HJS photo-exhibition receives good response from locals

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Shiraval (Satara): A photo-exhibition was organized on behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and created by ‘FACT’ on the extreme atrocities on Hindus in Kashmir. The exhibition was held on 2 days on 11 th and 12th of May 2007 between 10.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. It received a very good response from the locals.

Hindus visiting exhibition

Hindus visiting exhibition

Many eminent personalities like Shri. Navanath Kabule, the President of Yoga Vedant Committee, Shri. Deshpande Secretary of Dnyansanvardhini School, teachers, students and mainly local women visited the exhibition. On viewing the exhibition, people offered to help HJS in its activities. They reacted in a positive manner and felt that exhibition will be instrumental in creating awareness among people about the truth. Need for paying the oppressors in the same coin was felt. The people realized that the only solution to the problem was Hindu unity.

HJS photo exhibition in Satara inaugurated

May 11, 2007

from left Shri. Sunil Ghanvat , Shri. Rajesh Shete & Bhanudas Ghare Maharaj

from left Shri. Sunil Ghanvat , Shri. Rajesh Shete & Bhanudas Ghare Maharaj

Shiraval (Satara) : Ha. Bha. Pa. Bhanudas Ghare Maharaj inaugurated the photo exhibition organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) which is devised by ‘FACT’. The exhibition makes people aware about the extreme oppression of Hindus in Kashmir. The exhibition is arranged in 4 parts, first part shows history of Kashmir and how there was degeneration of Hindu culture, the second part has photographs of Hindu scriptures, temples and destroyed houses of Hindus, the third part is on displaced Hindus’ life as refugees and the fourth part shows extreme oppression of Hindu women and men.

Shri. Bhanudas Maharaj said that all of us must protect the Dhrama, only then will we be taken care of by it as the saying goes ‘Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah!’ There have been constant assaults on Hindu Dharma and oppression of Hindus, they need to be alert and should help each other. When there is extinction of Dharma, God incarnates. Presently through the medium of H. H. Dr. Athavale, God’s work is spread so as to reach society. It is essential to spread His mission. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti acknowledged oppression of Hindus and has organized this exhibition. All Hindus should awaken before Hindus all over the country get affected. The task of protection of Dharma can not be done by a single person. It requires support from society. We should now come together. Shri. Dhanavat, spokesperson of HJS for Pune district said that a French journalist is giving information on Hindu oppressions in Kashmir. It is a grave situation and all of us should ponder over the condition of Hindus

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