Hindu unity blown in ‘Dharmajagruti Sabha’ at Amravati

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Huge audience of Hindu Dharmabhimanis present for Dharmajagruti Sabha

Huge audience of Hindu Dharmabhimanis present for Dharmajagruti Sabha

Amaravati (Maharashtra): All devout Hindus present in the ‘Dharmajagruti Sabha’ resolved to come together for protection of Hindu Dharma. In the background of recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’, playing of clarinet, acclamation of Hindu Dharma and inspiring speeches by devout Hindus, the audience was very much moved and motivated and all 7000 members of audience decided to come together and participate in the activities related to protection of Dharma.

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting samai

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting samai

The ‘Sabha’ was held on Dassera Grounds and was addressed by Ha. Bha. Pa. Padmakar Maharaj Deshmukh, the chief of Akhil Bharateeya Warakari Mandal, Vidarbha, Shri. Anantrao Gudhe, Shiv Sena MP, Shri. Arunbhau Adsad, ex-MLA, Shri. Vinay Panawalkar of Sanatan Sanstha and Shri. Ramesh Shinde of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). The ‘sabha’ started with recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’ by Brahma-vrunda and Ha. Bha. Pa. Padmakar Maharaj Deshmukh lighted the lamp. Shri. Yogesh Malokar of HJS explained the background of setting up HJS and introduced the audience to its activities.

Today we need a valiant king like Chhatarpati Shivaji Maharaj who was brave enough to even milk a tigress – Ramesh Shinde

The Government offered financial aid of Rs. 5 lacs per affected person in Malegaon riot; but the Hindus who suffered in Achalpur riots were declared an aid of Rs.20,000/- per person by the Government and not a single dime has yet been received by any of them. In Bhiwandi, 2 policemen were killed; but no police chowki has been set up so far. How will the Government safeguard our interest when it did not protect its own Hindu policemen? Shivaji Maharaj is our ideal. Today we need a valiant king like him who could milk even a tigress. We do not need those who offer their other cheek when they get slapped on one. We need to be fearless and should have so much of courage that we should be able to thrash the other who would try to slap us. We have to be properly armed and equipped.

Till Hindus do not exhibit their power, the assaults on Dharma will go on – Anantrao Gudhe, MP

New year is celebrated on the eve of 31st December instead of on ‘Gudhi Padva’. Hindus are getting deeply involved in Western Culture. They are forgetting their own culture, moral values and blindly following Westerners. Hindus no longer have the fighting spirit. Their temples are getting destroyed. Earlier, Sree Ram Temple was demolished and now, the Government wants to demolish ‘Ram-setu’. If such situation continues, one day, Hindus will be driven out of this country. Therefore, such assaults will go on if Hindus do not show their strength. All of us, Hindus, should come together and support HJS activities.

Anti-Hindu Government asks for proof of ‘Ram-setu’ – Arunbhau Adsad, Ex-MLA, BJP

     In this country, a person like M F Hussain is given the highest award despite his drawing nude pictures of Goddess Seeta. There can not be anything more disgraceful than this. In this country, proof is demanded for existence of ‘Ram-setu’. In this country, Government sanctions aid of Rs. 1869 crores for madarassas that are involved in anti-national activities and in creating hatred among children towards other religions. Is it right to woo Muslims so much?

One gains strength by following the path of righteousness

It is necessary to grow our strength for protection of nation and Dharma; but people are not doing any kind of sadhana / spiritual practice and they have become lifeless. The only remedy is to practice spirituality and follow righteous path. Today we have no pride for our Dharma; we have become narrow minded and think only about self and our family. We have become weak. Attacks on Dharma in various forms are growing and we have accepted it owing to influence of Western culture; but our older generations used to be happier because they were following our customs and rituals. Rituals are the base of individual’s spiritual practice. Following the path of righteousness makes one and even society stronger.

Hindus would become minority in a decade – Pujya Padmakar Maharaj Deshmukh

It is a matter of shame that Hindu Janajagruti Sabha has to be held in Hindustan for creating awareness among Hindus towards their Dharma. Post-independence, population of Muslims has grown from 3 crores to 30 crores whereas population of Hindus has become only double from 30 crores to 60 crores. If same situation persists, within a decade, Hindus will not only become a minority; but could be slaughtered in their own houses. I appeal to the Government that they should check all our temples and if they find even a single weapon, I am ready to cut my tongue; but if it is proved that there are no weapons in madarassas, I am ready to be even hanged. The money donated to madarassas is used only for terrorist activities.

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