‘Danik Sanchar’ renders apology after devout Hindus protest

Solapur: In the supplement called ‘Indra-dhanu’ of Sunday edition of a newspaper ‘Dainik Sanchar’, a poem making mockery of Hindu deities was published under the title ‘Devbappa che Cricket’. Devout Hindus registered their strong protest in the office of the newspaper against such mockery and demanded an apology. In the issue published on the following day, the newspaper has publicly apologized for the incident.

In the poem published by the newspaper, it has been mentioned that the deities are playing cricket. The last line of the poem says that all Gods started crying as rains stopped the match. A picture of Sree Ganesh has been shown as catching a ball. Devout Hindus were angry with such personification of deities and protested against the mockery by calling up the office of the newspaper and some of them went to the office to register their protest demanding public apology. The sub-editor of the paper said that the mockery was not intentional. He had nothing to say when he was asked if such incident would take place in case of people following other religions, would the paper dare to ridicule their revered figures. In its next day issue, the paper published a public apology.

Source:Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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