meaning in sitting quiet inspite of such things going on. Now a days its tough to walk alone in the city. The disgraceful thing is a muslim can stay alone among group of ten Hindus whereas a Hindu is not capable of being alone among group of ten muslims. There have been many terrible incidents going on but media is least bothered to make any news about such incidents. Neither government nor any political party took care of such incidents. Any political party or their government is not going to protect us. We can think of surviving if we unite and act now else our destuction is for sure”.

HJS spokesperson Shri. Vinod Kamath said “ Watching such pictures will increase introspection and will help increase seriousness about terrorism. 4 lakh Kashmiri Hindus never thought that they will be houseless and bankrupt one day and staying in tents after few years. Similarly will be our condition if we don’t get serious atleast now”.

Pujya shivasharane Neelamma tai said “Hindus are split into different casts. They feel their cast to be great. They are trying to wipe out other cast or creed whrereas nobody sees that they themselves are getting destroyed with such acts”. She also said she admired few of the sayings from sanatan prabhat weekly magazine from Sanatan Sanstha.

Visitors opinions:

  • Mallu H Gollar –  My blood was boiling after going through exhibition. I will try to participate in your activities and create awareness among people.
  • Dharmabhimani – Politicians are the main cause for such happenings. We should be very alert while electing our leaders. Hope Hindus will atleast unite through such exhibitions. First of all, all the organisations like RSS, VHP, Bhajarangadal, Shivasene, Sree Ramasene and many other prominent organisations should get united.

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