#BoycottPK : HJS’ widespread agitations against the anti-Hindu movie

All films with any ‘Khan’ in lead role should be boycotted ! – Anil More, Bajrang DalBJP-Ke-Dr.-Upendra-Dahake


BJP’s Thane City Deputy Chief Dr. Upendra Dake addressing the Andolan

Thane (Maharashtra) – Anti-Hindu film ‘PK’ justifies ‘love jihad’. On Hindus’ money, films of these fanatic heroes do big business. In fact, it is the hidden agenda of their films; therefore henceforth, Hindus should boycott films with any Khan as heroes. Shri. Anil More of Hindu Chetana Mandal sponsored by Bajarang Dal made the above appeal on 1st January during demonstrations held outside Thane (W) railway station. Members of many pro-Hindu organizations from Thane district; besides members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) Shri. Balwant Pathak, renowned author and speaker Shri. Durgesh Parulkar, Sou. Shughangi Khandekar, President of ‘Daksha Mahila Mancha’; Shri. Harishchandra Pande of Yoga Vedanta Samiti, Shri. Manoj Surve of Hindu Samrajya Sena, Bajarang Dal’s Shri. Sujit Gupta, Shri. Vijay Khandale, Shri. Gayadhar Warik of RSS, Shri. Kailas Jadhav and Shri. Rajesh Mishra of Swadeshi Prachar Samiti participated in the demonstrations. Many resolutions were passed with acclamation of ‘Hara Hara Mahadev’.

 Views expressed by dignitaries

1. Shri. Ajay Sambhus, HJS : Pakistan is aware of the fact that she cannot win actual war with India; therefore, organizations like ISI are attacking our culture through medium of films. We should make united efforts in bringing ban on such films.

 2. Shri. Vikram Bhoir, VHP: Amir Khan need not tell us why we go to temples. All controversial parts from the film have to be removed.

3. Ms. Sunita Patil, Sanatan Sanstha : Producers and directors of such films live in India. Films are made using money of our own people and still they insult Hindu Dharma.

4. Dr. Upendra Dahake, Dy. City-Chief, BJP : This film has received money from terrorists; therefore, everyone associated with the film should be charged with treason.

5. Shri. Rohan Shinde, Navashakti Mitra Mandal : Such attacks will occur till Hindus are not united and therefore, Hindus should unite.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Agitation against film PK; now Hindus need to undertake drive even against film Bajarangi Bhaijaan ! – H. B. P. Jitesh Maharaj


Jalgaon (Maharashtra) – All Hindus should boycott film PK; henceforth, such cultural attacks will not be tolerated. Hindus should be ready to strongly oppose forthcoming film titled ‘Bajarangi Bhaijaan’ which glorifies love jihad. The above appeal was made by H. B.P. Jitesh Maharaj from Mhasavad. All Hindus should boycott film PK and be ready to stage agitation even against film ‘Bajarangi Bhaijaan’. He was addressing demonstrators during Rashtriya Hindu Andolan held at 10.00 a.m. near Municipal Corporation. The demonstrators expressed their opposition by throwing shoes at the symbolic effigy of film PK. H.B.P. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Patil, H.B.P. Varsalekar Maharaj, Sanatan Sasntha’s H. H. Nandkumar Jadhav were present to bless the agitation. BJP’s District Secretary Shri. Sunil Mali, Shri. Sudhir Kokate of Jaihind Group, Shri. Padmakar Jain of Hindu Mahasabha, Shri. Kapil Thakur of Swarajya Nirman Sena, Shri. Dattatreya Waghulde of Sanatan Sanstha, Shri. Uday Badgujar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and 100 devout Hindus participated in the demonstrations. A representation was submitted to Dy. District Collector Shri. Dhananjay Nikam on the occasion.  

 Views expressed by dignitaries

 1. H.B.P. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Patil : Boycott films of all Khans and continuously oppose such films.

2. H. H. Nandkumar Jadhav : It is our appeal to dissolve the Central Film Censor Board granting certification of release to such anti-Hindu films; boycott all films of Amir Khan and deposit income earned from this film in Government coffers.

3. Shri. Sudhir Kokate : BJP’s CM who has promised people of ‘good days’, should take action against this film; else Hindus will think that they have no savior and would have to give a fight with all their might.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Mounting fury against film PK !


Amir Khan should make a film against Islam if he has guts ! – Munishri Tarunsagar Maharaj

New Delhi – There is opposition to film ‘PK’ all over India for it being anti-Hindu; now even Jain Saint Munishri Tarunsagar Maharaj has raised objection to this film. He has made an appeal to Amir Khan to show his guts by making a film against Islam in Karachi. Maharaj said, “Films are made for entertainment of people and it is wrong to hurt religious sentiments through films. Hindus are tolerant; therefore, anyone and everyone is seen making mockery of their seats of faith. Hindus should raise voice against such injustice. Today, we see Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking a broom in his hand to clean area; but it is the duty of every citizen. The Prime Minister should clean the dirt in the form of corruption spread all over the country.

Screening of ‘PK’ stopped by Bajarang Dal in Panvel (Mumbai) !

Panvel –  Indian culture and Sanatan Vedic Dharma have been attacked through Hindi film PK; therefore, the screening of this film should be stopped, was the demand made by activists of Bajarang Dal and VHP, forcing to stop shows of this film going on in theatres at Panvel and New Panvel. (Devout Hindus opposing anti-Hindu films are the true strength of Hindu Dharma ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Parbhat)

Shows of this film were stopped at Rupali Theatre in Panvel and Cineraj Theatre at New Panvel. Representations were submitted at Panvel city police station and Tehsildar’s office holding intense demonstrations. Representation was submitted to Tehsildar Pawan Chandak demanding ban on the film ‘PK’ all over Maharashtra. H.B.P. Dinesh Maharaj Mate, Shri. Subhash Kadav from Bajarang Dal along with their activists were present on the occasion.

 Pusad (Yavatmal, Maharashtra) : Youth protest against ‘PK’ leading to cancellation of its shows !

 Pusad – Representation was submitted to Dy. Zonal Officer Chandrakant Jaju by city youth demanding ban on anti-Hindu film ‘PK’. The youth also requested owner of Rajkumar Theatre to stop the shows of this film as a result he cancelled the shows. (Congratulations to local youth from Pusad for opposing anti-Hindu film PK ! Youth from all places need to follow the example of youth from Pusad ! Hindus should offer gratitude to God for this success ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
Demonstrations against ‘PK’ at Akola (Maharashtra)


Akola – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and all pro-Hindu organizations staged demonstrations at Ratanlal Plot Chowk on 31st December from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.  against anti-Hindu film ‘PK’. Later, a representation was submitted to the District Collector warning to intensify agitations if shows of the film were not stopped. Dr. Pravin Chavan, Central Zone Chief of VHP, Shri. Manish Khanchandani of Patanjali Yoga Vedanta Samiti, Gou-rakshaks viz. Shri. Paramjeet Singh Ghuman, Shri. Ashwin Pande, Hindu –Surya Sena’s Shri. Krushna Gurukhudde, Shri. Zaparde, Vande Matarm Group’s Shri. Suhas Save, Shri. Sunil Patil, H.B.P. Girish Maharaj Kulkarni, HJS members viz. Shri. Ajay Khot, Shri. Sanjay Thakur, Shri. Gajanan Adhav; from Rajanda Shri. Ganesh Ingale, Shri. Shyam Sangulvedhe from Nimba, Shri. Keshav Malokar, Shri. Lakhan Bagole from Shiv Sena colony, Akola and Shri. Santosh Garge from Naigaon were present on the occasion.
Unity exhibited by Hindutva-vadis result in cancellation of shows of ‘PK’ !

Vita (Sangli, Maharashtra) – Shows of anti-Hindu film PK should be immediately stopped was the demand made through representation submitted to Vita police station by all pro-Hindu organizations coming together. Police Inspector also responded in positive manner and called managers of two theatres viz. Prasad Chitramandir and Bhairavnath Chitramandir for discussions. They assured to cancel shows of PK in the presence of Shri. Bhaktaraj Thigale, Shri. Bhanudas Bodare, Shri. Suresh Gulwani, Shri. Anil Bodare and other devout Hindus.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Photos : “Joote Maro Andolan” at Dhulia (Maharashtra) to #BoycottPK






A poster outside Prabhakar Talkies, Dhulia, Maharshtra
wherein PK show was cancelled after HJS lawful protests

Ratnagiri (Maharshtra) : Shiv Sena and HJS members force to stop shows of film PK


Chiplun (Ratnagiri), 30th December – Anti-Hindu film ‘PK’s screening at Puja Theatre was forced to stop by members of Shiv Sena and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) as it derides Hindus’ religious faith. The Theater Manager took cognizance of enraged sentiments of Hindutva-vadis and removed the hoarding of this film so also decided to return money to people who had booked their tickets in advance.


Intense opposition by Hindus against the anti-Hindu film ‘PK’ was experienced even at Chiplun when Shiv Sena and HJS conveyed their strong feelings to Shri. Samir Jadhav, the Management Director of ‘Puja Theatre’. Shri. Bala Kadam, the Regional President of Shiv Sena for Chiplun- Sangameshwar personally spoke to Shri. Jadhav and advised him to stop shows of this film. Shri. Jadhav contended about financial loss due to withdrawing shows of the film but Shri. Bala Kadam warned him that people denigrating religious faiths of Hindus and spreading communal anarchy in the country to fill their pockets would not be spared; advising him to show patriotic films instead. He said that screening of such anti-Hindu films would have to be stopped. A representation on the topic was also submitted to Manager Aviraj Bhovad of the theatre by Shiv Sena and HJS.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

From Pune, Maharashtra


HJS activists agitate against the denigration of Hindu Gods in the anti-Hindu PK

Stop screening PK movie for hurting Hindus’ religious sentiments!

Pune (Maharashtra) : The movie ‘PK’, directed by Rajkumar Hirani was released on December 19 casting Amir Khan, which hurts Hindu sentiments. In this film, Hindu Gods, Saints, temples, traditions and religious rituals are being condemned. Due to this crores of Hindus in this country have got insulted and annoyed. In a bid to express this anger against this movie, agitation was held at Goodluck Chowk, Fergusson College Road on Tuesday evening. On this occasion, it was demanded that PK movie should be immediately banned in the country, also the Censor Board should be dissolved and reformed as it overlooked the opposition of Hindus to this movie.



Protesting against this movie, various right-wing organizations in the country have taken agitations, lodged police complaints and even filed petitions in different courts. While at some places posters of this movie have been tore off and representations statues of actors and director are burnt. PK movie is anti-Hindu religion is not only said by Hindus, but also other religion people are saying the same now. So this movie should be immediately banned and people related to it must be arrested by police.


 It is very sad thing that, in a country like Bharat where Hindu population is more and still their religion and Gods are insulted by such movies. No one can dare to do such things against Islam.

Following demands were made through this agitation –

1. PK film’s producer, director, actor, actress, story writer and all other related to the movie should be booked under section 153(a), 295(a) and other relevant sections of Indian Penal Code for hurting Hindu religion sentiments. This written complaint is given to Maharashtra police’s director general and state’s chief minister. Also it is demanded that movie producer, director and actor should be immediately arrested.

2. The movie must be banned in the state till the objectional scenes and dialogues hurting the Hindu sentiments are removed from the movie.
3. Corrupt and anti-Hindu Censor Board should be dissolved.

Various organizations participated in this agitation were : Shivvandana Mahasangh (Vadgaon Sheri), Hindu Swabhiman Pratishthan, Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti

During this agitation, following dignitaries addressed the Hindus present for the agitation – Adv. Devdas Shinde, Secretary, Hindu Swabhiman Pratishthan; Ms. Rajashree Khollam, Sanatan Sanstha; Shri. Parag Gokhale, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti.

More than 250  Hindus were present for this agitation on Tuesday.

Today ‘Jode Maro’ agitation was going to be held by HJS and written police permission was received for it. Whereas, today morning Pune Police suddenly advised about stalling such an agitation and carrying on with a plain protest. HJS being law abiding it always protests peacefully and cooperates with the police, so the agitation was changed according to the Pune Police orders.

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