More than 8000 Hindus united in HJS’s Jalgaon Dharmasabha!

By Staff Reporter

Inauguration of Dharma Jagruti Sabha by lighting the deep

Inauguration of Dharma Jagruti Sabha by lighting the deep

Jalgaon (Maharashtra): There is a saying that ‘Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitha’ which means God protects those who protect Dharma. It is observed that presently there have been instances of attack on Hindu Dharma from all sides. The main reason for this is lack of unity among Hindus and unrighteous behaviour. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has been organizing meets in different cities in Maharashtra and Goa with an aim of uniting Hindus to fight against unrighteousness and create spiritual power in them. In this series of meets, a meet was held at Jalgaon that invoked unprecedented positive response. The meeting was held at ‘Shivateertha’, G.S. Grounds and was attended by more than 8000 people. The meeting started with recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’ and lighting of lamp at the hands of Pujya Acharya Janardana Maharaj. 

Hindus have to stir themselves and arouse their blood : Shri. Gulabrao Patil, Shiv Sena MLA

Christians never convert to Islam nor Muslims convert to Christianity; but Hindus adopt Christianity or convert to Islam. We Hindus have to learn from them to have pride in our own Dharma. I am mortified by the fact that Hindus are ashamed to proclaim themselves as Hindus; however, the situation so demands and I had to say it. We should also have missionaries like the ones prevalent in Christianity. Christians are always chanting the name of Lord Jesus then why can’t we chant the name of Lord Krushna? Nobody is interested in taking initiative to bring back Hindus who have been converted to other religions. We have forgotten that blood flowing through our veins is Hindu blood. We have to awaken Hindus to this fact, shake them up and all of us should try to spread Hinduism.

Everyone must devote a few hours daily for activities related to Dharma : Shri. Ramesh Shinde, Maharashtra State Spokesperson, HJS

Having pride in one’s Dharma is the foundation for being nationalistic. This foundation has, however, become precarious and therefore, condition of our nation and moreover that of Hindu Dharma, has become very dreadful leading to the risk of obliteration of Hindu Dharma. In such case, highest spiritual knowledge acquired by mankind can get destroyed and then, there would be no one to show us the path of liberation. Therefore, all of you who have come here to attend this meet, have taken the first step on the said path. It is the need of the hour that all of us devote a few hours daily for the cause so that the nation and Dharma come out of present pathetic condition and regain their past glory.

Huge audience of Hindu Dharmabhimanis present for Dharmasabha

Huge audience of Hindu Dharmabhimanis present for Dharmasabha

The mission is not only of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti but of all Hindus : Shri. Eknath Khadase, BJP MLA

Every Hindu present here is a manifestation of Hindu school of thoughts. There was only Hindu Dharma that existed since ancient times and other religions came into being much later. Activities of HJS involve resistance to attacks on Hindu culture; oppose denigration and mental oppression of Hindus. Sonia is a foreigner; she does not know the significance of Rama but what about other Indian leaders? Why Congress fails to understand what even poor people of this country can? It is our duty to oppose such acts that are against our Dharma. Here, an idol of Lord Krushna is in police custody. If all Hindus gathered over here go to police station, police might have to release the idol. It is not the job of HJS alone to unite Hindus but all Hindus should work towards it.

Active participation by Shiv Sena and BJP members

Members of Shiv Sena and BJP actively participated in organization of the ‘Dharma Jagruti Sabha’. The members were present at the venue of the meeting since morning for helping in the arrangements. All were working together as a team forgetting their political differences for the cause as they believed in HJS.

Cut off hands of those who are criticizing our deities : H.B.P. Bharat Maharaj

Warakaris have associated Dharma with ethics; Dharma without ethics is Unrighteousness and ethics against Dharma is immoral. We shall cut off hands of those who criticize our deities. The activities taken up by HJS for awakening people are excellent and we shall always support these activities.

Keep politics away from Hindu unity : Shri. Haribhau Javale, BJP MLA

I was the first person to raise issue related to ‘Ram-setu’ in Parliament. HJS is not alone; but we are also with them. We have to keep away politics and work for Hindu unity. We have started agitation against conversion of tribal from Satpura. Hindus need saints like Jagatguru Narendracharyaji Maharaj who has undertaken the mission of re-converting and taking back Hindus.

Muslims have no right to live in this country if they don’t want to acknowledge ‘Vande Matram’ : Shri. Girish Mahajan, BJP MLA

Everyone feels the need to awaken Hindus; but there is no proper platform. In case one gets a chance, people’s participation is lacking. We talk about equality of religions; but in Kashmir, pundits are being killed everyday. Nobody is bothered about the bomb blasts taking place so frequently. Mahammad Afzal was convicted by the Court but he has not yet been hanged due to political reasons. M.F. Hussain is still absconding. The cause for such condition is lack of devotedness towards our Dharma. Muslims are not ready to sing ‘Vande Mataram’. What right do they have to live in this country?

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