False propaganda of HJS FACT exhibition on Goa Net

By Staff Reporter

Goa: On the website Goa Net (http://www.goanet.org/) at the following link  http://www.goanet.org/post.php?name=News&list=goanet&info=2007-October&post_id=062933 there is false propaganda of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s exhibitions being held in Goa by one Shri Vidhyadhar Gadgil ([email protected]).

For the benefit of readers we hereby post this below with our editorial comments in the bold. We appeal to visitors to let know your views to the writer

From: Vidyadhar Gadgil <[email protected] >
Subject: [Goanet] Beware the exhibition of hate…
To: Goanet mails < [email protected]>


It is comforting to note the voices of growing concern at the disgusting display of virulent communalism and hatred being allowed to grab the cultural space of the Kala Academy. (The FACT exhibition presents a true account of the atrocities committed by terrorists on Kashmiri Hindus, which were not revealed to the general public by the politicians and the 24/7 media. It is truth unleashed. Right from school, we all are taught that all Indians are brothers and sisters…..Are Kashmiri Hindus non-Indians? Where is the question of spreading virulent communalism and hatred in this attempt to acquaint the world with their misery and continuing strife? – Editor). Under the guise of shedding crocodile tears for the Kashmiri Pundits, they are trying to create a false persecution complex in the minds of the majority community and instigating it to teach a "befitting lesson" to the minority community. (This exhibition is created by the Foundation against Continuing Terrorism (FACT), an organisation founded by internationally renowned French journalist Francois Gautier. This exhibition has toured all over the world and not in various states of India alone. Its object is to make the world aware of the Hindu genocide in Kashmir and Bangladesh and work out solutions to address their problems permanently and restore them to their homeland. This campaign is against terrorism and its after-effects. It aims to create awareness about hidden facts. Thus, the allegation about the ‘False persecution complex’ and ‘instigation’ is baseless and one made without adequate study. This exhibition does not aim to target any community; rather it is an attempt to unveil anti-Indian tendencies. – Editor)

Okay, that event is over. But now they are moving to Shiroda and Margao and then elsewhere. They are broadcasting the films "asking Hindus to pick up the gauntlet" on the local cable networks. (The film referred to by Mr. Gadgil has been telecast at the International Film Festival 2007 of India held at Goa and has Indian Censor Board Certification! What is the harm in showing it on Cable TV? It is also available on the internet. – Editor) We have to shed our attitude of careless indifference. Ignorance in this case will be the death knell of bliss. (When the writer mentions ‘indifference and ignorance’ does he not realise that the society has been ignorant about the trauma and sufferings of a section of people who once resided happily in his own country? How can one be so thick-skinned? We have been indifferent to the misery of our own brethren displaced for over 17 years and living in sub-human condition in refugee camps! – Editor)

Some have suggested protesting to the government and the police. The CM has himself visited the exhibition, so he cannot feign ignorance. (When a section of the society has been treated atrociously and someone is bringing it into the public eye, then it is the prime duty of the Chief Minister, being the head of the state, to listen to the grievances in this democratic country. – Editor) The part of the Goa government and the police does not give much confidence that they will act. Protest is needed on every front. And pressure has to be brought to bear on the government to live up to its secular credentials. (The problem of Kashmiri Pandits and their killings is comparable to a small war, in which over 7 lakh 50 thousand Kashmiri Pandits got displaced, around 60 thousand soldiers of the Indian armed forces lost their lives for the country and around 1 lakh Hindus were brutally killed by terrorists in the name of Jihad. To suppress these facts in the name of communalism is a mockery of democracy. To stop the voice that brings out these facts is restriction of freedom of thought and expression. – Editor) This has to be a citizens’ protest, in which each one of us is leader.

There are no easy answers as to how to best proceed towards this goal. But this has to be a people’s thing. Each person has to be figure out how best they can contribute to the people’s effort and act upon it. (It would be best if everybody protests against terrorism and other serious issues that haunt human existence. That would really be worthwhile. – Editor)

Some possible courses of action are suggested below:

  • Draw up a petition condemning this in the strongest terms, and get the maximum number of signatures possible within a short time. Submit the petition to the CM, the CS and the Home Minister and ask them to
    stop conniving with communal agendas
  • Organise public meetings on this matter. Condemn it in the strongest terms and demand action.
  • Write in the media about the exhibition and its communal agenda, as Jason has done.
  • Use every nook of cyberspace you can to express your views: Goanet, all goa mailgroups, all blogs. (This exhibition is against terrorism, i.e. anti-Indian elements. Opposing it is tantamount to supporting anti-Indian tendencies! It is the need of the hour to fight against such supporters first, which are enemies in disguise, and then deal with the enemy who strikes on the face. – Editor)

There will be many, many citizens of Goa who will have other ideas. (This exhibition has been viewed by around 2 lakh citizens as of date. After visiting it, thousands of persons have written personally to the Prime Minister and the President of India to address this issue on a priority basis. It is necessary that the writer introspects as to whether he would express similar views if his family or relatives would be victims to such atrocities like those suffered by Kashmiri Hindus! – Editor)
Whatever we can think of, let each of us do.

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