Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha organised by HJS at Kalvande (Chiplun)

Let us get trained in Dharma related matters and work for establishing Hindu Rashtra ! – Suresh Shinde, HJS

Chiplun: Hindu Rashtra will be good for the nation as well as the world. Twenty years back, nobody even uttered the word ‘Hindu Rashtra’. People were afraid to say it because of the secular democracy, but the situation has changed today. Muslims want to convert India into ‘Dar-ul-Islam’ i.e. an Islamic country. Christians want to convert India into a Christian country while the communists want to promote atheism in India and they are systematically trying for achieving their goals. Only Hindus have forgotten the greatness of their Dharma and have totally gone under influence of not just western culture but perversion. Despite majority population is of Hindus, such challenges are before this country. Our history shows that those, who are Hindus only by birth (Janma-Hindus) , cannot protect our nation, Dharma, and culture and only ‘Karma’ -Hindus (Hindus active towards Dharma matters) can do that job; therefore, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) conducts ‘Dharmashikshan’ classes to make ‘Janma-Hindus’ into ‘Karma-Hindus’. Let us take benefit of it and join the divine mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra, stated Mr Suresh Shinde of HJS. He was addressing Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha held at Sukaidevi Hall, Kalwande Marwadi.

The ‘sabha’ was attended by 125 devout Hindus including former Sarpanch Ravaji Udeg; Police Patil Anant Udeg; Mr Gurunath Udeg; local devout residents viz. Gavakar Balaram Varape, Ganesh Varape, Kishore Panchal, Harishchandra Nachare, etc. The ‘sabha’ was compered by Mr Sachin Sakpal of HJS and the speakers were welcomed by Ha. Bha. Pa. Deepak Udeg.

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