Row over FACT exhibition in Kankavli

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Kankavali (Maharashtra): During 19th to 21st August, 2007, photo-exhibition by FACT was organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on terrorism and oppression of Hindus in Kashmir and Bangla Desh. On the last day of the exhibition, 6 youth tried to start unnecessary argument with the organizers; but Shri. Manoj Khadye, a member of HJS gave appropriate answers and finally the members of youth agreed, before leaving, that activities of HJS are very good and it was wrong on their part. After watching the VCD, those youth members raised certain points which Shri. Manoj Khadye answered appropriately. Points raised by the youth were as follows:  

  1. Such exhibitions can affect harmony and peace. We must also hear the other side of the story. (If photographs of terrorists killing Hindus are displayed, why Muslims should get enraged; in fact, viewing the atrocities on Hindus, Hindus should be furious. It is very unfortunate that Hindus believe in taking side of Muslims. – Editor)      
  2. What are you trying to prove by holding such exhibitions? (Photographs show the truth. Where is the need to prove anything else? – Editor)
  3. All these are old incidents. (Everyday Hindus are being oppressed in Kashmir and Bangla Desh; but Hindus are apathetic towards the problems faced by their brethren.) Muslims might have caused harm to Hindus; but all Muslims were not party to such atrocities. (Despite seeing the photographs, Hindus say that Muslims might have caused harm. They have no right to call themselves Hindus. All those attacking Hindus are terrorists and they are all Muslims. What all Hindus, only by birth, and Muslims have to say on this? – Editor)
  4. Such posters and programs will result in increasing hatred towards Muslims. (Hindus are not concerned about the cruelty meted out to their brethren and they are not angry with Muslims. The purpose of the exhibition is to awaken such Hindus – Editor).
  5. You are provoking public. There are other problems like meeting two ends meet and why we should inflame people? (When Muslims go on rampage because somebody in Denmark draws a caricature of Prophet Mohammad, there is no rift. When M F Hussain draws nude pictures of Hindu deities, there is no rift. How many Hindus have taken Muslims to task for the above? – Editor)
  6. You are not showing atrocities on Muslims in Godhra. (In Godhra, Muslims burnt alive ‘Kar-sevaks’ by setting the railway coach on fire. No mention is made about that incident; but in retaliation, Hindus ran riot and only that is pointed out. Hindus with such views are a blot on Hinduism. – Editor)
  7. There were many Muslim leaders with Shivaji Maharaj. Coronation of Shivaji Maharaj was opposed by some Hindu priests. (It is the result of perversion of history by anti-Hindus. All politicians have always taken extra efforts to prove that Muslims were and are good – Editor).
  8. Religion is not the reason behind ‘Jihad’ but it is the politics played by USA and the world economy that are responsible. (There is a mention of ‘jihad’ in the holy book ‘Quoran’. Is that also added by USA? – Editor) Hindu and Muslims are staying in harmony. When we see atrocities against anyone, we feel bad. At such time nobody thinks about his caste, or religion. Therefore, do not increase hatred against Muslims but create factor of commitment in both the communities. (The objective of the exhibition is to create awareness among Hindus towards atrocities on Hindus. Hindus have been tormented brutally. Every terrorist has been found to be a Muslim. But still youth having so much of soft corner for Muslims is the result of our secular governments. – Editor)  

Going through metal detector test in temple is unfortunate

August  22, 2007

Kankavli (Maharashtra): If terrorism is to be stopped then all Hindus need to unify. Today Hindus are faced, with a number of problems, infact they are being targeted. The Srikrushna Commission stands testimony to this. No one sees what goes on in a madarsa but devotees having to undergo a metal detector test before entering a temple is a very unfortunate is the disgust the Shiva Sena legislator Shri Parshuram Uparkar expressed. He was addressing a gathering after inaugurating the photo exhibition ‘the bitter truth of terrorism’ organised by the HJS in collaboration with the “FACT’ at Hotel Hornival from 19th to 21st August from 10am to 8 p.m., last evening. At that time the others on the dais were the Vice-President of the Nationalist Congress belonging to the Kankavli City Panchayat Shri Vaibhav Naik, Deputy District Chief of the Shiva Sena Shri Shashikant Savant, Shri Manoj Khadye of the HJS, and district worker of the Sanatan Sanstha Shri Rajendra Patil.When speaking on the occasion Shri Uparkar said that whenever the HJS beckons them he would support it along with his party workers.He also opposed the anti-faith bill and the temple take over act vehemently.

A Kashmiri girl refugee says that if not controlled the terrorism from Kashmir will engulf the country

Kum. Shivani Bhat a migrant from Kashmir, now a student in Kankavli, visited the exhibition. Kum Shivani who hails from old Kashmir had gone to Jammu with her relatives for sight-seeing.Because of the terrorist activity there she and her family could not return home to Kashmir. After seeing the photo exhibition describing the violence in Kashmir, Kum Shivani Said, “ I was born in Kashmir. Terrorism there is preventing me from returning to my birthplace. If this terrorism in the name of religion is not arrested now, it will engulf the entire country.”

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