FACT Exhibition in Kunigal (Karnataka)

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Seeker Shri. Suresh explaining exhibition to administrative staff, Shri. Narasimhaiah who inaugurate

Seeker Shri. Suresh explaining exhibition to administrative staff, Shri. Narasimhaiah who inaugurate

Kunigal (Karnataka): During the Taluka Level Art and Science Exhibition conducted at the Jnyanabharati School in Kunigal, Karnataka, a FACT exhibition was held in the same premises on behalf of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. This programme was inaugurated at 11.30 am by the lighting of the lamp by one of the administrative staff, Shri. Narasimhaiah. About 750 students and 80 teaching staff and parents attended this exhibition. The school management and the teaching staff provided a lot of support for conducting this exhibition.

Students viewing the exhibition

Students viewing the exhibition

Opinions of visitors

  1. Suhas, Deepak, Manohar, Class 9 students: Just as the Pakistanis train Jihadis, we too should provide training to enable the protection of our country.
  2. Kirti Kumar, Sridhar: The violent Muslims of Pakistan should be killed with the help of global organizations. Pakistan should be wiped off from the world map. From a young age itself, we should inculcate the qualities of patriotism, a willingness to give up even one’s life for the nation, unity and courage.
  3. Ravi Kumar, Kiran Kumar: Hindus should fight with the Muslims and send them away from India. Or else, they will come to each and every village and torture the Hindus and wipe off all Hindus.
  4. Sanjay, Ravi: A peaceful battle should be waged against Pakistan and Bangladesh. If they do not bow down, we should take on the path of bloodshed as shown by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Nanasaheb and Dadabhai Navroji. Because the Hindus are peace-loving, they are being tortured in this way by violent people. 
  5. Cheluva Gowda, Ravi: Seeing this exhibition has been a heart rending experience. We felt as if the torture and violent acts perpetrated on the Kashmiri Hindus have happened right in front of our eyes. To combat this problem, we should work unitedly, irrespective of caste and creed.
  6. Bhagya: In order to combat terrorism, we should try to develop the feeling that we are one even in the Muslims.
  7.  Abdul Asif: There should not be Bloodshed by seeing this pictures. Love for one’s religion should not be so intense as to harm others. All Muslims are not behaving like this, only a few fanatics indulge in such inhuman acts. We have to fight such acts unitedly, without fear and being prepared for major sacrifices.
  8. Rakshit, II PUC, Sarvodaya College, Tumkur, Karnataka: I have a lot of information about Jihad. I have read the book written by Biligere titled, ‘Muslim’. Please arrange this exhibition in our college, too.


  1. Many students were grouping together to discuss their opinions and then filling in the feedback forms.
  2. When a D. Ed. College student, Riyaz, expressed the opinion that Kashmir should be given away to the Pakistanis since they are indulging in such gory acts for it, Proud Hindu Sindhu emphatically asked him, “Today they are asking for Kashmir, tomorrow if they ask for Karnataka, will you give it away? Should we become slaves to them?

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